Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days of sweethearts to quarrel can promote emotive to develop

To the sweethearts in love, can have a few brawl more or less actually, do not cross some sweethearts to be able to like cold war after quarrel, this is a very good habit, so how many days does sweethearts quarrel to had better not exceed commonly?

Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days

Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days, this must see both sides, particular branch is 3 parts: Disposition, get along deepness of mode, feeling. Bilateral disposition is to cause affray main problem, if bilateral disposition is complementary, can have a kind of appearance that learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, this moment, quarrel to recover the ground possibly a few faster, but sweethearts both sides if the sort of others displeases him, with respect to the never in contact with each other the sort of, this kind of case goes quarrelling, bilateral compound possibility will be very little, of sweethearts of good with respect to chairman time disaccord; get along concern inside mode at the mode that quarrel, some sweethearts are likely because oneself social class is high, add bilateral actual strength balanced, often quarrel, but they from it is to won’t go substantially the emotive between them, they won’t go to this kind of thing do, the means that get along individually not identical, the person is unique, be together to be adjusted each other namely originally, mutual achievement, they can be in affray time in the process that get along, those who hold opposite party degree, the emotional depth that knows when the other side needs him; sweethearts is a decision quarrel when long, if if both sides is firm,quarrelling together, it is very easy compound, because one party is recipient, one party takes step easily, but time is long, not certain, love is deep, the sense of property that knows the other side.

Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days of sweethearts to quarrel can promote emotive to develop

Sweethearts quarrels can promote emotive to develop

Quarrel after all to you can promote emotive to develop? What basically look actually is sweethearts individual. If two individual disposition are very amiable, quarrel to just also hit dozen of mouth to battle, won’t blush. That quarrels as good as, then one promotes emotive issue. Be like oil of the attune in honey. But if two individual feeling are flabby. Disposition is stronger. So quarrel to be met only two people each other push further more.

Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days of sweethearts to quarrel can promote emotive to develop

Sweethearts quarrels how to reconcile

1, wrong and acknowledge a mistake, right lower one’s head.

In a paragraph of feeling, quarrel unavoidable, important is to quarrel who after passing, lowers his head to acknowledge a mistake first, if both sides is not willing to acknowledge a mistake, that lasts only continuity cold war goes down, injury person also is hurt oneself. So brawl must have one party to acknowledge a mistake afterwards, that one brave and active go toing that had better be err is acknowledge a mistake, if be not to argue the issue that gives pair of faults, that is lowered that head actively to acknowledge a mistake by the schoolboy, feminine heart is photograph contrast is flimsier, and so love each other, lowering one’s head is each other only to the other side a step falls just, dissolved did not have with respect to what thing.

2, give each other certain space, search to dissolve contradiction to the opportunity

After can quarrelling, can not lie same a space is medium, because at that time everybody is not sober, the mood is returned cannot the be pacified on the horse, look at the other side to work to come fire. So the proposal can go out first outside ramble, climb climb, yo-yo friend, anyhow lets him come out to show a note first, come down calmly. A quiet hour chooses later, two people of calmly are communicated, the reason that manage Qing Dynasty quarrels, dissolve misunderstanding, solve a problem.

3, the issue that neither one hug cannot resolve

No matter be schoolboy or schoolgirl, likewise applicable, no matter you make a noise much more fiercely, want to one party embraces another closely only at that time, brawl stopped immediately, so brawl come to naught, all is opposite the fault is nonexistent, because you are loving each other each other, you can include each other all.

Sweethearts quarrels cannot exceed how many days of sweethearts to quarrel can promote emotive to develop

Often quarrel how to do between sweethearts

1, find problem source, solve a problem

Why have a love affair became long can quarrel, quarrelled how to should be done. Find problem source first, want to clear up contradictory germ, your manner and behavior also are a kind of manner that solves this problem, if solve bad, you still can make same question next time. Two people are together hard to avoid can quarrel, but occurrence difference should think method to solve together, is not with oppose of the other side, do not force oneself idea at the person, want to learn to accept the other side, make him breadth of mind opener.

2, sober

Had better not consider the issue that a moment ago quarrelled at that time, although be to say so, but it is very difficult to be done, so need thinks method allows him prescind force. Can allow him prescind force through becoming a few other issues, go out to shop wildly for instance, the purse that lets oneself gives bit of blood to look for a boy friend to submit an expense account later. Perhaps pass motion and the means that busy ceaselessly to let his give bit of sweat, such word, also meet slowly desalt a moment ago brawl, whole person also begins slowly come down calmly.

3, avoid mood become acute

Why have a love affair became long can quarrel, common saying says: The head of a bed quarrels bed end and, wearing of make a row is very normal thing originally, two people do not happen to contradict and quarrel just is abnormal, but after if where,quarrelling, seasonable become reconciled just is the most important. The proposal can come down to think well calmly first, mood become acute should avoid when cold war, be about little speech, had better not talk, lest export injury person. Two people are very sensitive during this, once evil language photograph to very easy go wrong.

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