Why flattery character rejects to date object flattery character does not suit to talk about love

The disposition characteristic of everybody is different, flattery character is very tired in daily and human association, love of flattery character Tan Lian is very tired also, flattery character lets a person too easily lose ego, without oneself characteristic and definite idea.

Why flattery character rejects to date object

Flattery character can reject to date the reason no more than of the object is the following kinds: The experience in the past left a shadow to them, bring about them to not be willing to face this issue again so. Still one is plant likelihood, date namely I have this thing so the heart is exceeding this kind of person that lacks safe feeling to be able to yield flattery moral quality so, the choice rejects to date object. Last kinds of reason is, because be like the inner dispute of character,Chang Min feels and flimsy, normally the circumstance falls, they can not reject people everything, since they rejected to date object, can explain so dated to leave very dark shadow in his heart they did not go, annulus, the psychology that gives oneself caused harm, formed such flattery character.

1, the experience in the past lets them cannot be accepted date

Since flattery character, reject to date object, having very big odds so is the experience because of the past, let them cannot be accepted afresh again date, because we know flattery moral quality won’t decline others, right instead date if this thing is so excited, it is to explain they left a shadow to this thing certainly so, walk out of very hard afresh. And character of itself flattery sex is the attention that the hope gets admissive getting others, do not hope to quarrel to date so with conflict can make they drop original self-confident all burnish, the itself that so they often feel disgusted to this thing dispute pleases the friend beside oneself, obtain them approbate, already very difficult, meet new target in date anew, there is constant pressure on their spirit and ability, so the place on put together narrates flattery character to be able to reject to date object.

2, lack sense whole sense

To the person of flattery character, they can satisfy others as far as possible all requirements they yearn for those who get others to approbate, praise and take seriously, they often are met him oversight interest, satisfy the requirement of others, it is exceeding in the popular feeling of this kind of type those who lack safe sense to dating object this thing, their itself very defy, and the spouse of the choice, they also can satisfy their requirement as far as possible, achieve the satisfaction of own heart thereby, if do not make the requirement that raises to them, can produce a kind of self-condemned move in the heart so, the family that this kind of safe feeling needs them and their spouse will give help slowly, they walk out of problem of this kind of psychology the shadow in carriage heart.

3, the heart is very sensitive and flimsy

The person of character of her good intention, the heart often is very sensitive and flimsy, for example, no matter others is loud conversation, still close aloud, they can feel is him err, can become very sensitive to this kind of bagatelle, the mood breaks down very easily also, but still can subdue oneself to please others, date to choose of this kind of person selected so, can let oneself feel uncomfortable not just, also can let the other side feel he does not have definite idea, so, the person of flattery character can reject to date object.

Why flattery character rejects to date object flattery character does not suit to talk about love

Flattery character does not suit to talk about love

We are worn not urgently first conclude, we can behave a feature from theirs, psychological logic and susceptibility convenient have principle discuss, so that we are better know moral quality of two her good intention whether appropriate Tan Lian loves. Because we know Tan Lian loves the thing that is two people, is not one the individual’s thing. The thing that if somebody feels,is a person so it is very difficult that their feeling is destined step down, because come only then pay to what have one party only eventually, be destined to be paid to who all the time without who, pay actively do not wait for redound, very easy extremely tired, feeling appears easily the crisis. Claver does not say more, enter our subject please next.

1, expressional feature

Above all, flattery character, they are to belong to unprincipled flattery others. Reject you when others for example when, you feel it doesn’t matter, but after if say you,rejecting others, meet in your heart especially other and afflictive, uneasy sense is you I am sorry others, same. Take myself for, I feel myself also is to belong to flattery character. Why so say? Every time when I and others communicate, the mood that wants others only is abrupt between when saying a term that contains a bit mood a little. I am met very care about, can consider this issue all the day, it is him err what, next oneself can think method to please this individual, make her happy, actually this person did not get angry at that time, it is oneself feel he got angry only just. So we can be imagined, if two flattery character is the word of this appearance. Metropolis because of each other word and afflictive daylong, the feeling of this appearance not tired? Not afflictive? Is indolence bitter?

2, psychology is logistic

Often he is good model the psychological logic of character has little problem. Why so say? Because of flattery character greatly, on one hand others of their meeting drive up, and debase oneself, him oversight value, and magnify the value of others indefinitely. Short-term for can see he is a modester person, but if things go on like this this can appear he is very incompetent. I think should not really so want so incompetent schoolboy or woman student. On the other hand they are not known go rejecting others. Can saying occasionally is accept everything. For the person that this is opposite two to had been together especially, if they are flattery character, among them one party was professioned by others, so haw, as a result of him. Psychological logic, he is not known also do not know how to should reject this individual, so he can keep ambiguous with this individual, so on feeling this bit of thing goes in also is mine field. Be cannot of lay a finger on. And this also is a kind of deceit to both sides.

3, susceptibility

Take myself for to flattery character, they are very sensitive, why so say? Their meeting because your movement an eyes, a language, the forehead. The consideration is daylong, feel irritating, in fear and trembling, occasionally OK also exaggerated says. Be on short commons, sleep bad. Toss about, awake sleep is thought of take all night difficult Mian. Because of it too too the feeling that cares about others, and the feeling that forgot oneself. Accordingly, I feel if two flattery character wants to talk really, they. Should try to change oneself, this kind of behavior otherwise. Long-term before two the individual’s feeling can have a few contradiction more or less, estrangement goes against emotive long.

Why flattery character rejects to date object flattery character does not suit to talk about love

Flattery of the schoolgirl in love character

A netizen friend shared her story to us, she is typical flattery character. Cost of this girl colour is average, extraction background is very common also common, the job also is normal level, but of extraordinary is her can saying is ” do not pursue truly the sodden good person of redound ” . In the life, all kin friends are darling treasure to her evaluation, particularly obedient the idea that also can cater to elder very much, the elder disobedient with won’t other perhaps to the parent a bit older age is gone against, it is compliant only. Her working status is very active, should work in the same place only or the boss praised her, her enthusiasm is more sufficient, can work overtime even not Mian endlessly, the better job that finish, special go all out. But when interacting with friend and opposite sex, different however, although everybody can say her person is very good, special meeting takes care of others, very the feeling that cares about a friend. The friend encounters difficulty to need a help to be able to think of her. Won’t be in however the opportunity that has encountered or thing when call the first times to her, often be the last know, existence feels very faint.

When getting along with the opposite sex, she always exhausts systemic effort goes loving a person, it is good to the boy friend that bend uses up all loves and intention, each metropolis that is willing to be together with her is her ” love most ” , but two boy friends left her finally, love because of the schoolgirl too forcibly, schoolboy asthma does not come over to enrage. All following she has contacted, has interacted person sums up to hers even if: Kind-hearted, enthusiastic, easy, be happy to help a person but foolish, look not to come out who is using her, who is open-armed good to her, enthusiastic to everybody altruistic take care of alone only bad oneself. This is the circumstance of schoolgirl of that typical flattery character, combine the positive result of the expression of this schoolgirl and relevant psychological research, please here model character is what does a summary to everybody after all:

Flattery character is actually first-rate understand, be remained namely the person plays means is to originate of the heart self-abased, sensitive. Everybody of hope of this kind of schoolgirl can be admitted, like oneself, turn them into desperately likes look, other to friend, close support of the people beside the person’s opinion special care, can change oneself painstakingly even. Wanting to let everybody understand she is good to theirs is termless do not want get one’s own back while, also be in the value that debases oneself ceaselessly, be used finally by the friend, so that the opinion control of mood and other cannot be found true oneself. At the same time flattery character is behaved is love in love too fierce, the schoolgirl is too active, show consideration for too and good-tempered, it is difficult to so that the schoolboy meets what be oppressed,breath, gradually metropolis leaves her. Everybody has his unique value, realizing the value with unique everybody when, it is hopeful and easy likely, appear likely also pessimistic, also be dozen of amaranthine likely small strong model. This is the distinctive color on your body, but if you are mixed for the self-identity of other,like and the unique value that you renounced courting an individual, go making the sentence that a person that is liked sets, that was to risk very big risk actually, you attract comer, also not be the person that you admire truly.

Why flattery character rejects to date object flattery character does not suit to talk about love

How should flattery character talk about love

When the person of flattery character is talking love, scarcely should please additional half, you can please your friend, please oneself boss, but what cannot please oneself absolutely is additional half. You should be good to him, let his be most willing to be paid for you. is not you go pleasing him. Best oneself are OK Gao Leng a few. When you are talking about love with others, scarcely wants too too indulge the other side. When because you are in,getting along with the other side, in the heart of the one each low because of you, you can have a kind of feeling that is inferior to the other side namely everywhere. Actually this is the deadliest harm in love.

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