Why husband and wife can quarrel ceaseless husband and wife quarrels ceaseless reason

When every can have brawl to husband and wife, some husband and wife can settle the matter of brawl, some husband and wife can quarrel only, making a noise with respect to cold war, also have those who do not quarrel forever like such husband and wife.

Why can husband and wife quarrel ceaseless?

1, habits and customs is abhorrent

Matrimony begins a few years, the habits and customs that everybody has him 229 years, encountered another habits and customs suddenly, total meeting causes all sorts of contradictory scintilla. For instance, boiling water is drunk after one likes a meal, one feels anteprandial to drink Shang Gengjian however health; likes quietly curtilage in the home, one has deep love for outdoors motion to also do not get idle; momently however closestool of a habit is gone cap wanting a shell, one feels this is indifferent thing however, do not be at ease unconcernedly on.

2, the pressure of fuel

Before marriage, people always is imagining the sweetness after marriage, there should be the problem on more fuel after little imagine marriage, whats need money, there is pressure all the day between a lot of husband and wife at this moment, so sometimes a few small contradiction can cause the brawl between husband and wife. Especially, the prime cause end that a lot of women always are hard up the family chronically the incapacity at the husband, occasionally oneself came up against little bagatelle to be about to serve as topic and husband to spread out brawl with this.

3, lack common language

Marriage is the most important is each other should have common language, want to be able to chat to go at the same place. If there are common language and topic between husband and wife, return the computer that each employ each in the home or mobile phone, each other lack is communicated with communication, the contradiction of the keep long in stock in marriage will resemble snowball same, roll more more, accumulate bigger more, bring about brawl finally ceaseless, even marital burst.

4, the child also can make a small incident that touches off a big one

In the life, very too much husband and wife goes all out to raise the home to be hit outside, put the child in a married woman’s parents’ home however or husband’s family is being taken. Regrettablly, which parents is there not to hope his child is beside on the world? Is there a child only now what is more,the rather that more? Then, the child became the topic between husband and wife, also became a small incident that touches off a big one that causes brawl however. Resemble, when speaking of the child, the woman always loves to blame the incapacity of a few husbands, but the man is self-important person, can tolerate rarely, quarrel then on the verge of breaking out.

5, for feeling of promotional husband and wife

In marriage, husband and wife quarrels place is brought whether be negative effect? Not be apparently. Actually, husband and wife quarrels to also have two big gain: It is to be able to hear true word. This is helpful for knowing the true think of a way of the other side, so that quarrel hind can mutual explanation, adjust, the behavior that improves oneself. 2 it is the drain that is helpful for negative sentiment.

Why husband and wife can quarrel ceaseless husband and wife quarrels ceaseless reason

The reason with ceaseless brawl of husband and wife

Some husband and wife get marital hold together happy and perfect, and some husband and wife always quarrel however in get along ceaseless, marital frequency faces cracked margin, because each other do not know communication skill,actually very big reason is, each other are disinclined to explain with the other side and think the other side can understand, as time passes makes the estrangement between husband and wife deeper and deeper.

In matrimony, communicating is firm the important safeguard that two people concern for a long time. No matter you have many busy, no matter you have exhaustion, seasonable communication is must, the home is to take shelter from the wind pond, not be reasonable place, so no matter what you experienced outside, do not come home your mood belt, should not bring the other side your mood more.

Why husband and wife can quarrel ceaseless husband and wife quarrels ceaseless reason

If why handle good husband and wife to concern

1, should quarrel for tentative idea of the other side when wanting to happen, might as well place oneself in the other side to think locally. Should think the other side is why unpleasantness? When flames of war is about to light, might as well retreat to avoid a conflict, after waiting for the other side to come down calmly, make clear again reason, compare notes, with respect to the happening that can avoid to quarrel.

2, do not uncover sb’s past to become husband and wife each other between after one quarrels to happen inevitably, want consider sth as it stands, must not prove oneself are correct in order to uncover the pattern of sb’s past of the other side, or will make the other side succumbs with this. Meet instead otherwise become acute is contradictory, deepen difference, hurt feeling.

3, do not vie quarrel between others husband and wife, do not have the other side and the husband that fasten a family or wife vying. The sort of practice, both neither can solve any problems, can hurt the proper pride of the other side instead.

4, not the household thing that husband and wife of drag in kin quarrels is him purely, do not want drag in other and other kin. Such not only at the thing profitless, still can make the other side disappears completely to the good impression of your kin.

5, do not quarrel between husband and wife of alien judge which is right, what must not say each other before the scale number of alien is not, also do not let alien judge is whose blame. Such meetings make the other side has the feeling of missing face, make contradiction expands.

6, reconcile as soon as possible after husband and wife quarrels, want to reconcile as soon as possible. After quarrelling, no matter who is reasonable, should active make an apology to the other side.

Why husband and wife can quarrel ceaseless husband and wife quarrels ceaseless reason

It is normal that newly-married husband and wife always quarrels

Brawl is hard to avoid, defect became after the marriage that the advantage is before marriage more very, so brawl just has harmony, say cat-and-dog ability is husband and wife again, but quarrel to also want stop where it should stop, small brawl increases interest, can destroy feeling of husband and wife greatly, love her to be about to include so she.

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