Quarrel how to do every day between husband and wife quarrel how to be handled every day between husband and wife

It is very normal that two people that have an idea have contradiction together every day, abnormal without contradictory ability, quarrel to want two people to solve only became good won’t have a problem, be afraid that two people quarrel water is not acknowledge a mistake also.

How to quarrel to do every day between husband and wife?

1, mutual respect should learn between husband and wife, value the independent human dignity of the other side, also want to respect the life credo of the other side and viewpoint of value, should not appear only principle problem can be destroyed, minatory and excellent front courtyard concerns, can allow the other side and the difference that oneself put on idea, behavior, if can accomplish this one, a lot of conflict and brawl can avoid.

2, when waiting for undesirable mood at life or sadness when one party, oneself want to be able to experience the other side present feeling and mood, help her experience this kind expression comes out, some people change anger and life easily, be psychological structure and decision of human association mode, the need that occasionally they do not know how reasonable him expression, the attempt lets the other side take his seriously with life, satisfy oneself, did not think of such meetings are just the opposite to what one wished, make the other side unintelligible oneself real need, still can arouse contradiction at the same time, time is long, if the other side is done not have,include very well quality, often can quarrel.

3, the affection that learns him expression and need, conversation is more direct, and abduct of not curved crankle, increase mutual between the difficulty of understanding.

4, cannot serve as with love ask for the other side to satisfy all Huang Zi, think to have only termless do all businesses for oneself, just love me, this kind of idea is not actual, real love is mercy is mixed include, is not to ask for, understood these, the heart that can let oneself is bigger, softer, more kind, to the world everythings on earth can give birth to the heart that show tender affection for.

Quarrel how to do every day between husband and wife quarrel how to be handled every day between husband and wife

Quarrel how to be handled every day between husband and wife

1, make an appointment to go out together travel.

The purpose of travel is the place that trades to live, extended band is in some people a place, may feel be tired of be agitated to wait a moment, but if trade a place,differred, can improve the person’s mood.

2, do meal inside the home together.

When doing meal together, two people can have a lot of interacting, a cooperation does some thing to be able to increase each other sentiment, make sentiment becomes deep, have an old common saying what is more,the rather that more ” collocation of male and female is dry, work not tired ” , such word you two people can enjoy cate namely, did a thing that has fun very much together again, from plodding, liberate in invariable life came out.

3, see teleplay together or the film.

See a movie or teleplay when, also or time of end of section of put together art, you are OK well two people talk together comment, the author has seen one pair watchs program of put together art to have like husband and wife say to have laugh, so this method is good part to promotional feeling, got relaxation not only, and two people still have very loosen communicate and communicate.

4, go moving together.

Athletic itself is yes one of a kind of when pressure gets releasing very good means, if choose to move together with oneself spouse, only to the feeling between you good influence does not have bad influence.

Quarrel how to do every day between husband and wife quarrel how to be handled every day between husband and wife

Quarrel between husband and wife abstain from what

Wife between the sweetheart, do not want cold force, do not want cold war, especially woman, do not be apt to with respect to cold war, do not respond the other side. Such, not only the problem is couldn’t get solve, can make a relation more abominable between two people only. You do more it is to let your other in part get used to the day that does not have you, roll out the opportunity that goes letting him throw oneself into his arms to other woman actively with the other in part you.

Quarrel how to do every day between husband and wife quarrel how to be handled every day between husband and wife

Solve the skill that husband and wife quarrels

1, place ” brawl is regular “

When love boarding house seeing previously, the metropolis after the Guang Gu inside and leisurely quarrel every time says ‘ file ‘ , next 2 people restore good relations, interesting become reconciled mode often is amused before the television we burst out laughing. But, you discovered not, such ” brawl is regular ” , not only recreation everybody, and the love between them is deeper and deeper.

2, pretend to send the wrong short message, telephone call that hit a fault

Think become reconciled very much obviously occasionally, but hindering to see the other side at face is difficult mouth however, here is small make up teach everybody one special the method of 2, for instance: Pretend to send the wrong short message, telephone call that hit a fault, it is the problem that who steps the first pace first only. If the other side also puts you on the heart, absolutely won’t turn a blind eye to, although the short message is hair is wrong,also meet take advantage of an opportunity goes down a little, next with respect to success will come when conditions are ripe good.

3, cold war of avoid by all means

Cold war is kind of cold force, very hurt the feeling between each other. And cold war time is too long, can one party bores this is planted condition, home remedy is bright give a sign used in ancient times to show refusal to fight, or chooses desert, or casts the bosom of new bosom friend. Can go like a lot of people hey the building makes friend on the west same, because comfort and be accompanied to be couldn’t get in the life,be actually, palace of male Mai Yidong diamond, can understand various belle opposite sexes, and they are understanding mostly, talk can date very happily below the line more, as to can produce what what cans be imagined namely.

4, the child is the lubricant with best feeling of husband and wife

If you already had one male half female, that can let become reconciled success will come when conditions are ripe more. The child is the ligament of hold together family, tell each other through the child, actually you love her very much, the study play that carries the child is relaxed and natural dissolve domestic contradiction, the opportunity that production applicable to both or all communicates, believe these you also are known. Man, active and active include a bit more sagacious, you were opposite, the family also was opposite, your life is met certainly more happy, more harmonious.

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