Wife beautiful money is fierce how to do wife to spend Qian Li to kill want to divorce

The woman can spend money inherently quite, while not expensive meeting spends money, also want to be able to make money, wanting money only is a flower was in this beautiful place not to consider chaos beautiful, so flower Qian Li kills wife how to do, wife beautiful money is fierce want to divorce.

How does flower Qian Li kill wife to do?

The book that you can let her study make her much see some of side should engraft to her the idea of bit of be economical tells her the work is hard, qian Laizhi considers a family not easily rich to also cannot be spent with chaos, still can calculate Qian Cunjin bank must expenditure, put otherly into the bank to still can be taken although accrual is not much.

Wife beautiful money is fierce how to do wife to spend Qian Li to kill want to divorce

Wife beautiful money is fierce want to divorce

The divorce is unapt, wife beautiful money is fierce and OK want a wife abstemious, do not want those who see what likes to be bought, buy be about to buy useful, or it is the plan that decides to put money together, such she won’t spend money in disorder, can communicate connect do not have necessary divorce, unless be the sort of new moon night,say very much, know beautiful and beautiful is big money only the sort of, can consider to fall.

Wife beautiful money is fierce how to do wife to spend Qian Li to kill want to divorce

Wife chaos spends money how to be handled

This should see yourself, do not let him manage fund, otherwise later no less than money bother assemble more, the place that present society spends money is too much, prices rises, house price also jeers accordingly! Raise a child awfuller! Hey! Do not have method really! You should let her know, your assemble money is not for yourself, however for this home, he always spends money in disorder, be afraid of fell ill to see a doctor repeatedly is money done not have? (point to a serious illness) should issue cruel-hearted canal to live she, not softhearted!

Wife beautiful money is fierce how to do wife to spend Qian Li to kill want to divorce

How can restrict wife to spend money extravagant

1, should make clear why she can spend Hunan first so much money, what to do, listen to her how to think, perhaps you tell what great truth to him she is inexorable go, you can say the experience that says celebrity Great Master to grow difficultly to her, let her understand the importance that practice strict economy, doing a thought to work to her continuously can be a tweak. Not small the function that looks thought education, it is OK the affects a person thought of exert a subtle influence on, change one the individual’s behaviour, the moment of truth can have very big effect.

2, the hand holds power of the finance in the home, in the heart won’t confused, if marry hind your pay check did not hand in wife, however every month is time in the bank account that calls her, so you are OK according to the family actual condition and she decides an amount, time ration is handed in every months. Because the woman spends money extravagant, later if money is done not have in her hand, every months she can make up the likelihood all sorts of reason want money to you, what if be,involve her individual is determined do not give, if involve a child or the old person in the home, had better be after waiting for you to check, solve personally by you. Anyhow, turn according to placed amount namely Zhang gives her, how are you spent to be in charge of really as to her after coming down surely, just cannot take money to give her again, this goes up from fountainhead namely reduce expenditure.

3, if your salary gets stuck,had handed in, see wife spends money so, you are affirmative cannot be used to is worn her mess things up, you can ask to raise you every months to be able to use monetary number to her, best both sides can keep balance. If the woman agreed, such after you are using money of the brushstroke below the province in spending to regard as daily, misfortune place is used; If the woman does not agree, then you should ask to be consumed jointly besides you outside, her consumption level should be controlled, in the light of her extravagant spends the act of money before, pointing out what expenditure is redundant, of genuinely and sincerely show a case to her, hope she can consider for the family, more a few more economic.

4, make a plan for the family, executive property is public, hold domestic conference every months to undertake summing up. From every months begin first, both sides of husband and wife decides the buy inside a month some what thing, expense of expenditure of food and clothing is how old, both sides of husband and wife plans to cost how many money to be used at the individual to live daily, expenditure plans best both sides to want look over, if do not agree with the expenditure of the other side,the plan should show an account, put forward to be changed requirement, in time. Lunar base wants to support a plan than running from opposite directions seriously, looked to be fulfilled according to the demand that makes beforehand, look above quota, how much is balance, if the other side above quota too gist gravity is criticized, because you had raised a requirement each other, made commitment, one party did not press a regulation to fulfil, it how is other one party criticized is not beyond the mark how is other one party criticized.

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