Just be formal association schoolboy to send family photograph what to show to you

In real life, a lot of men and womens are from at the beginning do not understand, develop those who become friend of male and female slowly, affirm love concerns between sweethearts, it is the confess that bears the blame to loving to compare, both sides did not admit clearly even if hit mix.

How be just formal association

Be sure not little friend can have the feeling of this appearance, be in namely then and do not know to begin association already formally with the other side, so some moment always can be at a loss, want to care the other side not to know his again present identity is comfortable improper do this business. Actually, began formally to interact, having certain signal. When making clear with the schoolgirl like a lot of schoolboys, be same, promise to begin your at that time in the other side only, you just are what begin association formally. There are a lot of man students now, loving to Tan Lian is to holding the state of mind that play in the arms, so a lot of moment calculate did not make clear with the schoolgirl, always also be meeting err the thing of a few aberrance, this comes to the schoolgirl saying is actually very a thing that be in an unfavorable situation. Because if say the other side is not,become you,do a girlfriend, start work to you then if using a base, this also is a kind of expression that does not respect you. So, to the schoolgirl, cent is clear that when you just are formal association is a very important thing actually, this also is a kind of expression that bears the blame to oneself. , do you know you did two people arrive how is the degree just formal association? The answer that this article can tell you this problem now and a few errors that are immersed in easily, let you can avoid to be harmed maly by broken bits.

Just be formal association schoolboy to send family photograph what to show to you

The schoolboy sends family photograph what to show to you

Want to give you family introduction, let you also enter this big family. The schoolboy loves level in Tan Lian, still be very confidential to oneself domestic situation, it is the circumstance in the home that won’t say oneself commonly, also won’t say the condition of own parents, won’t let you see a picture more. See the meaning of the photograph to you, want to introduce you to give his parents understanding namely, it is the family that recognizes you to become him. It is to want to marry with you, want to establish new family with you.

Just be formal association schoolboy to send family photograph what to show to you

How be just formal association

1, have had made clear with you

Say here make clear, not be to point to make clear entirely it is begin association formally. If said you to refuse when making clear with a schoolgirl by, this means you did not begin together, had rejected you because of the other side, this moment ten million cannot feel the other side is your girlfriend quite. If say, a schoolboy has when chasing after you had made clear formally with you, say he likes you, let you become his girlfriend, and you also agreed if, you are begin association formally.

2, with identity belt of the girlfriend you see a friend

Besides have make clear formally with you besides, if say to there is a paragraph before you very long ambiguous period, catch a schoolboy to take you to see his good friend when his friend birthday perhaps has a party, and also show on the party you are the word of his girlfriend, this also is to mean you two people are to begin association formally. Because generally speaking, if this schoolboy does not want to interact with you, he is the friend that won’t take you to see him for certain, so, if the other side takes you to go,see a friend, and follow the word of the girlfriend that the other side says to you are him, can decide you two people begin association.

2, error

1, often make an appointment with you to go out to play

Some schoolgirls may feel, if a schoolboy often makes an appointment with you to go out to play, this also is representing the other side is treat you as girlfriend, not be this appearance actually. Want to know, if a person is dull if wanting somebody to accompany, he is to be able to look for a person to accompany his to have a meal for certain those who see a movie, in this moment, the feeling that can say you only is returned can, but not be male girlfriend for certain.

2, the hand that pulls you

Besides make an appointment with you to go out to play besides, the hand that some schoolboys still can be in possibly and you pull in the process of your contact or cuddle is worn you, want to know, if the other side did not follow you to make clear so right your word, can prove the other side just is in only the petty gain that takes you, is not to want to be together with you really.

Just be formal association schoolboy to send family photograph what to show to you

Amative relation passes 4 level commonly certainly

The first phase

Alleged and directional, it is numerous in search her a thousand times, that person is in suddenly turn one’s head however lights wanes to the close place, angel is very much, who is just the only in your heart? Who is just you take drink of one gourd ladle alone put in a person ‘s charge? Perhaps you had drawn the outline of him in the heart / her figure, perhaps you are hesitating in object of a few association choice, perhaps yourself also says to not be clear about the object that likes which kinds of kind after all, in resembling Taiwan idol play, eyeful is handsome male beautiful female, very be passionately devoted is clever and lovely, really bad still to decide. But shoe is worn,go up in the foot, comfortable yourself is the only clearest, anthology the spouse is similar choose shoe, famous brand may not suits you, your some time in the future that fits you can feel. Directional before have book to, accord with you to be booked to after the object appears, then you are maintained is this person, but need not pledge at the beginning blame gentleman is not married, still do not know the attitude of the other side, also the understanding without development, how to know whether intuition is correct?

The 2nd phase

Then the 2nd phase begins, affection exploration. Know the interest interest of the other side each other, disposition feature, life direction, viewpoint of value reads aloud, familial health history, suffer educational setting, to prospective program, the greatest life dreams, whether be fourth gram creed, whether be not marriage creed, whether be good at listening attentively to other opinion, manage like where normally after occurrence contradiction, basic monetary idea, to happy definition, and even sexual idea is halfback still is guarded, if be not done,understand these problems basically, the retrospective phase that can take the branch for the root is explored afresh, but if in those days already establish love concerns or marriage concerns, abrupt suddenly be enlightened says ” so you are such person! ” bad, because may disaster and innocent child and family, more possible collapse feeling of several years.

The 3rd phase

The 3rd phase enters affection communication, after the course is explored, that affirms the other side is the association object that suits quite namely, but again nice person not the incoming telegram also is no good, each other should have the desire of association, say simply even if have the possibility that love each other. Each other disclose the other side more affection views, inner feeling, explicit general hand in deepen the affinity that have mutual affinity. A lot of people like to pour out amative history to favorite target in this phase, be sure to keep in mind, how do past of not detailed description and others love each other, it how is painful to part company, how the loss is heavy, you are described so that jump over passivity in the future in detail more, because love you,your spouse is met and care, he / her reason intelligence is accepted, but affection can suffer however suffer, that why? Necessary openness is possible, say a few simply to had interacted, probably association rate and part company the reason is OK. If the analysis parts company reason, also do not want a responsibility shirk gives others or oneself undertake the whole thing, simple response shoulds not into disposition or the predestined relationship does not have cent this kind of ambiguous reason can.

The 4th phase

Through the affection communication of the 3rd phase, each other feeling has deepened certain level, be moment begins to stabilize association so, this is the 4th phase. The social circle that the kin friend that gives oneself liked person introduction meets to make its blend in oneself normally in level here, some places still have those who be engaged is consuetudinary. But anyhow, important to both sides and unforgettable is often say in the film ” confess ” , ability of what kind of confess obtains be elated of the other side nod? Kind is different, gist is consistent, that is ” genuine ” , at the same time ” genuine ” also be future the cornerstone that life of two people association goes down. If say advanced 3 phase, both sides is OK still termless if exiting, entered the 4th phase to come down with respect to relative stability, between each other establish love concerns, faithful to emotive namely of course. If had entered the 4th phase,still be in indecisive or freakish, the homework of before that can say only 3 phase was not done good, what perhaps interacting is the object of undeserved association.

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