How to handle concern of good husband and wife to handle the method that husband and wife concerns

In marriage husband and wife concerns is to need us to have what very good method is handled and manage, so how is good husband and wife handled to concern in marriage? Do not want concern to follow small make up us to understand together.

How to handle relation of good husband and wife

1, mutual trust. Now is the time of a desire and alluring big burst, because,the reason that a lot of marriage move toward an end is between husband and wife mutual jealousy, mutual suspicion is caused. A lot of moment many the other side trusted can more in the heart that moves toward the other side, such ability maintain the feeling between good husband and wife. Because see those who get credit be short of each other,very much young husband and wife is break, produce a lot of redundant action thereby, these behavior often can let other in part produce allergy. Such accumulate over a long period go down, the feeling between husband and wife can move toward unpleasantness at the same time.

2, give each other a bit space. The distance produces the United States, this word does not do not have a truth. Feel during love the other side that

beautiful, so perfect because you are additional to you,be the half understands not quite. If waiting for you to understand other in part completely, won’t feel he or she has you in the imagination so perfect. Urticant view of 7 years is so come, 7 years itch even if live together 7 years between husband and wife, right he or her already complete understanding, produced definite allergy psychology to its a few behavior and thought. Give each other a bit space only, can let each other had handled each other the thing with that a few moods of frame-up face or other individual secret illicit. Such ability make husband and wife more harmonious in the life in ability more harmonious.

3, mutual respect. The person is in face be familiar with and meet in person the releases oneself mood of unbridled. Can producing a kind of phenomenon is a person always be so friendly to stranger, always be so poor to family member manner. The family member here includes his other in part. Because be familiar with,so very much time talks very scruple without place, disposition always does not exercise restraint. A lot of moment are connected most the esteem of at least is not done.

How to handle concern of good husband and wife to handle the method that husband and wife concerns

Handle the method that husband and wife concerns

1. learns appreciation

Appreciation must learn between husband and wife, often must not stare at the defect of the other side, must learn to admire his actor defect, it is certain to give from time to time praise word, should one party finishs must undertake praising is like cooking food appropriately after a thing but you are really sweet, long but good-looking wait for a language, wait for you to undertake to its conciously complimentary when, such ability can let feeling of the other side admit and be affirmed. Mutual trust must go up in the thought between husband and wife, mutual between must joint efforts, there may be different profession between both sides of husband and wife, different culture level, own different interest interest, must undertake understanding each other between both sides, mutual respect, these bilateral ability are mutual trust, mutual help, encourage each other, in the life each respects progress.

2. learns conversion to think

Both sides of husband and wife is together, the target is same, have the cause of the joint efforts, can build the domestic environment that gives a warmth, joy, want to protect, raise this family, may obtain economic source through the means that makes money desperately, bring about often be away on official business or dinner party no longer in the home, this moment wife must express to understand, and take care of Bacchic the following schoolboy. In the life must great comfort schoolboy. Of course the part that the wife also is special hardship in the home, often need to take care of the child or busy housework the job, possibly even, this time husband also should show consideration for a wife certainly, also should take out time to accompany certainly between the process of moil accompany a wife, must not the wife desolate, on spirit must placatory wife, must not ignore the feeling of the wife. Such often ability of a family is harmonious.

How to handle concern of good husband and wife to handle the method that husband and wife concerns

The skill that gets along between husband and wife

1, know ask for, know pay

Marriage this thing! Do not want one party to feel too tired, once this balance tilted, he (her) meet in the heart lopsided, lost patience to you slowly. Give much that individual, learn to be asked for with oneself means, do not want pleasant of bow one’s head to be child ox, you bear not to rise. Give little one party, should know pay. Two individual love love to be not differred less more too much, such ability step down for a long time.

2, respect the way of life of the other side

Get along between husband and wife, it is seek common points while reserving difference, but not be stoop to compromise. So, a the most important thing does not want to always force his thought to body of the other side namely. Before knowing you, he had formed his thinking means and habits and customs, and although you became the closest husband and wife, you also ask without the qualification he lives according to your means. Marrying is two people is mutual give aid to, overcome the difficulty of the life together, become better together, is not for him sacrifice of the other side, become one each oneself is unaccustomed the person that also does not like. So, the way of life that respects the other side also is in him esteem, always do not ask the other side is changed, and should find an everybody’s comfortable way jointly, the concern that allows you grows more for a long time, such ability are in correct hold together your love.

3, the society builds good communication way

Because,two people meet husband and wife of a lot of moment together everyday ear fellow hair on the temples rub and too much and familiar, a lot of words that should say originally cannot find proper opportunity expression however. Very much husband and wife apparently keep on good terms with everyone at the expense of principle, actually furtive in do not have any valuable communication means however. Such relation is very dangerous actually, the sensation that you can imagine to two people that lie on the bed everyday are the most familiar stranger however. Feeling of a lot of husband and wife is weaker and weaker, not be did not love in the heart, because do not have communication life for long to let them,express the opinion in the heart no longer however, bring about misunderstanding and estrangement deeper and deeper, cake of form smoke into smother of feeling of husband and wife.

How to handle concern of good husband and wife to handle the method that husband and wife concerns

Husband and wife gets along what is the most important

1, each other love. Husband and wife is united in wedlock because of love, because there is love in the heart, so each other feel distressed, you feel distressed his not easy, he feels distressed your hardship. Also because love, so each other forgive, he includes your capricious, you forgive his small error. Also because love, so you approbate everything his, he makes allowances for your mood.

2, faithful. To marriage two people most at least must be faithfulness, no matter be the body or spirit,go up, want to be clear that understanding his is married personage, want to put an end to the temptation outside all marriage. Marriage does not allow the participate of a third party, modern society is small 3 small 4 it is everywhere, your how many marriage lost faithfulness to spend.

3, accredit. Each other is trustful between husband and wife, both sides of husband and wife understands the humanness of the other side, straight-out photograph needs everything of both sides happening, do not cheat, do not conceal. Such without giving thought to the other side, be in where personally, the heart has He Sai, won’t make each other cranky. If wife evening returns, husband suspicion; Husband receives a telephone call, wife suspicion, this is means of a kind of mistrustful undoubtedly.

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