The be nobody’s business of clever woman is clever of the woman 6 want to do

The marriage of some females contends for brawl to make a noise posse is random, the marriage of some females flatly light be without billows, and Enenaiairu is the same as the marriage of some females love, marriage is a knowledge, need somebody runs the concern of two people.

The be nobody’s business of clever woman?

The first, without giving thought to the man’s gold. It is OK after we always feel to marry to there should be money of administer of a person in the home, and this thing is like be the thing that a lot of women like, and return can be in oneself man gold field pilot is very strict, to relationship of good husband and wife, two people are mutual equal ability is best photograph prescription type, if say your sweetheart also is the person that has profitable capacity, do not want to always control him strictly in gold field, this is right a man most the esteem of at least, such doing that what let man be most willing to more easily instead a consign of finance power over major issues in the home at you.

The 2nd, without giving thought to the man’s mobile phone. A lot of females can have a such defect to leaf through the man’s mobile phone namely, although say you are husband and wife, but everybody still has the privacy that belongs to his, in our life, a lot of needless misunderstanding are caused, to leafing through the man’s mobile phone one kind this is pair of others is not respected, and also be can make a man right you more allergy, those who maintain good relationship is the basiccest it is bilateral and mutual trust, if always leaf through a mobile phone, it is the distrust to him, the feeling between you also meets as time passes be thrown into confusion, general and clever woman is won’t privately or secretly those who examine man mobile phone oh.

The 3rd, without giving thought to the man’s dinner party. We know the pressure that lives now, very much man for the family also be the struggle person that works hard outside, the man that wants a success to is little not should participate in a lot of dinner parties, so the communication problem to the man, still do not cross much interference, it is OK to want him to be able to smoke time accompany you only, the dinner party on the job cannot prevent, because this follows man get into a huff,do not want, the everybody in wanting to know the society in this reality is not easy, if you return this moment not to make allowances for him, always be control instead his word, can affect your figure in his heart, also can affect the feeling between you.

The be nobody's business of clever woman is clever of the woman 6 want to do

Of clever woman 6 want to do

1, know conversion consider carefully. Spouse concern maintain a lukewarm relationship is told in certain level meant the feeling between you to appear namely a few problems, nothing more than two individual career are together that end is long, some problems also are very wrong. Want to redeem the heart of husband, intelligent woman faces this kind of environment, initiate your conversion consider carefully, the angle that stands in the other side more considers an issue, if make,can sponsor you to know the think of a way of the other side very much more. The spouse concern ability that understands psychology of the other side is more harmonious.

2, should know the besmear that install a lake. Lake besmear female talented person is happy, the woman does not want too strong, outer give man stationary point outer part more. The society opens an eye to close a key point, some things let a man decide! Especially he himself the thing in the home.

3, the cause that should have oneself. Make money how many not important, important is need not face 4 walls wall everyday, be out of line with the society, intentional thing does not have a place to pour out, who can see in the home only not pleasing to the eye. The body slowly fat, constitution gradually drop. Because talk in the home intercourse is little, little, with the head little. . . . . Memory more and more will differ.

4, should have crisis feeling. Often do not look to man complexion, look much he is not willing to come home looked. The home is sweet harbour, want to let a man like berth.

5, should learn to make up. Love beautiful heart, the person all has know, if you and he stands together, appear too the old lady is ugly, the man is not to like to take you for certain, because taking you to representing his eye difference, the woman also is the man’s face. Decorate oneself appropriately, do not do a belt of yellow face mother-in-law not to go out. Can not play game only, hit friend of mahjong, a gang to ramble foolishly. Want certainly good child, the child that does not connect elementary school cannot coach. Do virtuous man of wife fine mother just won’t change you easily.

6, when quarrelling as far as possible little draw well weeps more. Man most be afraid that the woman cries, so every time the woman cries, he is immediately holding in the arms is close fool again, play the part of a monkey to learn a doggie even.

The be nobody's business of clever woman is clever of the woman 6 want to do

The talking skill of clever woman?

The first, the mouth spits lotus, the clever woman that can talk is provoking love.

1, vocally makes moving heart.

2, know laudatory woman the most welcome.

3, praiseful other wants proper, everybody hopes his idea and be fond of can win support, especially the idea that chess king is a mistake obviously, it is oneself little weakness even, can get another person forgive with self-identity.

The 2nd, leakproof, the talking skill of clever woman

1, conversation says to reach the designated position.

2, conversation sees a boy or girl friend, it is not difficult to handle affairs.

3, be certain the disposition of the other side, it is good to cast its place.

4, because of the person different, conversation can win good impression.

5, good name sending a person, inviting opposite party also is to give his to pave a road.

6, the society wears tall hat to others.

7, flattery cannot oneself are worn.

8, think carefully after that, the person that fathers not to understand with evil language him bespatter and thing, can show only those who give oneself is dilettante with material.

9, the language mystery on wine desk.

10, humorous, super weapon of the woman.

The 3rd, the dot arrives till, how does clever wife hold talking sense of property

1, take superabundant land to oneself, do not say the word too absolutely.

2, fall to step of the other side: Notice not show one’s feelings, the attention serves as step with humorous language.

3, the advantage that says others more, say the inadequacy of others less.

4, the word says 3 minutes, the dot arrives till.

5, style of conversation has contraindication, the word that ought not to say must not say.

The 4th, artful character witticism, how does clever woman cast off gregarious awkwardness

1, should know say what word, the word that has said for oneself even is responsible.

2, see target identity, ; of mouth of reopen of consider the situation sees object culture quality, put arrowy result to be become oneself sometimes. The burn joss sticks that enter temple should see a look, handle affairs conversation should see a person.

The 5th, with Rou Kegang, clever woman should learn to use inherent capital

1, well-read, enrich yourself.

2, portray the woman’s attractive individual character.

3, show weak brave.

4, lower stance, everybody has the nature that sympathizes with the weak.

5, become attractive woman, individual glamour is a kind make person instrument magically, it can let an ability flatly the success that the man gets a career, the woman coruscate that can make an appearance ordinary moves the person’s glorious.

6, downy one’s words is more powerful

7, the female talent that can cry has ” meal ” eat.

The 6th, ogle, clever woman should learn to use limbs language

1, the distance that the smile can help close person and person.

2, with listen attentively to obtain good opinion of the other side.

3, know open-eared skill.

4, the eyes is in the action in intercourse.

5, bashful, the expression that makes a person enchanted most.

6, body endowment, the grace that shows a woman is temperamental.

The be nobody's business of clever woman is clever of the woman 6 want to do

Clever woman treats feeling how to do

1. takes a space to the other side

The man that very much woman likes to ask her is dry today went, but such meetings let the depression that a man feels he is special, there is the freedom of a bit in marriage, time grows him to be able to want how to leave you, if,can be you can very quick-witted leave private space to the other side, can letting the other side feel to be together with you is happy.

2. communication

Before after marrying, feeling he marries, a lot of people are what appearance, marry to be changed by what later, but you think so greatly mistake, what comprise because of you is a family, and what a home needs is more communication is not to go capricious, feel to marry your boy friend can let you before, you or whats are after marrying, done, so capricious. And with the communication with should proper husband, not be to count on him all one’s life to letting you, fooling you, you such marriage are to be met sooner or later of occurrence problem. And because introversion and his husband does not have the communication of a bit,some people are, but you want to know you had been a marrier, husband should be your closest person, if you disaccord is old fair communicating, return meeting and someone else communication.

3. makes allowances for the other side

What after you should know to come off work in your husband, the hope sees is the wife of a know a thing or two, with a clean home, and the dishes to go with rice that there is him to like above dining table, actually man so a bit desire, clever woman should be to satisfy their requirement.

4. exorbitant chatters

Very much woman likes to talk about this had been to do not have what method changes, because this is a nature, but male do not like to be talked about very much, they can feel very irritated, although know you are for them good, they also do not like to listen, so she meets a truly clever woman very good control nagging is spent, do not let a man feel cheesed.

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