Marry need not want betrothal gifts marry what does betrothal gifts represent

Before marry we always have great thing to do, so small today make up mix for everybody betrothal gifts, marry after all need not want betrothal gifts? Accordingly small make up us to understand together.

Marry need not want betrothal gifts

Thoughout the history, before our country marries, the man should give the woman betrothal gifts actually, this is a kind consuetudinary, before when, just this kind makes betrothal gift, changed a kind of name now just, actually this kind of means is one kind is thankful culture, relatives by marriage of so southern acknowledgment, of the daughter endure all kinds of hardships oneself bring up big, worked hard, the husband will be married after the daughter grows up, so the home that it is a husband bears children, still need arduous keep house, hope relatives by marriage is OK so more be at ease, so the son’s wife that husband home will treat him, if treat oneself daughter, express a kind of genuine intention. Still have a lot of people, because of a few reasons of day price betrothal gifts, do not talk likely still because of betrothal gifts, even two people marry not to written guarantee repeatedly. Actually betrothal gifts should be want that intention that what more or less to care is the other side.

Marry need not want betrothal gifts marry what does betrothal gifts represent

Marry what does betrothal gifts represent

The manner that what betrothal gifts represents is husband’s family and bearing 3 view, ten million cannot careless. Say the girl is in when when marrying, husband’s family gives betrothal gifts, can see the boy friend is opposite him husband’s family the girl’s manner, some man families although the condition is very good. But in betrothal gifts respect, they also do not want one minute to give the woman more, be afraid that oneself are in an unfavorable situation, if give betrothal gifts there the woman, return leave no stone unturned to let woman much dowry a few.

Marry need not want betrothal gifts marry what does betrothal gifts represent

Why must want betrothal gifts

The first, a few attitudes that should see the man and family, and the man’s bearing, if the man because reason fall out with sb of money face, so if oneself daughter is married when going, the likelihood also can be upset by unkindness.

The 2nd, also should strive for case-dough to his daughter, after all after the daughter gets married in the knot, need gives birth to the child, the place that spends money to moment is very much, so the daughter because the state of the body, the likelihood continues to go to work without method earn money, at that time oneself at the outset the betrothal gifts money of assemble also can take meet an urgent need.

Marry need not want betrothal gifts marry what does betrothal gifts represent

How much does betrothal gifts want commonly

Actually the woman wants betrothal gifts money before marry, not be the daughter that a married woman’s parents’ home will come to to sell off his, it is normaller only, a kind consuetudinary just, also be a kind of manner, so compare know a thing or two to family of a few men, too won’t miserly on this thing, still meet all the more take seriously, if him boy friend is special,call him to love you, hope to live to old age in conjugal bliss with you, also won’t make you too embarrassed on betrothal gifts so. Usually, marry wanted betrothal gifts how many, specific still decide according to economic condition of the man, so if economic condition of the man is bad when, if be determined to want the betrothal gifts of high specified number, forcing the man goes borrowing money namely, lend money even to kin friend, after marrying, two people return eventually to want together, no matter how much be,still do not go out to give betrothal gifts, also be a kind of bright manner actually. The woman that has a lot of is mixed before marry the man’s feeling is relative good, the economic issue that considers the man did not want the man one minute money. Actually cannot one club beats dead they, pass badly, just saying live well also is basic a few ideas just.

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