Attrib border move is significant in love the attrib border feeling in love is what meaning

When Tan Lian loves, actually need gives the other side a few safe sense both sides of male and female, if still be mixed lone when get along with the opposite sex beside euqally, so the object is meeting jealous for certain, it is important that the attrib border feeling in love looking together below has many.

Attrib border move is significant in love

Attrib border in love feeling is very important.

In actual life, what elder sister of a lot of young ladies can complain his boy friend and friend of a few females go is too close, tick off a shoulder to built a back to calculate at ordinary times, the car that takes male friend still must sit in deputy drive, this comes to the schoolgirl saying is very can angry, this report gives a lot of people to did not master good proper limits for speech or action when getting along with the opposite sex, without attrib border feeling, and though two people are together,be in in love, but impossible everyday 24 hours be bored with is together, we have respective thing to want to do, at the same time we go to work everyday each other also should contact the opposite sex, some companies male much more female little, some companies female much maler little, more or less can our both sides contact the opposite sex, but no matter how, if he is not lone,should know attrib border feeling, and once hold,border feels bad to also can destroy a paragraph of feeling, so, attrib border feeling is very important in love.

Attrib border move is significant in love the attrib border feeling in love is what meaning

The attrib border feeling in love is what meaning

It is the bottom line of a thing, was being broken through is additional one and the same. In fact, a lot of blame are lone the male is in the process that interacts with opposite sex friend is beyond the mark close, and the consciousness that a lot of people among them do not have this kind of cross the border.

Very much small fairy often can complain, what oneself boy friend goes with female friend is too close. Tick off a shoulder to build a back at ordinary times, the car that takes male friend still sits deputy driver’s seat, often go out to drink together confabulate, still can go out to travel alone even… these schoolboys are being hit ” good friend ” , ” brother ” , “Hair is small ” banner, the with oneself opposite sex friend of unbridled interacts. Flatter oneself innocence, on the up-and-up, but the dividing line that their behavior transcends a friend already however, somebody make the intimacy that just can do between a few sweethearts even.

These, mirror instead they get along in the men and women good proper limits for speech or action did not master in the process, without attrib border feeling!

Attrib border move is significant in love the attrib border feeling in love is what meaning

How does attrib border sense maintain in love

1. makes clear his border.

Will simply tell, want to understand oneself first namely. Understand the thing that knows what is you, what is the thing of others.

2. does his attrib border business.

Namely we often say, had done the business inside him portion. As the object, scanty concern from what follow the opposite sex, as the friend, follow the concern that has friend boy or girl friend with respect to the attention.

3. does not encroach the border of others.

Everybody has border, do not cross the border, even if be the closest person, he also has his space.

4. has guarded his border.

Border also is a kind of bottom line, what is wanting the bottom line that tells others you. A lot of moment we are harmed, because we gifted,be others harms our right.

Attrib border move is significant in love the attrib border feeling in love is what meaning

How does the boy friend do without attrib border feeling

If want to solve this problem, should have negotiated what behavior clearly what to cannot do with the boy friend: Should accompany lovelorn schoolgirl to drink, should let female colleague sit deputy drive, the gift that should accept female colleague even… can take out for.

Of course no matter make what kind of deal, want to demonstrate your bottom line clearly: If the other side was not accomplished, by what will be he punished? Do not accept penalty when the other side when, what is your manner?

And after deciding, be about to carry out, the business that promises you when the other side otherwise was not accomplished, you hate to part with penalty again, next time the mistake with his same recommit, you are again concessional… such iteration concede goes down, the other side can drop your bottom line all the time only, let you lose pattern in feeling.

The agreement that supports without the bottom line is blank, build your bottom line clearly only, your agreement ability is significant.

In the social pact in love, should be the principle that is based on genuine, freewill, benign loop, blindly loath the other side by reluctance of the other side, not be to completing your gregarious agreement, be in however staking each other.

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