The home is cruel male change a cummer to be able to change the odds that the man with cruel home has changed

The home is cruel and off the rails it is unpardonable, the frequency with cruel home is mixed 0 times countless times only, want a cruel male change, still be inferior to be far from the home before it is too late cruel male, the home is cruel male be the fault that consciousness is less than him, still use oneself force again.

The home is cruel male change a cummer to be able to change

Because of the man of domestic cruel divorce, after remarrying with other woman can the thing with cruel home should treat specific condition. Usually, cause the home cruel have a reason. For example some wives are delicious do, have working capacity and do not work, the husband is not hidden the truth from to such wife, tell do not listen again, development makes the home cruel. If divorce hind, what this man finds is delicious still bilk the wife that do to be wife, it is can right commonly the wife after remarrying again the home is cruel. If divorce with the wife hind, this man found a love to do chore, the woman that hands or feet shows consideration for the husband again as soon as possible is wife, it is won’t right commonly the wife after remarrying again the home became cruel. The law that spouse concern is below sets, ” marriage law of People’s Republic of China ” the 4th, husband and wife ought to mutual and faithful, mutual respect ought to respect old love between; family member young, mutual help, the marital family that defends equal, harmonious, civilization concerns.

The home is cruel male change a cummer to be able to change the odds that the man with cruel home has changed

The man with cruel home changes good odds

Commonly former unripe family is brought up, one kind settles the way of the problem chronically. Generally speaking, change a cummer to won’t change thing of; in every case to have exception, if searched crueler than him, perhaps killed him to perhaps hit him was afraid of also is not impossible, it is female force finite, odds is not quite so big really! I want to say with you, the thing of special attention! Shift responsibility to the person that be violated, the action that allows the person that be violated to consider as his brings about the home cruel, it is one of mental control methods with idiomatic after the event of the person that violate… if comply with the person that violate, submit to humiliation does not get angry, the person that violate is met be insatiable, for example slowly you can discover mobile phone of the other side to go up, the road that use road restricts big gun again, you examine minutely, endure punish, frame a case against is the fault that you examine minutely! Minatory you do not see mobile phone of the other side do not have a thing, it is your fault so, next you continue to compromise, the other side can be enjoyed at the same time outer prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan you are returned about not dare bother about! One pace moves toward abyss to cannot be broken away from! Do not comply with the person that violate, meet by the again and again cruel dozen, until hit be used to to get a gender helpless, and think oneself are wrong and prevenient, another changes step by step more and more not self-confident, more and more break away from hard!

The home is cruel male change a cummer to be able to change the odds that the man with cruel home has changed

Why schoolboy so devotee is cruel

One: The man’s self-abased psychology

Do not see a lot of men apparently very strong, actually in one’s heart is however special not self-confident, self-abased even person, his name-calling, hit a person to punish a person, it is a depression self-abased, establish self-confident procedure, beside him the most effeminate and need not make most model wife became the first self-confidence that be built by him and the hapless egg that is broken, if wife is more outstanding than him, more those who deepened him is self-abased.

2: Fasten discrimination to female sexual

The home is cruel person it is the male for the most part, in heart of this part man, their Xiang Fengnan honour female low, of aperture second of thousands of years only woman and Lilliputian are raised hard also dated and feudal that one, and the home cruel regarding as is normal domestic compasses, the significant step of always follow sb’s advice of press perhaps female,

3: Split personality twist

Mental disease, mania, depressed disease, schizophrenia, mental disease of the turn of life, bring about the home likely cruel, to a woman, looking for a normal man is how important, must not look for disposition eccentric, irratable, depressed do hard, better God, bad rise the sort of man of jail of go to the fields, the man that dare start work when love especially, let them have many far boil much further.

4, domestic cruel man has double-faced nature

Such man often before the person one, rear one, before everybody, follow wife beautiful conjugal love to the utmost, show the sense that loves so that be no good to be no good, come home close the door, reveal original shape to leave immediately beat.

5, revengeful psychology

Before marriage, the man expends idea, humble, compensate is worn smiling face, bend is worn body, probably cummer and wife’s mother a married woman’s parents’ home do not look to go up at all he, ever perhaps had the attitude that cold-shoulder to him, married eventually, he also need not see the look of mother-in-law home again, because of,all paltry things previously are met the careful bosom of his stricture and accumulation is together, he begins unending retaliation.

The home is cruel male change a cummer to be able to change the odds that the man with cruel home has changed

The home after marriage has what characteristic on cruel male person

1, jealousy heart and have desire overweight

Carry force of build up front courtyard, must say teleplay ” do not talk with stranger ” , this drama is called the masterpiece of Chinese family force. The violate person that An Jia mixes the hero in drama is an insanity, because he knew the thing that the wife hides to him, start work for the first time played a wife, cause wife miscarriage the most serious. Take this theatrical work actually for, male advocate violent tendency is ignited by jealousy heart, send irremediable from now on. The man with jealousy overweight heart often can become the violate person of domestic force. If be in at ordinary times, the contact with you and regular opposite sex can make him uncomfortable, even the business that he can suspect what to you did to betray him. It is especially after marriage, to this kind of man, he what only should any one man is nodded thinks ” exceed what is proper ” place, even if be much,said a few words more with the opposite sex, he is met be furious. To having the man of this kind of characteristic, must not think this is the show that loves you, excessive to other in part the person with the person that manacle and jealousy overweight heart, regular meeting has a cruel tendency.

2, the habit that has excessive drinking

Will tell to the Chinese, drinking is very loosen very happy thing, proper at ordinary times drink to also have profit to the body. But, excessive drinking and drinking difference are very big, a man once excessive drinking by nature, the wife that serves as him is very dangerous, because have very big may suffer the home cruel. Malty person falls in the action of alcohol, the metropolis is normally more perceptual, and control is bad oneself mood and behavior. If a person drinks for a long time, he can be in the condition that is not reason for a long time to fall. So, if a man has the habit of excessive drinking, you are about to notice he may have a cruel tendency, can apologize after his sober up probably, but next time malty he still is met a fist brandish to you.

3, have the action from incomplete

Elementary school when, I have a fellow student, his disposition is very eccentric, every time he is angry he can choose from incomplete. The wood chip that uses a table for instance cuts an artifice, can take a knife even occasionally, it is not to bleed not to stop every time. High school moment, happen his girlfriend is me before desk, I have a few times see her arm and corners of the mouth have silt blueness, because she puts forward to part company,be, that schoolboy does not agree to be able to start work, after starting work, acknowledge a mistake again, again and again. From incomplete it is a very grim act, have the man from incomplete behavior actually very dangerous, two life have together alive too much sealed, in case offend him one day, sequential and certain very serious.

4, incontrollable oneself mood

Everybody has his sentiment, but not be everybody can well the mood that manages oneself, for instance actuation person is mishandled good oneself mood. The mood can come out through behavior expression, if cannot dominate oneself sentiment well, incontrollable also oneself behavior. If he is irritable, perhaps have a bit dissatisfactory the action that can brawl perhaps throws a thing, you are about to notice, because if once too too angry, probably he can have violent act, and do not get control.

5, creed of too old man

The man of old man creed often asks at every turn is a center with ego, they have a characteristic: It is special look down on a female, they can think the female is furniture. In love or in marriage, other to theirs in part they also must be to stand high above the masses, must be what he says what do you do, cannot have any doubt. Be in the home cruel on this thing, the man with old man serious creed compares average man student violate probability to want a lot of taller, more terrible is the error that average man student can realize him, return can acknowledge a mistake apology probably. But old man creed person won’t think oneself behavior is a mistake absolutely, and he can think him this is in certainly you, it is good for you, this kind of thinking is very terrible really.

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