Favorite schoolgirl does not accept different ground to love do a schoolgirl why to to accept different ground to love

A lot of schoolgirls love this love mode to different ground actually is defied quite, the comparison that different ground loves two people be apart is far, not quite can convenient to the communication above affection, and also feel without safety, so, does favorite schoolgirl say not to accept different ground to love how should do?

Favorite schoolgirl does not accept different ground to love how to do

The first, as the schoolboy, must want to make assure, him ability gets loneliness, cannot make I am sorry her thing, cannot mix beside other schoolgirl is done ambiguous.

The 2nd, as amative time longer and longer, should maintain all the time most begin in that way feeling temperature, give her enough much care and love, cannot time became long be disinclined to manage her, such meetings let her feel you become do not love her, feeling is weak.

The 3rd, make sure oneself are busy what thing when must tell her in time, even if be,call, hair message. Be on behalf of you so in the heart love her, the position that represents her to her is very significant in your heart.

The 4th, assure to smoke time to follow her video everyday, let her know you think her, such meetings let her love you very dependably, have safe feeling very much.

The 5th, make sure oneself want to make arduous efforts, different ground is loved and try hard no longer for future, let her see prospective hope. Important is now give real operation everyday.

The 6th, assure to often see her, distance again far, job is again busy also should smoke time to look for her, different ground is loved often can quarrel, even if have again much resentment, vanish completely in the flashy metropolis that sees you, want to see her so.

Favorite schoolgirl does not accept different ground to love do a schoolgirl why to to accept different ground to love

Why doesn’t the schoolgirl accept different ground to love

1 they think the schoolboy is inextricability oneself problem

Some schoolgirls think, choose the word that different ground loves, no matter be his,the problem was encountered on the life, the schoolboy takes care of him in time without method, all things are derived from oneself a person is fought, cite a simple case, if because the schoolgirl made wrong and be dismissed by the boss, the schoolgirl is very sad at that time, the boy friend that gives oneself calls the hope can get comforting, because be different ground,love at that time, the other side does not have method give a schoolgirl a support for a short while, allow a woman student a person faces all problems, can let them feel alone sense so, can produce the opinion that part company even.

2 communication do not reach the designated position

The telephone call can be passed when just beginning schoolboy and schoolgirl different ground to love small perhaps letter waits means a moment to undertake communicating, but, if use a kind of means for long to have emotional communication, natural meeting lets both sides feel special exhaustion, can feel some are tired of even, come so feeling also can become dimmer, cite a case, among the process that both sides is communicating may because the opinion is different and occurrence din, the schoolgirl may make at this time small strength, meeting choice does not pick up the telephone to also do not answer small letter, if be different ground,love, the face that nature of the other side runs in time without method to the schoolgirl advances to explain all right, can choose cold war to solve a problem only at that time, once appear such circumstance, can let a schoolgirl feel the other side does not care about him, nature also can want to abandon different ground loving.

3 afraid the other side break off a leg

When different ground is loved, a lot of schoolgirls are without what safe feeling, because look in them,the schoolboy is unable to bear loneliness, after be unable to bear loneliness when them, nature also can choose off the rails, and because be different ground,such circumstance also is met love and cannot be discovered quite in time, some schoolgirls are likely even chairman time be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark, once be discovered later, the schoolgirl can feel her all paying is undeserved, also because such, a lot of schoolgirls are not willing to choose different ground to love now, they are willing to look for to be able to be beside oneself more, after at the same time oneself can know the other side comes off work at any time, be in the object of where, dry what will get along.

Favorite schoolgirl does not accept different ground to love do a schoolgirl why to to accept different ground to love

Different ground is loved how to get along

The first, love in different ground get along absolutely to the other side accredit and respect are gotten above all among mode. Respect the work of the other side, study, gregarious time, if no-go avoid by all means is disturbed. Trustful, the sudden circumstance of trustful the other side, if the other side lets your accredit shake, so your relation has to make a plan again

The 2nd, have oneself lifestyle and life circle, thinking you just begin is be passionately in love, be about be bored with is crooked go down, the crooked pitch of be bored with that I do not believe you can hold to how long, so, oneself give safe sense, establish oneself safe move on the body of others, then you are met certainly not happy, and absolutely meeting is without safe feeling but character

The 3rd, proper connection and exchange live at present the circumstance is necessary, cannot hold the life information of the other side in time, this love talks, how to undertake?

The 4th, must maintain certain distance with temptation, the other side can be defied, we everybody does not know, but oneself had done oneself first, believe me, right ~

Favorite schoolgirl does not accept different ground to love do a schoolgirl why to to accept different ground to love

Different ground is loved how to maintain feeling

1. should come out affection expression, let the other side know, as far as possible reduce those to have a meal well, sleep well the insignificant communication of and so on.

2. love is care the other side not just is healthy, more it is the support that goes up to affection of the other side.

3. has done him, wanting to be manacled to the other side, do not be together at ordinary times, so the time affirmation that the other side and someone else are together is more than oneself, regular also meeting and opposite sex have a contact, this is the fact that cannot alter, and than everyday insignificant communication is more terrible is him the envious psychology that the all the time is not erupting, think the state of mind that binds the other side.

4. should is opposite future is confident, hold in the heart expect.

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