Why doesn’t 2 marriage wife want woman of second birth child the reason that 2 marriage are not willing to give birth to the child

The year after year that leads as the divorce rises, very much now family has 2 marriage, what is 2 marriage had become no longer rare thing, the wife of very much nevertheless marriage is not willing to give birth to a child more again however, looking together is what reason.

Why doesn’t 2 marriage wife want second birth child

The child’s ashamed remorses 1 pair now

What thing child happening without giving thought to between parents is innocent. Had the child when 2 marriage woman, and this child is oneself and the word that former husband gives birth to, so it is the biggest that two the individual’s departure are harmed to the child. Bitter still is the child, 2 marriage woman does not feel distressed impossibly as mom oneself child, also know to give the child a whole family without method, bilateral liability is very big, also had the mentality that a kind of ashamed remorses to the child, after having new family again when 2 marriage woman so, other in part puts forward to want the child, 2 marriage woman remorses because of this one ashamed is to not be willing of second birth child, because know what had given the child to he cannot give the child a whole family,grow to bring an influence with psychology, and oneself can not make up for the father love of childhood and the one’s own father that this lifetime lacks, because he had a child again,present child meets apprehension of 2 marriage woman and the mentality that mom also does not want him, fear the child gets harm is not willing so 2 times second birth child.

2 take care of a child again without energy

The energy of each person is finite, be in to the child this also is same on one hand. A lot of women won’t choose to do after marry now housewife should continue to work however, maintain economic independence, be in so the child this on one hand a child has gotten his total energy, for the 2 marriage woman to having a cause, the job occupies one part, other in part to occupy one part, life to hold that one share that leaves partly is the child, so woman of very much marriage is met after passing a paragraph of marriage more draw a lesson, had allocated oneself energy. To the child 2 marriage woman had given this one child, daily cost of the child, 2 marriage woman meets the tomorrow of the child that accompanies the child the program is good. After should planning if other in part wants to want a child again, so 2 marriage woman can feel one had dispersed the energy that oneself remain, want without energy again, can not be willing so because second birth child was taken care of without energy again.

3 second birth are met busier

Lazy to the person it is a nature, if can lie,solve origin of economy of issue of dress warmly and ear one’s fill so a lot of people are very long for day and night. But the life is very brutal, after having a family when you, you have a grown-ups and children to need to feed, so you must the job of day after night makes money. When having the first child to a lot of families, meet very hurry-scurry, because do not have experience, to 2 marriage woman also be same, the thing that wants study for person parent for the first time has a lot of, more than should cost energy to also want to spend time. What so the first child brings to oneself is more than it is happiness still has busy, when 2 marriage woman the experience goes to this kind busy when can feel tired, it is too difficult to feel to look after children even. Had very easily so lay an enough idea, allow her second birth so she refuses absolutely, because already enough busy even that is busier. Oneself also do not have that idea, do not be willing so second birth one.

Why doesn't 2 marriage wife want woman of second birth child the reason that 2 marriage are not willing to give birth to the child

Woman the reason that 2 marriage are not willing to give birth to the child

1 the likelihood did not have birth function

Although this kind of phenomenon says to compare scarce, but do not represent won’t happen. That is to say the age of marriage of the other side is older, should be so after 2 marriage, the time that chooses unripe darling is very impertinent, perhaps bring about birth function as a result of the question with big age to degrade again. Say 2 marriage wife is not willing to give birth to the reason of darling with you so, because age of the other side slants,be likely very big, birth function ebbs, perhaps did not have what what has a function and bring about.

2 the likelihood does not like child

To the woman of 2 marriage, had experienced a paragraph of marriage and a family, so among them painstaking to this it is very witting, especially to the child, she may think to want to raise a child the time with grown need very much expenditure and energy, say a possibility so the other side is not to like child particularly. Say to after 2 marriage woman gets married, do not want to give birth to the child with you so, because the other side thinks to bring up child process to compare,be likely very hardship and do not like child to bring about.

3 the likelihood is not to like you sincerely

To now a pair of any sweethearts or for husband and wife, if be to like the other side sincerely, hope to have two people so the love between each other is crystal, also hope to have the child that belongs to oneself at the same time. That is to say, even if the person of 2 marriage, if love each other sincerely, also be willing to give birth to darling to the other side so. But for the person to liking you, nature won’t care about your feeling, also not be willing to give every little bit to the family. Say the wife is not willing to give birth to darling with you after 2 marriage so, it is the other side likely very not be to like you sincerely.

Why doesn't 2 marriage wife want woman of second birth child the reason that 2 marriage are not willing to give birth to the child

Otherwise of 2 marriage woman should give birth to the child

If he still does not have the child at present, two people expect exceedingly to this child, so unripe child of 2 marriage woman is a happier thing, if be for ring only,can be this man, I feel to not was necessary, the woman has experienced the failure of first time, should know him protection, no matter be oneself life, still be the body, do not want an again and again become a victim.

The woman of 2 marriage, giving birth to the child on this thing. Affirmative meeting is very vexed. Nevertheless, with respect to two choices, or is unripe, or is not unripe.

Actually, the woman that there also is very much marriage now won’t second birth. They are those ages a little a few older woman. Actually, no matter be 2 marriage or head marriage, this gives birth to the child, not be her wife said to calculate. Unless yourself takes active place.

Very much now place, the woman still is the group of a weak force. They do not have right to speak. So, they can choose self-surrender only. Nevertheless, how can self-surrender go?

You can want to give birth to the child, some things can become very sensitive.

The first, above all economic problem is first issue. Raise pressure of economy of a child again actually very big.

The 2nd, if oneself gave birth to the child, a child is met how look upon, the child is sensitive.

The 3rd, it is OK to give birth to the child namely hold together concerns between two people, this also is a kind of ligament, always have between two people kind diaphragmatic, be like a relation to go further hard from beginning to end development is general. This kind of circumstance also can be born.

Why doesn't 2 marriage wife want woman of second birth child the reason that 2 marriage are not willing to give birth to the child

Why doesn’t 2 marriage woman suggest to give birth to the child

The first: The child is close scanty different, say turkey to one and bazzard to another of hard to avoid. I had an elder sister to divorce to taking my daughter, already fast this year 40 years old had not married. Looked for a lot of other peoples to ask why she doesn’t marry, she says is the daughter is not willing above all, the child was born not to want his after the daughter is afraid of mom marriage, 2 it is to be afraid that postnuptial husband is treated to child distinction, aux would rather oneself look after children so. This is very real problem. If the both sides of male and female of 2 marriage does not have the child, it is possible that that gives birth to. But if some one party is bringing the child, that should be not importuned surely want again. Be like,right child good specification has been inspected oneself went out, bad to your child, so second birth, the old is sure get desolate, this is harm to the child.

The 2nd: If he does not love you, had the child not to love as much. A lot of men 2 marriage are not to go after love any more, just want to have in the home give him femaly to do housework to take care of his. The person most of 2 marriage has not cherished a hope to feeling, do not pass between each other when eat regularly in gets along stopped. Some women think him move gives birth to a child to be able to latch the man’s heart. Must not have this kind of idea, do not take the child to bind a man, he does not love you, if had the child, he also can is opposite only you are chill, also won’t take care of the child, this imposes a burden to yourself however instead.

The 3rd: Safe problem, big puerpera has birth risk. The major age that recombines domestic both sides is quite big. Some women may have given birth to a child, so the age go up substantially 2 embryoes this has a risk very much to them. If you found good mother-in-law of a good husband, so they can make allowances for you naturally not you are giving birth to be willing to part with or use the child. The requirement that because the child also is not,marries. If the other side takes no account of you completely,the forehead is experienced, consider oneself selfish desire only, so such man is undeserved also you are paid for him.

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