The mainest bottom line between the 10 principles husband and wife that husband and wife gets along

Marital relationship needs two people to be managed jointly, each other are right each other most trustful feeling of the foundation must have, without foundation must not come to the happiness of matrimony, how should be the relation between husband and wife managed must know.

10 principles that husband and wife gets along

1. is trustful

To husband and wife between get along to cannot trust less certainly, the person that deny suspects the other side outside how what kind of, can do messuage is restlessly so, so scarcely can let trustful cornerstone collapse.

2. is encouraged each other

In the job in the life we are likely so won’t successful, the problem in the job can make our disposition exceedingly irratable occasionally, should urge opposite party at that time each other, let TA experience the warmth of excellent front courtyard and care.

3. tolerance

Everybody is not perfect, remember doing in the life after remarrying so hundred of 50 oneself are good, the collect of hundred 50 as it happens of other in part becomes a complete person, accomplish an organic whole of husband and wife, include the defect that holds enduring opposite party each other.

4. is not carping

Always do not carry the defect of the other side, the meeting in such lives lets the other side lose confidence, the other side of if things go on like this can feel he is a so poor person, must not magnify the indisposition of the other side so say.

5. is cherished

Know cherish the other side, ability passes all one’s life mix and of beautiful beauty, marriage, always can encounter a few problems, but encounter a problem to want to consider the other side above all certainly, cherish the other side.

The mainest bottom line between the 10 principles husband and wife that husband and wife gets along

6. esteem

Esteem is the basiccest, it is friend or husband and wife no matter, esteem is necessary, value his interest, respect his a few habits, not be to say you think bad thing or the thing is true bad.

7. seek common points while reserving difference

The disposition of everybody cannot duplicate, have different place, what want two people to be able to live so is good, so the thought state of seek common points while reserving difference is to want some certainly, ability lets had lived each other experience happiness.

8. care

Stranger is not between husband and wife, want to know mutual care the other side, life body works, although different, the work that you also do not know the other side certainly of what, but must have basic care and knowledge.

9. communication

Modern society mobile phone caused very big effect to spouse concern, why? Because most person likes to be free to play with respect to expert machine,play, actually two people need the these notting matter thing in can dropping a hand together, much communication communication just can let a family be full of love and happiness.

10. looks forth

Do not quarrel to turn over old Zhang, what problem went after in the past, the person should look forth, the heart is big, what always had met is better.

The mainest bottom line between the 10 principles husband and wife that husband and wife gets along

The mainest bottom line between husband and wife

1. is off the rails

Actually off the rails it is the bottom line between a lot of husband and wife, what thing does not calculate a thing, but be opposite when this individual this family is irresponsible, make to betraying emotional affair when, so also mean crack of this paragraph of emotive.

2. quarrels turn over old Zhang

The question that searchs old Zhang to quarrelling is very much domestic existence, also have a lot of families because of this each go straight towards a thing, quarrel although gave a of at that time evil energy of life,turn over old Zhang, make the other side speechless, but hurt the feeling between each other however, want to be repaired again at good, very difficult really.

3. distrust

When if the most fundamental faith is connected between husband and wife,be being done not have, so this paragraph of feeling can abandon directly really, mistrustful husband and wife, arise to do not have necessary brawl at all more very much in the meeting in the life, feeling also was done not have for certain.

The mainest bottom line between the 10 principles husband and wife that husband and wife gets along

Husband and wife lives ten million of these 4 bottom lines cannot lay a finger on

One, quarrel cannot scold parents of the other side each other

Some husband and wife quarrel not to involve parents of the other side, also all along not dehisce closes a mouth abuse, but one man chooses some spouse the thing is noisy rose to scold the other side and parents of the other side a let loose a stream of abuse against sb, name-calling is very pained, after once appear,scolding parents of the other side, the feeling of two people falls quickly freezing point, even if did not make a noise later, after the mood is smooth, but also cannot the harm that efface brings abusively and sequela, after was being scolded, wait the 2nd times to quarrel to be met necessarily again such, such feeling can be in in second brawl slowly fritter away dangers, so, quarrel it is determined that the other side perhaps scolds parents of the other side cannot the bottom line of lay a finger on.

2, cannot have an affair

Hope each other are faithful in love, not only be be opposite on spirit each other are faithful, it is such more on the body, appear when burst of two people feeling when severe emotional crisis, if one party sought a partner afresh outside during this, so still put the case that take to fall in marriage, exceedingly can big to another blow, be in even after having the child to pass, if one party has an affair outside, also be tremendous to the child’s influence, two people cannot because of emotional burst do below the circumstance that still exists in marriage violate morality to violate moral responsibility, absolutely of this bottom line cannot be touched.

3, cannot say to divorce constantly

Quarrel between husband and wife attribute normal situation, but the feeling that quarrels to say the divorce meets pair of two people every time sells at a discount greatly, since two people go itself is not an easy thing, if just say the divorce is irresponsible to emotive then for the bagatelle of trifles, so this bottom line cannot be touched.

4, cannot contradiction runs away from home, night not a home to return to

The woman is emotional animal, to the family contradiction often does not have man reason, quarrel run away from home not only be pair of families solely is not responsible, also be not responsible to oneself, and the man often chooses excessive drinking after the family is contradictory, come back late or night not a home to return to, also be influential to feeling so.

The mainest bottom line between the 10 principles husband and wife that husband and wife gets along

How is spouse concern managed

Spouse concern is a gravity but very abstruse also however problem, each pairs of husband and wife can encounter different difficult problem, occasionally you feel this problem is you between big question but put the small issue that nots worth to be carried namely before other spouse. So the problem between husband and wife is a basis mutual the nature between comes into being a series of small contradiction, be about when processing husband and wife concerns so suit the remedy to the case, look for accurate problem to just know how to solve a problem correctly.

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