Off the rails divorce can have the man the protection of what penalty marriage law to the female

Everybody should have heard of rife divorce case in the life, so do you know marriage law? Small today make up know marriage law together with everybody, know the protection that we get in marriage and penalty.

Can off the rails divorce have the man what penalty?

Alleged and off the rails, point to disloyal to marriage behavior namely, what law responsibility does off the rails need bear inside marriage? Generally speaking, off the rails behavior is not to touch those who make law inside marriage, belong to the category of moral respect, but if off the rails just live jointly with spouse name with other, be suspected of forming a bigamy, meeting faces criminal to punish. If be off the rails now and then only,attribute moral problem only, do not make crime, because of,be like off the rails sue a divorce, can ask the other side assumes fault liability to pay compensation. One party of husband and wife is off the rails, jural hold bilateral feeling crack normally. If sue a divorce right now, although the accused does not agree to divorce, below the circumstance that holds to a divorce in accuser, the court also can adjudicate a divorce normally. Because of off the rails bring about a divorce, in principle does not affect common property break up. The can be divided less or does not divide property behavior when the divorce has only ” marriage law ” the 47th regulation, when the divorce, one party is concealed, move, sell off, damage husband and wife is collective belongings, or those who forge belongings of other one party of debt purpose embezzlement, break up husband and wife when common property, to concealing, move, sell off, damage husband and wife is collective belongings or the one party that forge debt, can be divided less or do not divide. But, an off the rails behavior violated the faithful obligation of marriage law, so, do not have fault to just can ask fault just recoups a loss. This are to have real case in judicatory practice but target-seeking. Finally, off the rails behavior does not affect children to bring up the taking of authority. Legal basis: ” marriage law of People’s Republic of China ” have one of following state the 46th times, bring about a divorce, without fault Fang Youquan requests damages: (One) bigamous;(2) the;(that the person that have a mate and other live together 3) the;(of executive family force 4) mistreat, of abandon family member.

Off the rails divorce can have the man the protection of what penalty marriage law to the female

The marriage law protection to the female

One, our country ” marriage law ” in the relevant provision that protects to divorce woman rights and interests (one) the protective our country of woman money property right ” marriage law ” system of ownership of individual of the belongings before formulary marriage. The property that the female owns before marry does not produce the move of droit because of marrying, this belongings still belongs to him after the divorce all. To the regulation of the comminute after divorce and divorce, reflected take care of woman, weak and without fault square, fall victim square tendency. ” marriage law ” the 39th regulation: When the common property of the husband and wife when the divorce handles; agreement to won’t do by bilateral agreement, by people court basis the particular case of belongings, take care of the principle court decision of children and woman rights and interests.

(2) the protection that woman person counterpoises because the woman is in weak force on the body, often be family, mistreated victim, accordingly ” marriage law ” the protection that protecting respect of woman person authority basically is healthy to woman life advantageous position. Be aimed at a family or mistreat, ” marriage law ” below the circumstance that the regulation disables in mediation, should allow removes marriage concerns, with making fall victim woman breaks away from the control of the person that violate as soon as possible, and when the divorce the victim is returned what can suffer harm to request to compensate for with respect to its. Additional, ” marriage law ” return protection of authority of female to conceiving pregnant woman person the 34th times to make relevant provision.

(3) the protection that woman marriage counterpoises independently ” marriage law ” the marriage that uses cancel to suffer the method of threatening marriage to protect a woman counterpoises independently. To the protection that the divorce counterpoises independently, set bilateral and freewill divorce, to home remedy the divorce requests mediation of go ahead of the rest, after mediation is invalid allow divorces, ” marriage law ” the 32nd condition that stipulated 6 kinds of allow divorce. Anyhow, ” marriage law ” the rights and interests that waits to just confront divorce woman independently in belongings, person and marriage undertook more protection.

Off the rails divorce can have the man the protection of what penalty marriage law to the female

Is there compensation to the wife after the divorce

What think of when the wife faces a divorce is the compensation that the other side offers, what think of when the husband faces a divorce is a wife how to compensate to oneself, compensation is perpetual, encounter a pair of husband and wife to must counterpoise first above all when marriage law its close, really washed-up also can the regulations in according to marriage law was carried out, marriage law gives whose compensation without both sides, deuce fairly only husband and wife’s common property, but premise has time tie, not be you just married to be able to deuce with respect to the divorce that is to say the family’s belongings, that is impossible. If the individual thought that throws 2 people of marriage law and husband and wife says, the divorce left compensation also is owed before marriage, if can use belongings compensatory to say fortunately, feeling and time are compensation forever not be over, compensate what do not rise!

Off the rails divorce can have the man the protection of what penalty marriage law to the female

It what circumstance falls is OK that what circumstance falls to sue for divorce

(One) bigamy or the; that the person that have a mate and other live together

(2) executive family force or mistreat, the; of abandon family member

(3) have the; that plays the abuse refuse to mend one’s ways despite of repeated admonition such as rich, drug taking

(4) because emotional disaccord lives apart full; of 2 years

(5) other cause case of cracked of feeling of husband and wife.

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