How to do an outstanding wife wife the big fear in marriage

The wife is the sun in the family, the part of a good wife is very important to the action of husband, how to act an eligible good wife in marital relation, friend of a lot of females wants to know.

How to do an outstanding wife

The first, avoid ” climb “

A kind of very great anguish comes from the people in the life to vie each other, take no account of namely break away from oneself actual condition, and blind envy other people’s good one side, this kind of psychology is relatively general on female body relatively outstanding also. Themselves and other woman are compared, return the home and others to compare husband, than the child, they are opposite in the home husband most the pet phrase that often says is ” you see a someone who who has ability more ” , ” you look such-and-such have ability more ” , ” the other people is much finer ” , be opposite forever it seems that oneself husband is dissatisfactory, oneself husband always is without a single redeeming feature. Total to the child be ” the child much future that you see a someone ” , ” the child that you visit others home is much more outstanding ” , the child that always compares others in his child in their eye it seems that is some poorer. Below this kind of atmosphere, can form him home to you how so poor, such can’ting bear. The place that sees husband and child are no good always is in the eye, also do not know to achieve really what kind of the ability in their heart is satisfactory, let husband and child resemble aing string of 1 at the moment to the dog forever so a bone, tired cannot get to death. Do not know in their heart domestic home has the classics that reads aloud hard forever, just read aloud a law to differ, they also do not know the truth of shoe and foot forever, do you say such wife lets a person make a heart not? Good wife is disaccord others vie, had lived oneself life, experience the particular happiness in him home from which, experience the warmth that others home place does not have, the time that allows every member in the home passes easily comfortable.

The 2nd, meeting ” filial piety “

Respecting ” filial piety is close ” , do not show a few daughter-in-law are not filial, it is her only ” filial piety ” balance always goes ” breakdown ” , balance always moves to tilt at the same time, the centre of gravity that they care is in only forever ” a married woman’s parents’ home ” , it is to not matter in the home to Laogong, footy. To filial piety of travel of person of a married woman’s parents’ home, sure, the responsibility inside the portion, willingness, obligatory. To husband here good, I can perform an act, bad, love how how, your dad Mom works with my why, you rise not to know, your husband is drag of their endure all kinds of hardships is big, send you altruisticly next, begin to bear heavy burden for this home, you more do not know a secret, the parents that is him is in his heart weight is very heavy, you love his parents, he is met love you doubly, good wife can balance all these absolutely, although say cannot sheer fairness, won’t differ a pool at least unusual too big, so old consortium looks in the eye, write down in the heart.

How to do an outstanding wife wife the big fear in marriage

The 3rd, can ” look “

Common saying says ” needle of feminine heart sea floor ” , describe feminine intention namely small, and idea considers hard, have a few wives small-minded, selfishness is persnickety, heart child more, in the home everywhere calculate, haggle over every ounce, plan repeatedly, the thing to a few trifles in the home, odds and ends needed for sewing ” cross muscle to cross arteries and veins ” , care about oversensitive, suspicious jealousy, pester more than, make eventful affection answer originally simple, always be done so that complication, let a person fathom idea of idea, guess, kink among them, suffering can’ts bear character. Actually every man hopes his other in part is good-tempered and be generous and open-minded, many quite, reasonable, make a clear distinction between right and wrong, to one kind is built in the home simple, relaxed, free from worry. There is a such person man in the home how the meeting is pleased save worry.

The 4th, change ” “

So called change ” ” , namely the conversion that we often say thinks, it is very important to think in any circumstance conversions, not exceptional also in the family. Not only the point of view that the husband wants to stand in the wife, the wife also should stand in marital angle. And a lot of wives can care the husband rarely however in the home, few him attend to the man is outer competitive pressure, also do not think of the man is outer dozen those who go all out is not easy, do not know male factitious family assumes that hardship of responsibility, want to ask for only, blindly requirement, take money when husband, how what do not think of this money comes is not easy, the word that links an inquire after sb’s health is done not have, there is saliva to count money on the horse, the pleasure; that enjoys several money only arrives in the affair when husband as the thing of meaning, mood coming home is bad, never also know to have the word of a care, complimentary language, ask ceaselessly this, requirement that, treat husband as all the day pull the ass that grind, know brandish whip drives only, such wife husband can not be bitterly disappointed? If you can show consideration for in a subtle way, caress to husband care, husband is hit spell trouble the harbour that the home is warmth, virtuous, considerate, tender wife that male do not love?

The 5th, for ” friendly “

Say to be ” friendly ” everybody may be bad to understand, since be doing of husband and wife into the friend, be unripe so was divided? Actually, though 2 people of husband and wife are husband and wife on domestic concern, but get along to be waited for together, must want to draw lessons from the way that makes a friend, serve as a friend to ought to change a heart with the heart, straight-out photograph is waited for, understand each other, each other equality, accredit and each other are respected, know good-tempered, and adversity sees the real situation, serve as husband and wife to must want to get along like the friend, how can otherwise ancient time sum up a husband and wife to want ” Xiang Jingru guest ” , ask even ” lift case Qi Mei ” ? And there are a lot of controls that make a wife in the life desire, have desire, control desire extremely strong, in the home self-awareness is intense, order people by gesture, thrusting to husband, what thing likes to gesticulate, issue orders, this must not, that forbids, never husband of understanding, esteem, let husband not know what to do, imagine husband is in what unit boss system gets outside to be restrained administer, return the home still, do you say this kind of setting how does Bei urge horror? If husband and wife is like,can accomplish equal, esteem really if really, include wait the behavior between these friends a moment, of place resemble a friend in that way, so not allow doubt, you can be pair of good husband and wife undoubtedly.

How to do an outstanding wife wife the big fear in marriage

The woman is in the big fear in marriage

1, not exorbitant is strong, a woman if she too too strong, no matter any the thing should go oneself are done advocate, the person beside you also can become aware move and you are waited for together very uncomfortable, especially oneself husband, will tell as a man, what he can tolerate least of all is any the thing should look for you to report, say we want to conserve so oneself marriage, the marriage that wants you is happy, must learn to be able to act like a spoiled child, also must learn to encounter everything, can have an amount with old public business.

2, no matter husband is fond of you how to love you to also do not want exorbitant to go again again,do you any thing, meeting and his roughhouse, let him bully you, you let him listen to you, although you are done incorrect, you also should treat her with the manner of the sort of schoolboy, believe any man to be able to be overcome such woman.

How to do an outstanding wife wife the big fear in marriage

How to do a good wife

The a bitth: Can very good processing wife and mother concerns, do not make him husband inter difficult do

Mei Mei marries with the husband already 10 years, she and oneself mother-in-law place became mother and daughter and good friend. Actually she says, when with oneself husband talks about love at that time, her mother-in-law is returned and do not like her too, think Mei Mei is not too able, nature is a bit fragile also, not be them among domestic memory ideal virtuous good daughter-in-law, want to object, can hold to finally because of him son, she does not want to make a son sad, the mouth that just loosens. Though take the door later, mei Mei saw the mother-in-law is not quite favorite immediately she, but she does not have because of this generation view, change the attitude of the old person silently with the action however. Won’t do chore, she is modest consult to the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law does not like her to pay attention to an appearance to follow too dress up, she is being worn from now on relaxed and easy, former short skirt Buddhist monastic discipline was dropped. Always shop to him mother, regular meeting prepares likewise to the mother-in-law. She very can very good processing wife and mother concerns, do not make him husband inter difficult do.

at 2 o’clock: Do not depend on husband’s family, have oneself independent economy capacity

Lai Yonglian has his recipe that maintains marital happiness, before she prepares to marry, had made clear the marital come to an agreement or understanding with future, marriage hind won’t quit the job, accordingly, their home also need not spend time to persuade his to become full-time wife later. As to the reason, not be oneself do not want to be marriage and domestic sacrifice, want to save the ability that oneself earn money however. Her job follows income pretty good, accordingly if marriage hind gave birth to the child, husband’s family is willing to help belt, she can discuss to pay fee with the husband. If husband’s family expresses clearly not happy wish to be in charge of, so she can appeal to him a married woman’s parents’ home, the cost that raises the child nevertheless also can be illuminated piece, so magnanimous fair. If two parents generation expresses to be not taken, so she can choose to ask housekeeper. Though at the outset her husband’s family has bit of opinion, can see her later everything is handled in perfect orderly, do not depend on husband’s family, have oneself independent economy capacity, more and more satisfactory to her, feeling of husband and wife all the time very stable.

at 3 o’clock: To marital esteem, do not suspicious, guard a bottom line to oneself

To most man, the wife of those self-confidence, good-tempered, natural and graceful, reasonable can let him find happy sense more, perhaps they convey ability to have have high low, but an overall assessment is: With such woman the life rises not tired. But ” not tired ” these two words, the satisfaction that had expressed them is spent, ge Miaoyin lets husband’s family follow the husband’s quite favorite good daughter-in-law so namely. She puts main energy between the job and family at ordinary times, respect the mother-in-law, respect to the husband, him itself is her of professional female, know everybody is met among the job opposite sex of bring into contact with, if be in normal limits,she won’t suspicious at random. To her, be with same kind of principle requirement both sides: Defend so that live to oneself bottom line, also be a kind of such requirements to the other side. Her sober with reason, let a man feel very loosen, two people feeling is better instead.

at 4 o’clock: Housekeeping has, do not waste domestic income

He Jiajia is accepted firm wife fine mother, she says the woman must look for husband’s family to follow the man according to her standard. Because her itself condition also is not too conspicuous, look for the husband at the outset when, she also did not face the other side to have how high demand on economic condition, her husband, it is an everyday economy applicable male. Because the husband earns,grouse in other woman with cold-shoulder when, how is she defending this share however, won’t hold highbrow illusion, get along act on a kind of very sober manner: Not extravagant and wasteful, also won’t raise unjustifiable requirement, housekeeping has, never waste domestic income. With oneself because of the wife be of one mind gets along, the husband very respect her.

at 5 o’clock: To oneself figure is paid attention to, go out with the husband, make marital know how things stand and feel confident of handling them angry

After some women marriage, thought to had found the partner that is willing all one’s life to live, belong to ” arms put in storage, the hill austral Ma Fang. ” use no longer from now on for appearance and dress up these things worried about, still think this is a kind oneself are conveyed to the spouse ” oneself set his mind at to get along with the other side ” manner. Actually the men and women can take conjugal rate, the attraction that comes from an appearance at the outset is affirmative indispensable. Like them such figure with a kind of self-righteous equitable argument him indulge differ others hard susceptive degree, actually the man can feel very hard really set one’s mind at. Zhang Jiaying is different, although after marriage, also pay attention to to him figure as before, it is she can control spend only: Divide be gorgeously dressed nevertheless, however delicate with dignified, go out with the husband, make marital know how things stand and feel confident of handling them angry, have outer part, nature of the other side can be flourish with her.

How to do an outstanding wife wife the big fear in marriage

How should be a good wife done

1. supports marital cause with all one’s strength

Is there a word: that is often cited? Carry it is good to grow permanent teeth the raw meat or fish that bask in δ says the? that seek clear has the wife is propping up him really, a lot of men often ambitious, get on energy in the career, but make a career one time it often needs easier said than done good luck. Need risk, a person’s mind of need whole body is devoted, lose a family fortune even, if we should like to ask supports without the understanding of the wife, can he bear? Zhejiang luck installs Wen Bangyan of factory manager of permanent Electromechanical plant, former the technical section chief that is a factory. As a result of oneself design of a few outstanding inventions cannot get manufacturer appreciate, then he thinks him abdication 1000. Meantime he is only 10 thousand yuan of savings, his home 3 live away from home upstairs are not worth the 25 small cabinet of smooth rice at kissing wicked home, this fund prepares to build a house. Additional, younger sister of wife square hairpin is pregnant again 3 months, how to do? He said worry with the wife. Square hairpin younger sister knows very well marital this action is to develop his intelligence an wisdom, resolutely make decision: ? ǚ fights  to change? of setting lean close to to do first child. After 3 months. 10 thousand yuan of principal changed the vapour electromagnetism valve that 10 him designs make eventually, for farther finance, it is encourage in the wife under, wen Bangyan east go all out borrow on the west, the television in the home, {of sewing machine, bicycle wants child go to work ride) sell. Does he obtain successful: eventually finally? Closely question?5 on international invention exposition, with one action of vapour electromagnetism a powerful person carries off gold! Him Wen Bangyan also is judged to be national level to have the expert of outstanding contribution, just think, be like the main support of younger sister of square without the wife hairpin at the outset, does he have courage to step this one pace?

2 give the man more in order to show consideration for, care

The husband for enterprise, enter outside swing, compete with others, be full of a risk, still get compromise out of consideration for the general interest sometimes, when him overworked arrives home one day when, the is a wife of course attentive that hopes to get most and considerate. Does someone say: ? Raw meat or fish of quiet of short for the Yihe River says this word of? of the tuft that seek Qian is right, the man is tired, and domestic warmth makes his refection, saving spirit, be full of working enthusiasm, huang Hong of famous essay actor says, he rushs about for the show all the year round outer, wind storm rain, really painstaking, but he does not feel tired, the job is enthusiastic all the time very tall, the key is he has an all understand without being told to expect what he lives is good want child, his wife Duan Xiaojie. Care particularly to Huang Hong, take care of, go out every time Huang Hong of show, every day object all is arranged by Duan Xiaojie without giving thought to right-down. Go out which the body is unwell, she always has packed herb, make clear how to eat, eat a few times, huang Hong write for a magazine, just often rest very late, she never disturbs his train of thought, do the business of some of in one’s power for him only, accompany him to work overtime all the time before dawn, every time after draft is written, she always is being grabbed copy, because her handwriting is pretty, on newspaper once publish his stage photo, work, she always is attentive clip and paste into collect. It is convenient Huang Hong to compose, she still made to him designedly can mobile desk, this kind of warmth that is Duan Xiaojie, attend, make Huang Hong enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained, force times add him from 1990 late joint performance of new year’s day gives sketch ” super- unripe swim crude line ” since, change of an excellent work goes, fame big shock, become the famous essay actor of become famous whole nation very quickly.

3. trusts adequately oneself husband

Concern of some families spouse is intense, because wife look does not derive from personal husband and other woman contact,be, but the husband needs because of the job, must have some of contact with the female, how can be you held back? Then the wife blames marital heart to put wicked idea ” , the husband blames a wife ” lis of small narrow-minded ” , brawl nature is inevitable between two people, actually, should: realise wisely in the wife on this problem? Exemplarying Hui of gun of evil spirit the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome > ? is in charge of him to jump over allergy more, what to perhaps do to be opposite really your issue comes, the wife should give the man with sufficient credit, believe he can hold himself, incorrect and other woman lays the plan of assuming, and the husband is full of of course to this kind of your accredit appreciate, cause the power that gives a kind of counteractive wicked idea to come thereby. ” October ” the magazine edits Zhang Shouren is a writer, had kept many good work, his wife Chen Luo is an elementary school teacher, breadth of mind is broad, be good at good-tempered, once a female wrote to take emotive to believe to Zhang Shouren. Chen Luo smoked Qu Li to see in the husband, not only not envious, still discuss to invite her to arrive home with the husband in come be a guest, chen Luo entertains her enthusiasticly ” ask her playgoing, still suggest the husband accompanies her to go out to play alone. Does she say: ?  knocks? of heavenly body of Lan Mei’s parent we can harm her anything but, I believe you, you are certain can appropriate has handled this issue. Zhang Shouren sees the wife trusts so oneself, the heart is appreciated unceasingly, when he and woman get along alone, introduced the character of the wife to her, the woman is inferior to from ashamed, admire very, exit at once, from now on she still formed the friend like full sister to concern with Chen Luo.

4. does not criticize the husband as far as possible

Some wives are allowed it seems that do not get the husband to give the least bit error. The husband one blamable consider as do not have prospect, lao Lao reads aloud obviously endlessly, also some wanting child like to go to the husband be being compared with other man, cause the husband the most easily to because Wen Fu can think,feel disgusted so, you feel the other people is good, what do you marry me to do then? A quarrel is then inevitable, see those who do a wife ought to tolerate the husband makes a mistake. Common saying says: Gold does not have pure gold, the person does not have perfect man. The husband takes care for bread hard to avoid has muddleheaded accession, say his mood is original and bad again, your another censures, do not become add fuel to the flames? Clever wife criterion otherwise, at this moment she can give the man in order to comfort, make he can cheer up from inside depressed mood. Some steel ironworks master worker of a worker, the wife is in garment village, every time the wife comes a factory in, this master is to care all the more to her, people asks why to be opposite she is so good, he says his wife is the best woman on the world, he speaks of, have bout he goes by bicycle a shop shops, forgot lock car, result car disappears without trace. After a few days, 200 yuan of money that laying fuggy former preparation to return the home to buy washing machine for the thing of the bicycle are on the bus by pilfer. He is really extremely vexed, be forced to wrote a letter to tell a wife the thing, the heart wants to be able to endure rebuke this time surely, did not have expect wife to write back very quickly. Not only did not blame him, comfort him instead, say a bicycle was lost what cannot calculate, must not get angry body, still send 200 yuan of money to want him to buy new, he is holding the incoming letter of the wife in both hands, hot tear is filled with the socket of eye, he is touched for the catholic place of the wife, pledge all one’s life should wait for her well.

5. satisfies marital emotive need in time

Do a lot of wives plaint: ? Xie stops Mi of evil spirit flood dragon agrees Pi gathers up a kind of bag pay belch? makes up to greatly, once glom on to, his enthusiasm is decreased with respect to acute. Visible, how to make the husband gets satisfaction on affection, this is a real problem that is placed before the wife, not be to give him material of understand without being told of all on the life, grant whatever is requested in sexual life, can make marital be perfectly satisfied. The wife is returned ought to the appeal of inventive life often gives the man with new move. A hospital has Wuhan a female doctor, the husband works in head office of Shandong foreign trade, the honeymoon after they marry had be notted spend, the husband is gone back to because the job is busy,go to work by unit call together namely, marry nearly one year to also fail to answer Wuhan and wife to reunite. The husband has second send a letter to the wife, recounted him think of wife affection. Recount oneself to be being assaulted him dolefully to feel to not be in with the wife now again at the same place what future. The career all does not have a meaning, female doctor reads a letter, very understand the man right now mood. “He is needing me on feeling, how I should satisfy him? Then she decides to write a letter to the husband more, average 3 days, notice collect material, write affection content is contentedly. Saw an a film, teleplay, read a book that oneself love, did a good thing, write to the husband, when the husband obtains result, wish heartily what convey oneself in time, share the pleasure of the other side, oneself encounter the trouble with what sharp indolence, she also is recounted to the husband, to him good plan of ask for advice falls in her infection. The husband also writes a love letter to come at off hours, swan goose expresses feeling, these love letter two distant hearts closely fasten was in one case, the husband feels doleful no longer, he feels beloved wife hour is beside oneself.

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