Marriage is disharmonious often quarrel how to do husband and wife to get along disharmonious how to do

A lot of husband and wife can have the case with disharmonious family after marry, what get along possibly originally before marriage is pretty good still, but after involving the bagatelle after marriage, disharmonious expose came out, so, is marriage disharmonious often quarrel how should do?

Marriage is disharmonious often quarrel how to do

1 come down to exchange views again calmly first

When quarrelling with happening of the other side, can make the other side sober first, because,avoid temporarily actuation and brawl is ceaseless. After passing calmly, probably both sides also can be compared to the opinion of the other side recipient. And once brawl rises, bilateral thinking is not so sober, the means that ponders over a problem also is met different, can set out from bad one side in anything. After once both sides is sober,coming down, go discussing a moment ago issue again, won’t quarrel easily, the thing also can compare reasonable settlement.

2 study handle knowledge of emotive of husband and wife

If can handle feeling of husband and wife not quite, can look more a few about emotive of husband and wife book, study a few how to handle knowledge of emotive of husband and wife, can encounter a lot of troubles in you so when, find add up to the method that manage solves, also can let you understand a lot of reasons at the same time, such meetings reduce a lot of brawl effectively. Because you change the intention of a person not easily, so you are about to accept him. A lot of knowledge about respect of husband and wife, a lot of people are not quite reasonable, so this also may be the hidden danger that generates brawl of husband and wife.

3 look for psychological doctor dredge

In necessary when can look for psychological doctor to undertake dredge to both sides, can let both sides understand the other side, quarrel for a few things that were not necessary no longer, what can see clear thing more is substaintial. Because bilateral brawl is mentally commonly,gave an issue, e.g. emotional respect, want to solve the problem of affection respect, look for psychological doctor again appropriate did not pass, he can help you reasonably resolve the trouble that you encounter.

4 often with confabulate of the other side

If the family is disharmonious,often quarrel, you often can go with confabulate of the other side, be sure to keep in mind to cannot be over in order to make a noise with respect to cold war. Confabulate can make the other side understands your viewpoint and view, when discussing some issue next time, the think of a way that he can understand you is what kind of, can not understand and go blame you. And often can alleviate with confabulate of the other side husband and wife concerns, pull distance of close husband and wife.

Marriage is disharmonious often quarrel how to do husband and wife to get along disharmonious how to do

Husband and wife gets along disharmonious how to do

1, contradiction wants to be communicated in time

In marriage, two people get along, often can bicker because of trivial matters of a few families. Because the position of everybody is different, the understanding to the problem is so different, if cannot seasonable communication, the feeling between both sides is met as time slowly desalt. Between husband and wife, want to know mutual respect, what thing wants to discuss each other, two such talents can get along like the friend, should communicate between you when fine long hair is trouble-free, often won’t have the problem with big what.

2, cold war does not want between husband and wife

Between husband and wife, can low the person with acknowledge a mistake head, often be to know cherish emotive person. This lifetime the question between you is very much perhaps, contradictory and ceaseless, but this itself also is normal, the marriage that does not make a noise to be troubled by also is backwater. Occasionally the communication between both sides needs to undertake in contradiction. The key is not to want cold war, because cold war is marital killer, if two people are disinclined to talk, do not have a word to be able to say really later so. Encounter a thing often bilateral opinion will be more abhorrent. So, the thing discusses well, learn mutual respect, ability can dissolve a lot of contradiction in initiative phase.

3, the life that does not make family overmuch participate in you

After marrying, you had your life. No matter the love of you and family is again deep, should remember making family right between you get along and the problem shares overmuch opinion. Because these opinions will become the issue that gets along between you, after all your family and your spouse gets along before long, return the humanness of the spouse that cannot understand you completely, if encounter a thing to be commented on at will, can be in the relation between you awkwardness. So, once get married later, want to know thought independence, and had not had many to family depend on.

Marriage is disharmonious often quarrel how to do husband and wife to get along disharmonious how to do

There always is contradiction how to do between husband and wife

1, silent, listen attentively to

After erupting because of certain or big or small business when an among them person, as other in part what you can do now is him control, silent come down, listen attentively to him what saying, what meaning is what he wants to convey? This is you are seeking an issue, after finding a problem when you, ability solves a problem.

2, understand

Of each person do erupting have a reason for certain? Must try to understand the other side when you solve a problem, the problem that he blames, true don’t you have a bit responsibility? Likelihood your responsibility is not very much, perhaps do not have, perhaps you do not have discovery, those who try to understand you to be able to discover actually the problem does not have you to want really is so complex.

3, include

Two people get along is to want certainly lifelong be companion with his defect, do you get ready include his defect?

4, humorous

After contradiction happening between husband and wife, close-lipped at ordinary times the person of little sign is OK on occasion humorous, wordy at ordinary times perorator is OK on occasion silent, for certain you want such result.

Marriage is disharmonious often quarrel how to do husband and wife to get along disharmonious how to do

Husband and wife quarrels what should notice

1, do not quarrel before alien

So called alien, those who point to is the person beyond husband and wife, include your pa Mom, his pa Mom, kin, neighbour is waited a moment, still have the child! As long as not be you the two environments that are in alone, do not quarrel, must enduring.

2, communal circumstance does not quarrel

Everybody knows communal circumstance, so even if you two what is different opinion it may not be a bad idea, it may not be a bad idea of practice of different perhaps view, want the outer part of attend to the other side, communal circumstance does not quarrel for certain.

3, quarrel not to throw a thing

When quarrelling, can quarrel, close the door, do not throw a thing, do not break the setting in the home, so gentle affray also is possible. Do not destroy the thing in the home, each other won’t be spurred on certain level, make the other side more easily sober.

4, quarrel not do a hand’s turn

A lot of men drank wine to perhaps encounter not satisfactory thing, when after quarrelling with the wife, control does not stay in anger, can start work dozen of wife, such person is undeserved excuse. So male people wants to notice, quarrelling is not active hand certainly, otherwise when when you feel wrong probable your wife cannot have excused you.

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