How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

In living at ordinary times, have a lot of can quarrel between husband and wife, husband and wife quarrels it doesn’t matter, the key is the feeling that each other cannot hurt after quarrelling, must accomplish trust and include the other side, managing marriage well also is very important.

How emotion of husband and wife should be managed

1, not part company hang in mouth edge

Original intention of a paragraph of emotive is good, in the years that grinds in fellow of ear hair on the temples, we always can experience emotive setback and harden oneself, at this moment do not small talk abandons, do not part company hang in mouth edge, at this moment most the language that injures a person. Part company 2 words are emotive big fear, not be feeling is not, fasten small talk to part company.

2, feeling stabilizes manner go ahead of the rest

The manner decides everything, the manner decides state of mind, the manner decides the action. Treat each paragraphs of feeling, are we to adopting the attitude that employ the manner that employ or adopting to take old age? This have direct sense. Initial attitude often decided our doing in feeling. The manner is informal, also give harm the sweetheart casually. The manner is serious, what experience you to square ability is devotional, how does ability issue a heart to step down all the time with you quite. If adopting the attitude of libertinism, it is to do not have a law to had managed a paragraph of emotive so.

3, conversion thinks to consider for the other side

Like selfish person without the person, you are consideration of the other side, the other side also can consider for you. Feeling also is such. The angle that stands in the other side more goes thinking, in the heart that trying to walk into the other side. Accomplish when you when be consider of the other side everywhere, also can begin to go for you in the heart of the other side consider. Feeling is interactive, is not the relation of actor and audience, also not be monodrama. Feeling needs two people to be propped up each other, each other closes suitably, ability has sung this one life make fun of greatly quite.

4, the feeling that judges fairness

That is we should be judged, in this paragraph of feeling, oneself located position. Only a paragraph of fair feeling just is long feeling. If one party blindly pay, and one party is accepted not gladly however, still be to part sooner or later so. What makes fair love? Spoken parts in an opera, if two people in this paragraph of feeling love each other. Do not think this society is blundering, ritzy, did not love. Thought to did not love on the world when you, so you won’t love possibly again really. Between two people if only one party has love, other one party is to like merely, so why to go old? The hall that connects marriage even cannot stride.

How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

5, faithful and concentrated reject capricious

In feeling, we regard each other as the pillar of the life and meaning, but beside us, also there is no lack of appear more outstanding than the other side spouse and capricious letting a person, we should be clear, best do not suit oneself certainly, it is the most important that two people add up to just now, faithful, concentrated meeting brings more emotive safety feel to each other, because this will harvest sweeter happy stay away from home.

6, the society improves condition business

Affection business is a very complex thing, it is only in the process of accumulate over a long period, our ability gradually go rising. It is not important to do not want business of plead for mercy for sb, in fact the intelligence quotient of most mankind cannot differ a lot of, but affection business can differ however very far. And business can make clear affection the area divides a crowd. Likelihood the as a few lower as intelligence quotient person with high intelligence quotient is OK peace gets along, but two favor business differs too much, cannot undertake communication communicating.

7, good wife and mother of processing loving me concerns

Everybody knows the truth that love me, if you like a building,you are about to like to stop in the crow above the building jointly. The truth is very plain, the friend that likes him to be about to like her likes his family. Concern of wife and mother allows a lot of families to headache, investigate its reason, because they are done not have,love me namely. Just think the one man that if you love yourself very much really,plays, cannot include so an a little slashing mother-in-law? Be very fond of oneself son, also did not embarrass the reason of daughter-in-law.

8, include each other do not quarrel easily

After the love world that walks into a paragraph of romantic sweetness, long with each passing day at that time, the defect of the other side, bad habit is exposed gradually come out, at this moment, most sweethearts can begin to quarrel for bagatelle endlessly, mutual and captious, censure, vicious circle, if things go on like this, destroyed the happiness of love, also let feeling cool gradually. At this moment, what we should do is, those who admit the other side is faulty, remind softly, urge opposite party active up, improve each other together, forward benign two sexual relationship try hard.

How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

Husband and wife quarrels note

1, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not quarrel before alien

Husband and wife stumbles in the hard to avoid in the life, but want to notice, do not quarrel before a public occasion. Some problems quarrel before everybody, not only insoluble, meet instead add fuel to the flames. Quarrel before everybody, both sides affirms shabby-genteel, unwilling give the impression of weakness, often bring about final phase to be cleared away hard. So, good husband and wife want to remember: Before friend and family, want to take ample outer part to the sweetheart. Your manner to the sweetheart, decided other people is right the esteem degree of TA. If you do not care about TA, others also is met TA of look down on.

2, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not quarrel when the other side is flimsy

Quarrel to also have certain timeliness. If the other side is falling ill, or mood low, or in the adversity that arranging at the job, you quarrel with TA, to TA send a punitive expedition against, can deepen the contradiction between husband and wife only. Be in flimsy phase when the other side, put down all fury please, take good care of and make allowances for TA.

3, husband and wife quarrels notice not small talk divorces

Two people go to family of a composition not easy, “Divorce ” two words do not speak a mouth easily. Say to divorce when quarrel especially, as a result of impulse, hard to avoid can make the choice that gives a mistake, let oneself regret all one’s life. “Divorce ” it is very sensitive word, imprudent ground alludes these words are very dangerous, tear off the emotional ligament between husband and wife very easily, become acute family is contradictory. Husband and wife is two the individual’s things no longer, however a whole, do not say to abandon easily.

4, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not want disaster and parents of the other side and family

Disaster and parents of the other side and family do not want when husband and wife quarrels. Quarrel cannot mutual and abuse, more cannot family of abuse the other side, want Buddhist monastic discipline at this o’clock to drop absolutely. Compare the heart the heart, respect the family of the other side, you treat the dear one of TA sincerely, TA can appreciate you from the heart, also can love you more. Quarrelling between husband and wife is constant some thing, but not too put on the heart, also need not let parents know. Many a little bit are communicated and understand, the time is long still, what opposite party misses more when life is good.

5, husband and wife quarrels the old Zhang that notices not to turn over the other side

Some husband and wife quarrel the old debt that likes to turn over the other side, this also is husband and wife quarrels the most ignorant behavior. What had made before the other side for instance is wrong, or the lover before the other side, such meetings raise affray intense rate, bring about contradiction deeper and deeper. One is, cannot quarrel, shake off sodden millet of old sesame seed come out. A bit more original bagatelle, the result makes a noise more complex more. So, bygone affection lets it make the history, go along with wind.

How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

6, husband and wife quarrels the thing breaks when the attention does not quarrel

The thing does not break in disorder when quarrelling, quarrel original voice is loud, deserve to go up again the disintegrate sound of implements, this is too Thespian also, can disturb neighbour, also can psych out the child. Throw the money that broken is him what is more,the rather that, that one ground ins disorder to still get his to clean, rational is absent voice is loud, demeanour also should be told when quarrelling. Cannot help falling really throw a pillow, not be in harsh collision tone, let two loving hearts also follow die the most cruel death.

7, husband and wife quarrels if the attention does not say to hurt opposite party

When a lot of people quarrel often mouth not choose character, also the contrast of the wife that regular meeting takes him, husband and others. ” the man that you see others is much abler, you, can be a good-for-nothing really! ” , ” the wife that you see a someone is much more virtuous, your whats are no good! ” the self-confident heart that these words can destroy the other side only. Love each other sincerely should reject each other to harm!

8, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not want with dead photograph coerce

Some husband and wife quarrel, say easily ” dead ” . “Am I living what meaning to still have? ” , ” I do not miss work! ” , ” I look to you to death! ” … this is very foolish practice, the word enjoying energy of life that does not say this kind offends life to enrage will hurt the feeling of two people.

9, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not start work dozen of person

The ten million when quarrelling should have run his hand, even if is also should have in in a fit of anger most the control force of at least. A hand goes up, what perhaps destroy is old feeling, those who bring is bilateral extremely. Start work those who touch is flesh, of the injury is the heart however, flesh injury is good treat, the crack on the heart is made up for hard however. No matter get angry more, want to remember: Impulse is a devil!

10, husband and wife quarrels the attention does not quarrel before children

The beard when quarrelling avoids reach children, husband and wife quarrels is the thing of two people, the child is innocent. Let children see parents quarrels, it is light in little heart shading, after affecting study to be brought up even again, be opposite marital manner. Parental relation is the place that children safety feels, any corporeal life place cannot be replaced, if the child cannot enjoy the atmosphere of love and feeling in the home, parental behavior is in imperceptible calumniatory killed next generation.

How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

Husband and wife quarrels how is cold war solved

1, cold war must be handled in time

Quarrel the cold war that cause must be handled in time, if procrastinating to affect you very easily next the life, the time of cold war grows to become inertial cold war with respect to meeting development, the other side does not lower his head, do not indulge all the time such cold war? After one party is thoroughly disappointed to another, inertial cold war can expand cold force, the conference is very difficult if be handled to moment again.

2, the other side of not abuse affront

Spilt water cannot be gathered up again, the word that speaks a mouth is likewise such. Often be when cold war of husband and wife rage, once quarrel, often can speak the person’s word. If really such, the both sides after coming down calmly very get hurt.

3, search same the good friend pours out

Cold war when can look for a good friend to pour out, common saying says the onlookers see most clearly, by same a problem that the good friend analyses you, believe a lot of moment can find the method that ends your cold war.

4, lower his head first

Lowering his head occasionally is not wrong one party certainly. Common saying says, hundred years repair so that cross with the boat, chiliad is repaired in all pillow Mian. If you think this paragraph of relation continues to maintain, must has an individual to lower his head first. And experience from psychology for, the decides than you passivity is accepted choice that you make actively is close friends more. The magnanimous that the other side often can lower his head to show first because of you and whirly leeway, cold war of such husband and wife can be solved as soon as possible.

5, make a change more

If two people had the tendency of marital cold force, can change surroundings appropriately, brush wall color into for example orange, flaxen wait for warm color to move, abandon metallic glass and Bai Guangdeng, choose sweet decorate style.

6, the society chats

The mood that you prepare calm and after analysing all reasons, you should offer a conversation actively. The talk should be below the circumstance that does not have a third party, want frank and sincere, place all possible problems on the desktop. What you need is the other side same to you frank and sincere, if be domestic interior merely,result from your contradiction, atmosphere of this kind of talk has 90% above to solve the likelihood of the problem.

7, the microphone that lets a friend serve as you

Affirmation has collective friend between husband and wife, these the Tie Guimi that affirmation has again among the friend is both sides a few so. Tie Guimi often can be in know you quarrel for a short while, do peacemaker between two people, hope you can as soon as possible become reconciled. If there is such friend really between you, might as well each other tells if thinking you to say to other in part, let TA become the microphone between you, such 2 come 3 go also with respect to become reconciled.

How emotion of 54 husband and wife should manage husband and wife to quarrel note

Between husband and wife result of extended in marital relation cold war is met how

I do not think, your meeting of cold war moment feels happy. And such day, live what meaning is there? You think cold war, is this tormenting opposite party or using up oneself? Have what thing, such worth while taking pain to that do not please, and is caustic person more adverse oneself? If, do not love this individual really that has divorced. You not be willing to part with or use this paragraph of marriage, the thing that feels this paragraph of marriage still has you to be reluctant to leave — saw well, it is thing may not it is feeling. That, you identify the darling compromise of Song. is not, still be in of cold war let be looked at each other be fed up with. In the end, still get same eave to fall. Such practice, particularly unwise? As a result? Or divorces, or put up with has been worn all one’s life. Return what can jump over cold war to jump over sweetness, how likely.

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