The psychology of mutual show up one’s fault after after sweethearts parts company, sweethearts of this mutual show up one’s fault parts company

A lot of sweethearts are in after parting company, the likelihood can not leave the mutual show up one’s fault of feelings, such part company those who be troubled by is too ugly do not have what advantage actually, does everybody think sweethearts is in after parting company after all are this mutual show up one’s fault?

This are mutual after sweethearts parts company show up one’s fault

Whether is weak point of the other side uncovered after parting company, concrete analysis has compared this specific still issue.

If be common,part company, let off the other side while, also be to be in let off oneself, not necessary be immersed in a paragraph of feeling cannot extricate oneself, after all, once had loved. The meeting in our lifetime encounters a lot of people, occasionally, just did not encounter right person to stop in right time.

If be very of broken bits the sort of, love all sorts of people that cheat a female with Tan Lian, what should disclose still is to must be disclosed, in real life, such person is put in a lot of, if hinder at feelings or because cowardly let off, can let more innocent girls suffer only bully.

The psychology of mutual show up one's fault after after sweethearts parts company, sweethearts of this mutual show up one's fault parts company

The psychology of mutual show up one’s fault after sweethearts parts company

The show up one’s fault after parting company, because,be inner grievance, unwilling, indignant. But the thing in feeling, if fine fine open in light of, it is brushstroke sodden Zhang. Respective and located position is different, psychological demand is diverse, experience different also.

Cite a case. What hypothesis schoolboy feels he is done is very good, paid a lot of, please her all the time, but she did not put herself on the heart from beginning to end, final two people part company, say ” the other side is to feed not ripe supercilious look wolf ” , oneself were paid in vain so long. But to the schoolgirl, her feeling is not to love other in part, go very hard paying, but because he is right oneself are good, made do with for some time, still discover finally improper, stop in time caustic. In such feeling, respective feeling is different, have legitimate reason, cannot say to who who is wrong, more do not talk superior bad. Accordingly, this kind of show up one’s fault is without necessary.

The psychology of mutual show up one's fault after after sweethearts parts company, sweethearts of this mutual show up one's fault parts company

How does peace divide sweethearts hand

1 search not intentionally part company reason

Because,love is at the outset each other are loving ability of the other side greatly to be together, but if you become aware,the feeling of oneself are right other in part was done not have, look for reason not intentionally to part company please, appear not only so your selfishness, and the heart that can hurt opposite party.

2 put forward to part company face to face

Parting company between a lot of sweethearts is a phone only, it is an a short message, small letter even, such parting company means too make a person sad, part company must put forward face to face, say the word to be clear about best.

3 the other side also should be respected when parting company

End of a paragraph of sentiment hurts Bei necessarily, but also should respect the other side when you are sad, believe to also be very afflictive in the heart of the other side, each other respect the other side is the premise that peace parts company.

4 him control mood

A lot of people are accepted hard temporarily when part company, at that time rage is normal, but must control, if can redeem love best, if also cannot be not mixed roughhouse of other in part, can leave bad impression only so.

5 do not argue and make reprisals

Some sweethearts give birth to resentment in the heart after parting company, it is the psychology that produces revengeful the other side even, the degree that since had arrived,parts company, demonstrative feeling had appeared large crack, be importuned together why, also should put down in time in sadness.

The psychology of mutual show up one's fault after after sweethearts parts company, sweethearts of this mutual show up one's fault parts company

Sweethearts parts company common cause

1, the opportunity that when quarrelling, does not explain to the other side

Sweethearts quarrels is not controversy contest, need cent to give victory or defeat far from. Want a woman to give a man the chance that enough time goes explaining only, admit to listened to a man what to say really, go to those who understand the man’s bottom of the heart appealing to beg. When the man quarrels with the woman, exchange the opinion of the other side only, we ability is likely because of the emotional; that quarrel and promotes both sides it is the disagreement because of the opinion only, it who is done not have to whose fault is so important that who is done not have to whose fault.

2, temporarily passion

Some people are in the first met to have good opinion, next the passion when two people are together is full. They think the each second that be together is happy, actually temporarily passion is not love, when passionate retire can appear a lot of problems, so leave part company not far.

3, lack is communicated

This is an extend ancient changeless topic, also be the deadly and contradictory dot of any problems. What kind of problem appears in feeling no matter, also be a paragraph of how long feeling without giving thought to, cannot of oversight is to communicate, reasonable communication, just be the key that solves a problem.

4, improper

Two people can be accomplished only relatively appropriate, but accomplish impossibly completely appropriate, true positive is in what good key depends on each other to manage, whether to have the capacity that handles an issue. Improper, most moment is excuse only just.

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