Why is male friend hiding before male friend is hiding before me my reason

The both sides after parting company was meeting commonly, even if meet also won’t a lot of, after the sweethearts that put down encounters each other occasionally, can greet sb, so before why is male friend hiding I, will look.

Why is male friend hiding before I?

1, for make a thorough break, prevent apparently severed

Before male friend is designed and evasive you are normal, since had parted company, meet why, met to also make each other more awkward what is more,the rather that.

2, lest currently hold the post ofcummer jealous

Perhaps he has had cummer, to avoid girlfriend jealous, the schoolboy also can be far from you intentionally, look in them, this meeting lets currently hold the post ofcummer more feeling male friend is concentrated to his and set one’s mind at.

3, heart high morale is proud, distain to pay close attention to you

Some man heart morale are too high, to the completely that associate with amour can forget, become aware parted company it doesn’t matter is alarming. Feeling closes to get together, disagreement is divided. Since parted form be the same as stranger.

4, be afraid that you see his present awkward situation

He present may be in affection on field very frustrated, the cummer before letting sees her embarrassed look, are oneself to do not have face more?

Why is male friend hiding before male friend is hiding before me my reason

Male friend is hiding before my reason

1, had forgotten to old affection, the hope begins new amour.

Male friend always is hiding before oneself, explain he had put down this paragraph of affection, the likelihood is the affection because of the past too can’t bear too, two people also had very bad final result, male friend does not think the cummer before be being encountered again before place, because look can exceeding awkwardness so, always meet to still be inferior to escape with its, the cummer before can letting so begins new life afresh.

2, before male friend returns a heart to put to oneself miss.

As a result of,sweethearts parts company is various reasons, but before after male friend parts company, if always still hiding oneself, it is to fear likely oneself feeling can be ignited afresh. Return a heart to put to be not abandoned because of the cummer before be opposite, the cummer before should seeing so when, there always can be a few to miss in the heart with not reconciled to.

3, did the business with the not happy cummer before letting.

Thing of err of a man when, retreat to avoid a conflict is certainly before his cummer, because his heart is medium exceeding ashamed remorses, the cummer before should seeing when always pity of a silk is in in the heart. After parting company when two people so, male friend always is the cummer before can hiding before, because,be likely before male friend is off the rails, so to before paragraph feeling is irresponsible is him.

Why is male friend hiding before male friend is hiding before me my reason

Male friend hides my account painstakingly before

Since parted company, ought not to have apparently severed, do you still consider old condition resume combustion? Probably the family has had person of one’s heart, probably he does not think and you have any implication, thousands of words, form stranger together these 4 words, exist for the lover that part company namely. Do not see you, pay no attention to you, hide you, the meaning is very simple.

Why is male friend hiding before male friend is hiding before me my reason

Male friend avoids my psychology before

Probably he does not want to encounter the occasion of a few awkwardness, also interact before in you probably when because of his err a few things and the reason that part company, feel ashamed remorses thereby, avoided you to also did not greet sb in the past.

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