After the men and women parts company can the reaction after compound element men and women parts company

Of everybody part company the account is different, possibility of the compound after parting company so is distinct also, still basically see two people still be fond of do not like the other side, can continue to include the other side, what is nodded is to be able to be ignored not plan.

After the men and women parts company can compound element

1, bear in mind constantly

Lingering affection is very main compound factor. Occasionally the lover is in in worrying a concern, may not can know the other side clearly, in the position in him memory. How to make bilateral understanding heart medium affection? “Time ” accountable everything. Bilateral first sober, “Time ” it is important to him to can let the other side naturally experience you, or it is important to have many.

No matter you are active or be parted company, should give opposite party first sober a week, it is several weeks even. Although the other side goes meaning already definitely, you also must learn afresh alone start off, tangle painstakingly to be without a help to the relation blindly.

2, maintain space concern improvement

Follow at this o’clock the a bitth, it is come down in one continuous line, beautiful period of time lets both sides maintain a distance, be used to friend type to get along even, just the opportunity makes 2 people relation change. Want to change a relationship, besides time, change oneself namely, 2 people get along mode, down to habit, certain faulty, you wish to not be willing to change, can change successfully, make payoff. Need not write urgently show gain to the other side, want to decide all changes, it is to be oneself, and rather than is all other; changes, to oneself, or people of next let oneself go, it is good.

3, do not understand the reason that part company

Offer the conversation that part company stoutly, unless be to speak out for the first time, saying whats can be become only otherwise is referenced, there is choose of partial person selected to turn round more in the center, with oneself familiar lover is together. Love together, do not love to part company, hear the argument that goes up not to pass simply, having a lot of people still is unspeakable the real reason that part company. Not be a reason too the lock is broken, it is that reason has weighed Fu 10, since choose before 9 times together, as a result everybody can foretell. Ask oneself part company afterwards calmly reason, if 1000 want 10 thousand want to also do not have satisfactory result, be inferior to sitting to chat.

4, is there a third party?

If the other side begins new amour already formally, congratulation you, you will find below one better. If the other side just has new boy or girl friend, so called ” a third party ” just carry a torch or begin not formally, that is not brokenhearted. Because of these ” replace an object ” , very a long time has a kind of function: Quite. Pass care, understanding quite, agree with degree or be all kinds of element, play away of your may not. Although beside man thering is no lack of or lady, but do not have specific target from beginning to end, compound opportunity soars consequently. Wait for sober period pass, already changed you might as well with good friend attitude, walk into circle of the other side afresh, try the intention of the other side.

5, is parting company home remedy or both sides put forward?

If part company,be bilateral and harmonious earning, ; of compound opportunity very little is one-sided puts forward instead, somebody likes one-sided is paid await, compound opportunity is gotten greatly much. Choose the one party that await, should resist loneliness, put next self-respect, heavier if learn ” put down ” . What if you cannot drop the other side,ever ceased to be faithful is clinging, you will not improve the relation of 2 people, or can change to be differred more more only. When he falls in love with you afresh, you also accept him afresh, this ” accept ” , cannot accessary any negative factors, if know disposition to be not put oneself, resentment only in the future, be inferior to get away of as soon as possible, fasten reluctance compound.

After the men and women parts company can the reaction after compound element men and women parts company

The reaction after the men and women parts company

1 infatuation and do not abandon

She puts forward to part company to you, manner definitely absolutely decisive. You still are put in the warmth of infatuation to her, one act act the memory instantaneous of companion of photograph of a very short time, your Nong Wonong emerges to mind former days, you are hated to part with as before cut off the feeling between you. Because this is not willing to admit to part company fact, you fall oneself figure presses your suit the other side turns round, not hesitate the dignity that drops a man begs her to smile again to you only. Regrettablly your all made deep feeling just touch his to finally oneself, her heart does not have the billows of a tiny bit, you are not abandoned more madly more, gesture is smaller, so you are in those who be lovelorn is sloughy in the time that keep is longer, lengthen the effect that anguish also has less than redeeming indefinitely.

2 self-abased admitted

Part company, she can exhaust all sorts of offensive words will push you, is what you have her to say really so poor? Is those who she says so improper? Part company result from she reached the limit to your tolerance, part company factual be born shapes, it is the other side denies your expression. Part company earlier, it is a woman when negative to you psychology is the most intense, you say this level what, what to do, looking in her is wrong. So, blind does not want after parting company self-abased, ego is negative, should not follow complain tearfully of the other side more your grievance, accuse perhaps the other side decides with what you part company, and do not cast next proud ground to pestering her, beg her to come back. All these can accentuate only she manages to your negative heart, make her ceaseless it is correct that him rationalize parts company with you, the relation person that gives you increases pressure.

3 anger and retaliation

“What why part company is me? ” ” by what she is OK and free search a new sweetheart additionally, I however is fall gotten so sad? ” the heart of many people after parting company can appear lopsided, the gain and loss in dispute failure feeling, after parting company quite, you are mixed she what who passes is better. Orange gentleman can tell you only, be affected by this kind of state of mind you are very babyish really. Still like to think method goes compound, do not know the method is sought to professional personage it is so difficult to redeem a help to have? Consider oneself from be indignant, even threaten hits retaliation, do you feel significant? You got feeling is cheated, the mood will be more rising, but you think, is moving what irascibility hurts vitality still him? If motivation of these negative sentiment translate into, orange gentleman and you play 10 packets hot, redeeming opposite party is not impossible.

4 sadness and decadent

The friend was lovelorn, you want to persuade his display vigour, if he uses old Yi Xun however, will escape ” drag of alone patient ego ” , also will surely not let finally once what the sweetheart sees you is good. The mood that you choose to use sadness, inactive manner try to gain her compassion, want to because take pity on will see you more,let her. In the affinity before you are immersed in you cannot extricate oneself, get along time is longer, this distress meeting is deeper. Beat you to redeem emotive confidence eventually, force feeling to the blind alley truly.

After the men and women parts company can the reaction after compound element men and women parts company

3 level can be experienced normally after parting company

The first phase: Repulsion period. This time Duan Li, we lack reason and objective judgement, and often can magnify the mistake of the other side and defect. So, a lot of sweethearts after parting company always are mutual brawl, bespatter, blow, all impression are the part with bad the other side completely. At that time, mood most of the schoolboy is anger, sad, acedia, they often are met immediately behead breaks this paragraph of relation, next the life with new open, think oneself got emancipatory eventually.

The 2nd phase: Think over period. After period of time passes, people is met when the strong sentiment of time hand slowly be pacified comes down, enter think over period. Thinking over period in, we will be relatively objective the feeling before ideal look upon and the behavior when parting company. This time paragraph often very short, because once was entered,think over period, we can enter next level immediately.

The 3rd phase: Yearning period. Mix to feeling part company after behavior had relatively correct acknowledge, once good memory can emerge in spite of oneself in the brain in you, arise to strong sentiment is depended on and be missed thereby, want even and the other side is compound.

After the men and women parts company can the reaction after compound element men and women parts company

The friend can be become after all after parting company

My answer is: Cannot.

1, prove each other had not loved

The friend still can be become after two people part company, still can come and go talk cheerfully and humourously, I can be described with a word, cheap. Do you regard love as what? Be play house? Did not insult love two words. Still can become a friend, can prove you had never loved only, just had slept just.

2, spare wheel thought is not desirable

Cent was divided, still forget not to drop the other side, maintaining connection, from time to time send his respects to, I do not know what the end that becomes so is after all, but, I think faintly, you still become opposite party spare wheel, when with currently hold the post ofwhen be troubled by contradiction, can make an appointment with a Chun Xiao.

3, not be foolish it is stupid

A clever person, won’t be reluctant to leave absolutely once happy, those already into thin air thing, full day is wanting to have He Yiyi, belt do not come the joy of a silk, some is endless anguish is mixed only but, do not make a fool, also do not make an intellective and low fool.

4, currently hold the post ofyou are scolded to wriggle in the bosom

You regard yourself as the friend of the other side, think two individual peace part company, who doesn’t owe. But, you perhaps do not know, the other side is mixed likely currently hold the post ofyou are scolded on the bed this blockhead, you all scandal regard as jest make merry is currently held the post of.

5, you currently hold the post ofwhen fool

Be willing without that person there still is others in his sweethearts heart, especially predecessor, everybody does not think the predecessor to the other side to allude, perhaps have some of man more, do not be willing at all the schoolgirl that peace talks passes a boy or girl friend comes and go, they feel sordid. And some women, the trends of the cummer before hour is advertent the other side, look to whether have contact. Without giving thought to how, cent was divided, that is respective and well, each other is not disturbed, search the happiness that belongs to oneself afresh. If encounter accidentally one day, a smile brushs a shoulder and pass, do not take away any memory, forget at all corners of the country, why is bad!

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