The girlfriend is good-looking what be experiencing the girlfriend grows beautifully is what feeling

The person is the animal that sees a face, everybody meets good thing find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, having a good-looking girlfriend is the desire of friend of a lot of men, everybody wants to seek a grows good-lookingly other in part.

The girlfriend is good-looking it is what experience

The girlfriend experiences good-lookingly even if she sees in any moment, psychology can feel especially other and lovely, her every act, can have exceedingly enchanted; is worn everyday the change of outfit can have area of new experience feeling; to go out to meet with the friend also is the feeling has a side exceedingly. The girlfriend is very good-looking to the schoolboy be special enjoyed business, often let a person because of good-looking dispute find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, also be special make oneself happy mix enchanted, this kind of feeling also is exceedingly wonderful. Also can cause a few bad sides of course, for example can stronger control is about to fear to lose, the generation of a few negative sentiments such as can easy be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, but the generation of these moods, can produce brawl very easily with the other side, lose the other side very easily instead.

1, see the girlfriend feels exceeding to enjoy

When the girlfriend is very good-looking, her knit the brows tuft is very can absorbing, no matter she is to learning, still sleeping, still watching TV, it is very lovely, always like to staring at her to look, because look at the meeting in the heart especially other and happy, the likelihood resembles making beautiful crazy same; become her err thing when, act like a spoiled child with you, you also are can complete did not ward off blows of force, it is good to her to cannot help wanting because of you, cannot bear the heart is fierce she. In the process that gets along with her, although have very much unpleasantness, because,also meet of the other side lovely and keep back oneself disposition, and those who get along is again long, also can be in casual between discover her more good part.

2, the girlfriend is good-looking feel very easily without safety

The target that good-looking girlfriend seeks for certain also is especially other much, although oneself girlfriend does not respond them, but his psychology affirms or can have a few small disposition and jealous, when occasionally the mood comes up produce brawl very easily also with the other side, but the other side can feel indescribable however, feel oneself do not have err what returns those who sufferred special unpleasantness to censure instead, bilateral easy also generation is contradictory. Of course the pressure that this kind of concern is reaved also is to be changed into a kind of motivation, because become you jealous, can affect your mood very easily actually when you are not happy, the mood above that becomes you when can follow the other side easily to produce brawl, the possibility that parts between you so is larger, still be inferior to letting oneself become more outstanding, give the other side better life, such ability are defended beside this good-looking girl.

3, the girlfriend is good-looking go out to also can have outer part particularly

When going out, having a good-looking girlfriend to be together also is to feel what have outer part very much, going also is can exceeding self-confidence, there is a so good-looking boy or girl friend beside oneself, also can see alien casts the eye of special envy, oneself psychology also is exceedingly can happy. When some schoolboys also like to shop with his girlfriend on the ave very much, like to have oneself girlfriend and other woman student comparative, when should feeling oneself girlfriend is more good-looking than others, psychology also can have very strong contented feeling.

The girlfriend is good-looking what be experiencing the girlfriend grows beautifully is what feeling

The girlfriend grows beautifully is what feeling

See namely probably male feeling is rival in love, often fear she is stared at to go up. Send a friend ring casually, can be thought to be being shown off, no matter what do,the likelihood is, be to show off in people look, hahaha. No matter Yanzhi discretion, belle of handsome young man is in lover eye, besides, in a paragraph of feeling, yan Zhi of what also not be critical factor, critical factor returns be two people to get along with tacit understanding.

The girlfriend is good-looking what be experiencing the girlfriend grows beautifully is what feeling

6 the girlfriend’s very handsome profit

One, very beautiful meeting lets the girlfriend you are big feast one’s eyes on, no matter how see metropolis pleasing to the eye, all day long arrives late mood nature is very good, it is good to need the state of mind, do a business with respect to smoothly, should not talk additionally conversely, although state of mind cannot decide success or failure, but can affect success or failure, taking a girlfriend to go out what is more,the rather that, the reputation that the man values most can be envied normally by other opposite sex, the look of jealousy and hate gives, reveal those who give oneself to savour.

2, the girlfriend is very beautiful and OK dissolve domestic contradiction, can be described simply with be readily solved, most the girlfriend with very beautiful at least, get angry to you, you can regard as completely she is in act like a spoiled child, although feminine be angry, you also are met drift along, offend a woman otherwise, produce estrangement and wide gap with feminine heart then, will naturally be remembered with concern to numerous man of the woman takes the advantage of empty and be entered, as good as at kissing person painful, chou Zhe is fast, man of in the final analysis gives enduring nature in endless amative life education.

3, the girlfriend is very beautiful and OK invoke the man’s aspirant power, prettier after all woman needs to maintain more, common cosmetic cannot satisfy daily requirement of the woman, alleged: Good horse matchs good saddle, subsequently and come the man’s expenses rises with respect to meeting twice, the pressure that generates from this can transform the motivation that struggles into the man, the possibility that realizes financial freedom at other man relatively probably will be larger, a lot of circumstances, either man career has a grow into useful timber to be able to seek pretty woman, however the woman finds beautiful female talented person meeting career has, the belle of appropriate matchs a hero.

4, the girlfriend is very beautiful will come with respect to what can let you look forward to happiness, after all the gene that the person’s appearance is parents will decide, your girlfriend will naturally become your wife, premise is you hold a stratagem which ensures success firmly to manage good impression situation as always, wait for you to marry, back-to-back move bears children, what you can discover genetic gene is powerful, at the outset choose already advisable sensible, although cannot judge people with their appearance, but the very large proportion that holds figure long.

5, the girlfriend is very beautiful and OK the beautiful heart rate that reduces you, after all the man is have experienced great things presses water, your Jin Wu hides charming, the woman outside the home places on a par with your girlfriend, inferior by comparison, it is simply already bored insipidity, no matter be love,still marry, of the girlfriend beautiful can avoid to love another person as far as possible already the happening with can preventing extramarital affair, beautiful girlfriend can form the defense line of psychology and physiology.

6, very beautiful meeting increases the girlfriend affectionate quality, no matter be to pull hand, hug or kiss to be able to let your relaxed and happy, love beautiful heart person to all have after all, although every man holds similar mentality, but every man has may not good luck gets is not a beauty, the belle of a beauty of be better than, alleged: This answers only the sky has, a few times can be the world gotten hear? The girlfriend is beautiful it is beautiful description but eat, can is more delicate than dainty, yield a day of your 3 meat can big full the luck to eat sth delicious, it is even 100 look not tire of and 100 eat not be bored with.

The girlfriend is good-looking what be experiencing the girlfriend grows beautifully is what feeling

Having a beautiful girlfriend is what feeling

One: The reaction of friends

Since Xiaoyang looked for a beautiful girlfriend, the friend beside him delivers unusual view, feel he does not deserve to go up his beautiful girlfriend. Always still be the say of fleer: “Xiaoyang is fierce, the girlfriend is how be cheated by you in one’s hand ah, religion teach me ace of younger sister of hold up of a few action ” Xiaoyang is to feel puzzled very, oneself just also compare a care to her girlfriend at the outset, chatting to chatting to did not think of to move the other side, also became his girlfriend accordingly, if have to wants to say skill, that can say the sincerity that is Xiaoyang, kind-hearted, warm heart only, let him find so a girlfriend.

2, the reaction of family

After taking beautiful girlfriend to come home from Xiaoyang, parents always feels this is Xiaoyang to deal with them, looked for to hold in the palm designedly bring back make them glad, compare parents to urge him to marry all the time, rapid move holds grandchildren in the arms. The girlfriend that small later Yang Changchang has him in parental face premise how how good, often bring back the home to have a meal again, parents believes that is Xiaoyang’s girlfriend eventually, although parents believed, but always still have a kind of illusion, after all the son appearance that they know themselves flatly, and also not be very rich. His parents can feel only is him work laboriously raises big pig not to lose popular confidence as expected, learned arch Chinese cabbage.

3, the feeling of family of the other side

At first, when the girlfriend takes Xiaoyang to take him to return a married woman’s parents’ home, the parents of the other side feels very open-eyed, oneself daughter eye all along very tall, how to meet settle on so a boy, want appearance to do not have appearance, want money to do not have money. Parents of the other side always feels ” a flower is inserted on cow dung ” feel regrettablly. But later, the girlfriend often takes Xiaoyang, xiaoyang’s goodness and sensible also affected farther-in-law mother-in-law slowly, they also won’t feel in that way again, approbated Xiaoyang instead, the heart thinks: Daughter can settle on this boy, explain this boy has outstanding place for certain, see the daughter is so happy and happy, they also were at ease.

4: Xiaoyang’s ego is experienced

Go out every time, xiaoyang is taking beautiful girlfriend to go shopping, be being led later is very tall, after all the contrast that they form twice is too big, the girlfriend is too good-looking. In passerby eye, the family is to feel the belle draws near got on big, and small Yang Ziran is the sort of successful personage in family eye, so every time Xiaoyang goes out to get pressure fully, feel very worry, the view that total feeling delivers resembles small knife, want a Xiaoyang chop, reave the girlfriend beside him next.

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