There can be privacy between husband and wife the free space between husband and wife

Everybody should have heard of in the life first-rate much marital story, so do you understand marriage? Small today make up understand together with everybody, can there be privacy between husband and wife after all, and the free space between husband and wife?

Can there be privacy between husband and wife?

Meet commonly during love of male and female special the privacy that cares about the other side, be in especially amative initial stage is more such. However as correlation ceaseless and close together, privacy of mutual respect the other side is forgotten by both sides gradually. The practice such as short message of the diary that leafs through the other side each other, mobile phone is hurting the feeling between husband and wife ceaselessly. Actually, everybody has an one’s own little world that belongs to his only, even if husband and wife also ought not to occupy the other side by force this sky with respect to some one’s own little world. Anyhow, the space that next privacy takes to the other side each other between husband and wife is very important, of course the space has limit, also cannot indulge unprincipledly blindly go down, among them proper limits for speech or action even because of the person different, give after all have how old limit, still want to see the sense with respective both sides of husband and wife.

There can be privacy between husband and wife the free space between husband and wife

The free space between husband and wife

Space of 1. individual character

Give the other side certain free space, let husband and wife hold the flashy place on respective individual character namely. Make husband and wife respective withhold the greenbelt of a swing in the heart, everybody does not try ground of rack one’s brains goes transforming opposite party, want to try to get used to the other side however, the life that lets the other side have independent character, distinct personality and measurable freedom is encircled. There are a lot of husband and wife in reality mutual interpose is overmuch, make have one’s hands tied of the other side bundle sufficient can not move a step, relation of as a result is exasperate.

2. makes friendly vacuum

As a result of emotive burst is the commonnest between the husband and wife that make friend and causes, and highlight most with opposite sex association again among them. Often interact to the opposite sex of the other side between some husband and wife with bigger limitation, allow what the other side has opposite sex side to make friend far from even. The feeling between husband and wife of this the easiest influence concerns, give the other side the certain space that make friend actually, also be a kind of self-confident expression. This kind of trustful to each other feeling can promote feeling of husband and wife to warm up more instead. Nevertheless, both sides of this need husband and wife is well-advised person.

3. work space

The job is the thing that everybody must want to do, it is the only way that keeps domestic economy more. Social competition is intense nowadays, actuating pressure is very great, no matter be wife or husband, appear likely to lack the circumstance of keep an eye on because of pair of at the job families. This moment, want to give the other side sufficient understanding, do not cross more interference, utmost ground takes the free space of next job to the other side.

4. economy space

A lot of husbands are in mention the wife emphasizing particularly when divorce suit speaks of divorce reason is how to be economic side is harsh oneself. For instance pay check of the husband is controlled by the wife all the year round, marital beautiful money should follow a wife every time explain get. When oneself parents needs money to see a doctor unhealthily, see the look of the wife even. Because the wife is right,the husband is blocking economically strictly, cause marital resentment finally and put forward to divorce. Also have such man of course, oneself hold economic power, too slashing to the wife, cause the dissatisfaction of the wife. Accordingly, both sides of husband and wife is in the space that also should give the other side a freedom economically.

There can be privacy between husband and wife the free space between husband and wife

Between husband and wife can does each other check a mobile phone

Had better not check mobile phone of the other side regularly, can let the other side feel distrust is mixed do not get respect, between husband and wife, must have the private space of stature and privacy. The man is the most irritated of feminine extremely suspicious, so proper air some. Did not make principle mistake after all.

There can be privacy between husband and wife the free space between husband and wife

The get along path between husband and wife

1, the thought of everybody and habits and customs are different, learn to include, the family is met more harmonious.

2, no matter which should learn husband and wife on one hand,remove one condition, contend for sharp edge was not to solve a problem relatively, want mutual concession.

3, the life is not easy, think what the other side is a family to pay more, still have the advantage of the other side, understand each other, no matter the men and women has her cause or thing, if the other side needs to be in in you spirit or materially offers a help, should mutual support.

4, mutual care, ignore does not want when the other side falls ill or be away on official business, if one cares, one sends the short message from the heart, can let the other side appreciate unceasingly, the quality that improves oneself is cultural, if want marriage firm, the life is happy, must remember loving the other side.

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