The schoolboy likes to be called male mind the distinction of male god and boy friend

A lot of schoolgirls like to make male mind when the schoolboy that sees she like now, male god can say is one kind is opposite of the schoolboy praised, be in with goddess the position in schoolboy heart is similar, so, can the schoolboy like a schoolgirl to call his male god commonly?

Does the schoolboy like to be called male mind

Some schoolboys can like, but when you call him male god, he will be modest, may say to bear not to rise, but in the heart glad.

Different schoolboy is different to this appellation understanding of male god. Resemble the schoolboy of color of flirtatious become reconciled, the likelihood thinks the schoolgirl is to like her really, may be together so. Sensible man student can guess an intent, flattering. Clever man student is analysed more much, it is to be able to study why this schoolgirl can say she is male god, be become oneself really male god? What still ask oneself handle affairs is augural. Be adult, making clear Hunan intent is very important, lest meet bad idea, waste everybody’s time.

The schoolboy likes to be called male mind the distinction of male god and boy friend

The distinction of male god and boy friend

1, male god is a kind of belief, it is the person that unavailable; boy friend may accompany you all one’s life namely all one’s life, it is real person, can be felt, can give your money to still can give you love.

2, male god likes him with respect to you, it is him likely connecting you is everybody does not know; boy friend is to like each other commonly, that is love.

3, male god fastens a family namely, just won’t be in charge of you is dead it is vivid, can far watch and cannot be disrespectful plays; boy friend to be beside, there is a hug when wanting to embrace, want a kiss with respect to the kiss, still can include your little weakness, still can listen to be favored with of your be favored with every day, also do not feel irritated.

4, male god is accepted, it is to use those who look, it is; of a kind of public name and the boy friend is to use those who show consideration for, this is personal style

5, male god is to use those who look, satisfy visual requirement namely, have with respect to wood besides this function other. The boy friend is to take those who use, shift immobile hard work, the boy friend goes up, do not want to wash a bowl, the boy friend goes up, the boy friend is all-purpose.

The schoolboy likes to be called male mind the distinction of male god and boy friend

The schoolboy likes what to be called

1. Ou Ba / little elder brother

The man is actually inherent having very strong protection to the woman namely desire, like thinking all schoolgirls hope to have the desire of an elder brother, a lot of men also hope he can have a lovely little little sister, and if oneself spouse agrees to call his so, feel the mission on the shoulder feels stronger suddenly.

2. husband

The wife after marriage such him appellation the man is very normal, but if be returned before marriage,call a man student so in the schoolgirl of sweethearts period, explain how many her bottom of the heart had been given to conquer by the other side, and such calling also can more promotional the relation between two people!

3. man’s unbeknown pet name / nickname

If a man agrees to tell a woman student her unbeknown pet name or pet name, and be fond of a schoolgirl very much call oneself so, the specification has been given by this schoolgirl in the bottom of the heart ” take ” , and the woman calls this name from time to time ” exciting ” they are one, the man can follow to be nodded acupuncture point is euqally infatuate.

4. father

The partner that the schoolgirl calls her ” father ” although apparently listening darling, but actually all without exception explains this man gave a woman not little safe sense, go up because of this world most be fond of a daughter should namely father! And the boy friend that the schoolgirl is willing to call her so or husband, show this man the position in her heart is irreplaceable also, and the man is called so, it is to want to be defended all the time really be beside this woman.

The schoolboy likes to be called male mind the distinction of male god and boy friend

What kind of schoolboy is called male mind easily

1. is worn build ability to become strong

Common saying says, the person relies on garment, the horse relies on saddle. No matter a schoolboy grows handsomely to deny, wear outstandingly building always is to be able to rise ” bring the dying back to life ” action comes. If your wear build ability to become strong, yan Zhi can rise naturally.

2. skin becomes slippery tender

Be aimed at skin problem, although the schoolgirl minds cutaneous issue quite, but to the schoolboy, one face slips tender skin nature also can raise Yan Zhi greatly. Do not have which schoolgirl to like after all all over the face schoolboy of blain blain flesh.

3. smile is deeper

Must admit, the sort of risible schoolboy ases if to have a charm that photographs popular feeling fetch inherently. Slightly laugh and did not laugh at a bottom of the heart more charming, because this is risible,the schoolboy also suffers a person to like quite Oh.

4. eye caves slightly

Why everybody feels Euramerican national schoolboy is more handsome, the reason depends on them that clear-cut facial facial features, the man student that has tall bridge of the nose so looks generally a handsome young man that can match this title, but what must carry is the eye socket that caves slightly then, that ability is absorbing excellent point.

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