Date the question that both sides must ask in needing to understand what problem to date

Dating is a lot of people break away from a lone method now, dating purpose sex is very strong, modern busies the job, social circle is very small also, think only special difficulty so, see date the thing that the object needs to understand has a lot of.

Date need understands what problem

The first, ask a family. Be a singleton female? Have brotherly sister? Parental body how? Work (annuities) ?

Marry not only the thing that is two party, more involve two families, after many husband and wife marry, the likelihood should live together with man parent, so these questions must ask. If have brotherly sister, how should handle a relation later, need not to need to help, can become a burden, these problems want to if parents does not have the job,be clear about; , without annuities, have competence support old person.

The 2nd, ask economy. What work to do? Every monthly wages how many? How many deposit is there in the home? Buy a house? Can you can afford how old room?

Marry need economy base, not be to encourage everybody to disrelish deficient love is rich, however must psychology prepares. If the condition of the other side is too poor, you do not have a law to bear hardships together with him again, that need not consider. But also fasten too mind the condition before, a word says well, not bully boy is poor, if the other side is very aspirant, making money also is sooner or later thing.

The 3rd, ask bearing. What record of formal schooling? What interest is liked? Disposition how?

Record of formal schooling is not important, but more or less can react something, also can affect the education of next pair of generation. As to interest and disposition, after deciding two people whether get along well, whether have common language, seek the person that disposition fits as far as possible.

The 4th, ask feeling. Had talked about love before? Why had not married?

These problems compare privacy, but some people very care, have especially ” maiden complex ” man, the affection that if you cannot be accepted,the other side abounds history, so say to be clear about before it is too late, after lest embarrassed.

Date the question that both sides must ask in needing to understand what problem to date

Bilateral question must ask in dating

One, working circumstance

Almost the working circumstance that every dating person can know the other side, can know whether the other side has the urge for improvement so, the work that also can carry each other knows the future of the other side, a lot of moment, meeting impression reachs each other job situation the impression of the other side, the person of a steady work often can give a person authentic lazy feeling, the income that also can know the other side roughly through the job how, it is very important that this butt joint comes down to whether have development.

2, interest interest

The interest interest of a person can react the nature that gives a person, the interest that also can pass each other loves the collective place that discovers two people, such having conduce to next if the problem chats, avoid appear dull the awkward situation that can say.

3, domestic background

Date successful very much time can enter marriage very quickly, for oneself for the life, when date the schoolgirl needs to ask the schoolboy’s family the circumstance, can know the domestic environment atmosphere of the other side so, also can know the domestic economy condition of the other side, if two people are not same,more important is of a city person, can understand the other side to whether can be willing to develop in his city, perhaps have the plan that the city settles in which, this meeting very the life after affecting bilateral marriage is happy.

4, choose asks occasionally

Choose asks occasionally this is very important also, the question that the choose that clear opposite party asks when dating asks to be able to avoid to did not discover the other side is not that individual that he wants occasionally happens, also can understand the other side to whether close with oneself, oneself are the other in part that the other side misses to search.

5, love idea

Look for a partner in marriage of a lot of people wants to seek a person that with oneself 3 view agree now, what the person with 3 same view just won’t pass together is tired, the schoolgirl can ask when date the schoolboy treats the idea of love, can knowing the other side so is a what kind of schoolboy, also can know whether the other side has conjugal plan, whether to just date play play just.

6, the impression to oneself

Can know the other side the impression to oneself, can help oneself know the other side so intended to oneself, will think to date this to whether had succeeded with this.

Date the question that both sides must ask in needing to understand what problem to date

What should ask the question in person on the net

We date to had better ask the question that encircles about intercourse on the net, this intercourse circle included him at ordinary times recreational choice, his friend circle and to intercourse his own feeling. Spoken parts in an opera is in person on the net is to chat, you ask I answer or be the interlocution play that I ask to you answer, who to see can attract each other what play very much. This is the opportunity of scintilla of generation of two independent and individual collision, and how to collide can produce a what kind of scintilla, the question that when be about to see us date on the net, asks. And most person has experienced check residence cards like after inquiry, although feel disgusted, but do not know what to ask the question however. If the issue is too straight white, can cause the allergy of the other side, if the problem is too peripheral,also cannot knowing the other side truly is what kind of person. Can ask the topic of a few nature, for instance he at ordinary times what can recreation choose, his friend circle, or his own feeling.

1, ask him at ordinary times what can recreation choose

Intercourse circle can reflect a problem in flank very much, can mirror instead one the individual’s be fond of, savour, outlook of philosophy, spending and social manner is waited a moment. The answer that becomes him is to like a person to hit game to seek theatrical work in the home at ordinary times, so visible he may be ” curtilage male ” , can appear after the likelihood ” game and I who is more important ” of the problem contend for, but not be all of course those who like to do this business is, it is more likely only. The answer that becomes him is to like to play basketball with the friend together, fitness, travel, so can be imagined, the relationship of he and friend is more close also, heavier feeling, more active also up, be willing to promote ego to develop an interest with the rest time. These are OK from flank report comes out, and these problems can mention refer the thing that oneself like, also often won’t cause the allergy of others.

2, the friend circle that asks about him

Place of preamble of no less than says, intercourse circle can reflect a problem very much, his friend often can mirror the means that the living standard that gives him, philosophy, horizon, humanness conducts oneself in society to wait a moment. Rushed of course inquiry is very abrupt may invite opposite party very defy, so we can choose circuitous strategy, allude first oneself friend, take advantage of an opportunity asks him. The friend that says him when his answer is very much, of dry what have, it is very outstanding that we can know he handles a side in human relation at least, at the same time the likelihood also is a 3 view very person, the presence that won’t discrimination waits. If he says his friend plays big brother as a child namely, we can see he is one takes emotive person seriously very much. The issue that friend circle can reflect has a lot of, through understanding this we are OK flank sees he is a what kind of person.

3, the feeling that asks about him himself

But hard to avoid a lot of moment are the intercourse that be forced, so we can ask the true view of his own heart, the likelihood opens heart door leaf very hard at the beginning, if ourselves advise others by using one’s own experience may more good. When the feeling that can understand him himself to be encircled to him intercourse when us, what know him basically is very much more slant the thing of incorporeal spouse administrative levels, tell generally namely 3 view, and these are the if do not understand,can bury next hidden trouble thing in getting along in the future.

Date the question that both sides must ask in needing to understand what problem to date

Date the thing that need knows

The other side can give an impression cent in the heart normally after meeting, 10 minutes of can correctional impression later are divided (secured each other almost at the same time the first time impressional) , the place that if be in,can have a meal dates.

He can ask 1. you want what to drink normally, want you to nod only with liked beverage OK, what to want to be not nodded, because you are in interlocution when, you can be used drink beverage to come time lets dillydally the problem that oneself ponder over him.

He can ask 2. you have what interest at ordinary times, you are OK of general talk, get online for instance, the film, hear a song, motion a kind. Look for you to be good at next for instance hutch art, gem gal a kind much introduction 3-5 sentence can. If he is interested,can ask you directly, if you also fasten his disinclination,said downward. Knowing what understanding dates to you are yourselves still is others introduction.

He can ask about 3. your job, the 2 ability that will see you from working property mix the income that will know you disposition. More or less can the man still care about appearance actually, if he feels you are beautiful, so say whats are to not matter. Of the brightly colored that when dating, does not dress up, especially headgear is not worn too much. Quietly elegant a few a few more conservative always be more appropriate.

He can ask about 4. your family, your parents, implicit meaning has a responsibility in your home namely. Your implied answer is good, ask one says namely.

5. if this person very the friend that the word of Taoist priest still can ask about you, people often says to watch the circle that the friend beside you knows to you are in, at this o’clock you should shift to an earlier date ready-made. (It is those exterior act as a lunatic but need time ability understands a good friend, can put to the 2nd to meet to introduce again, you are known. You are known..

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