Is the schoolgirl in why saying the schoolgirl in love is idiocy love idiocy

The very easy impulse that the schoolgirl always compares sensibility and touch, so rife person likes to say the schoolgirl in love is idiocy, this is hyperbole is true still after all, follow an article we understand together.

The schoolgirl in why saying love is idiocy

The woman in love may rely on a lover completely, pay oneself sincerity entirely, those who believe men is everlasting, oneself get drunk completely in honey-tongued in, with respect to the idiocy that can change, did not discern ability. Such saying have a word: The feminine intelligence quotient in love is 0.

Is the schoolgirl in why saying the schoolgirl in love is idiocy love idiocy

Is the schoolgirl in love idiocy

Actually the person in love is the schoolgirl can become idiocy not just, also meet when clever man student is encountering the schoolgirl that he likes intelligence quotient is the 0 slave that make love, as long as it is true love, no matter the men and women is idiocy, however oneself heart does not belong to him.

Is the schoolgirl in why saying the schoolgirl in love is idiocy love idiocy

The idiocy in love has what show

1, someone says, because a man is right you are good and marry him, it is a woman’s most foolish practice, because become when he is bad to you, you are penniless. If you pursue his money, when waiting for him not to love you, you still can fall at least a high position and great wealth, need not worry about the life of next half a lifetime. And the woman like amative white paper is met in feeling the affection that staring at a man only, want that man to agree to be opposite sincerely only she, she does not care about economic actual strength of the man, it is good to feel the man gives her love, she herself can make bread, have the woman of such idea, look very innocent.

2, the language of a woman is OK and lying, limbs movement is OK and lying, but the eyes was not to fool a person. When affection experiences rich woman and man to chat, meet all sorts of wink, forward man leer, without bashful meaning; And when the woman of first time love is in and the man is sitting face-to-face, can low all the time head, dare not look up even conversation glance, because she is bashful, dare not stare at man conversation, can bury the head only rise.

Is the schoolgirl in why saying the schoolgirl in love is idiocy love idiocy

The in making love the most easily idiocy of what constellation

1, Aries — the person of too dewy-eyed outside simple minded

Although the other side is,wrapping around only the wolf of sheepskin, but want the other side to look honest and tolerant only frank male sheep can believe completely, although he has suspicion a bit, but use innocent eyes and mood to speak with him when the other side, male sheep can feel oneself misunderstand the other side, can be very sorry to the other side instead, often fall in this kind of state again and again be cheated.

2, taurine — do oneself so that resemble doing not have prices with fart bug

Once Taurus is immersed in love to be able to want to follow each other momently sticky together, this meeting lets him feel very sweet, but as time passes allows other in part very easily more and more do not care about him, the prices of Taurus also is met lower and lower.

3, Cancer — the person that choose a fault replaces pair of circumference lies again

Cancer once fall in love with a person to get along, long after can regard the other side as oneself family, although discover the other side does not suit him to perhaps have some of drawback, but his what natural disposition includes meeting is the other side ceaselessly to conceal, talk for the other side.

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