The feature of the man with wife severe canal is married wife be in charge of Yan Xingfu

Wife canal is severe these 3 everybody should have listened, but had you seen? If a schoolgirl encounters a wife canal,father in marriage so special happiness, small today make up understand wife canal to father together with everybody, wish the wife canal that so the schoolgirl can encounter her is severe.

The feature of the man with wife severe canal

One, alter oneself nature

Some schoolboys half body is bad-tempered, but get along in two people in the process, be willing to change oneself a few smelly disposition for the long evolution of two people, as long as female ticket does not like, oneself alleviate as far as possible change, such schoolboy is love you very much really.

2, do chore actively in the home

The schoolboy that likes you truly can feel the family is two people are common, housework also is same, assume one part chore actively in the home, look to alien resembling is to be afraid of wife, but the esteem that this is pair of other in parts actually and considerate. A kind also be very male philtrum.

3, economic power over major issues is handed in, favorite wife

Common saying says, where is money flower of the schoolboy, where is idea, after marrying, the schoolboy is willing to hand in economic power over major issues, oneself make money raise the home, and if spend,you are in charge of appearance beauty, favorite oneself wife, such schoolboy also is ” man of rarely get better “

The feature of the man with wife severe canal is married wife be in charge of Yan Xingfu

Marry wife be in charge of Yan Xingfu

Of course the meeting is happy, this is a very significant problem, a lot of men can be afraid of wife quite, tell even if in Chongqing the word there makes ear smooth with a rake, but the expression that I feel to be afraid that wife is a kind of exceeding love actually, if you do not love your wife, how can you be afraid of him then? But understanding of a lot of people is less than this now, feel his wife is a kind of very weak performance, but I feel is not such. To those henpecked men, the meeting that they may behave before wife in the life is a bit more scrupulous, a little err a bit thing, the teacher that faces oneself with respect to the student that errs like or the parent, occasionally I feel more like dot a bit, even if this individual outside when the issue that make a point comes with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, but you return the home, the likelihood is met sentimental a bit. Spend money to ask a friend to have a meal in need especially, when perhaps buying something, they can want possibly to want money to his wife, and I think this kind of time more, a dot looks for his parents to want the sort of feeling of pin money, you can feel this is a kind very declining expression, but I can feel more resembling is a kind of love.

The feature of the man with wife severe canal is married wife be in charge of Yan Xingfu

How is the woman moved teach the man

1, also should show diligent and beauty before the man. Some women feel to marry so long had been an old couple, without what defect need was concealed. There is the gene that love the new and loathe the old in the man’s in one’s heart actually, if you are long-term an about, the man can bore very easily you.

2, not excessive count the other side, the woman goes up to be spent nevertheless besides the thought count the other side, always should rely on the other side to fool his besides; Notice to be in even economically the independence that maintains oneself, oneself self-confidence maintains on character, such female talent has charm more, ability can draw the man’s eye more.

3, many a little bit include and caress. How does husband grow again when the metropolis is childish. If some moment always are persist one’s old ways, treat them but the psychology that must have done dozen of protracted battle prepares oh, when they become angry we should notice evasive, when their humor is good we guide them appropriately again, let them discover them moral character has defective place, as soon as possible amends his manner. Shine marriage how does education feeling let the other side do not leave do not abandon

4, consider sth as it stands, did a few businesses that you do not like when husband, you are special life, indignant. You can point out the place that his mistake is in directly, cannot drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, even before ” old almanac ” all rebuke breaks up, such easy contradictory broaden the scope, perhaps change flavour, husband is to won’t manage your, lane is bad that he is met throw the door angrily and go.

The feature of the man with wife severe canal is married wife be in charge of Yan Xingfu

Tone teachs marital recipe

A perfect marriage, besides beautiful time beautiful energy is managed, need us to be managed with wisdom more. The husband this thing, tone teachs well, he can be mixed you are consistent bow, scene of two sides of shallow pour croon, can tighten the person that your hand does not put cinch in a situation full of danger more, conversely, he can become you must payable a situation full of danger. Good husband is a play that boast comes out should act reach colour, besides acting, even of the audience cooperate, applause is more enthusiastic, the person that act jumps over skill of meeting exert whole body, applause sparse, even boo, the mood of person hard to avoid that act is low, the laches when the show is lazy even. If marriage makes fun of. Husband needs stage, need an audience more, cook, bring child, become the stage that these things turn housework into his performance, perhaps he does not excel such performance, but want us to applause forcibly only, to him the dot is encouraged and scream, he is met more and more exert to one’s utmost. Act like a spoiled child the woman is best life, read an article a few days ago ” this woman is no good, too man ” , within an inch of laughs at urinary incontinence. Female people gathers, love to tell groovy man, present man is too young chicken, manual ability is basically 0, any furniture became bad won’t repair. The woman nowadays, not only should take child, fight too smally 3, hit too scampishly, can dismantle lampblack engine even, know major stiletto and tear open the top that hold lift up or let down with a rope, this woman is too able. Actually the man resembles bedspring, you are strong he is weak, you are weak he is strong. Outer you can be the white-collar elite that blocks one side alone, can be the female fellow of leap onto roofs and vault over walls, but in the home, do act like a spoiled child the young woman of give the impression of weakness, can saying is 100 benefit and without kill.

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