Do not know the person that rejects not to like to do how to reject the person that he does not like

Feeling this thing is complex originally, when some of person is in those who face the person that does not like his to profession, fear to reject others to be able to make the other side afflictive, but want to remember, refusing is a kind of right, know go rejecting people ability to redeem more harm.

Do not know the person that rejects not to like how to do

1, those who want to eat is deficient

Be in every time because do not reject others and when affliction, meet a person exert all one’s strength those who think those had eaten is deficient, think consider is worn can feel grievance is clinking, can abhor oneself. Do not feel him hate is a very bad thing, occasionally, him hate can make him a lot of clearer and acquire a lot of, in be in an unfavorable situation the society refuses, what always eat the rhizome of Chinese goldthread than dummy is good.

2, to oneself ” encourage “

You remember learning to be cheered to oneself even encourage, tell oneself, encounter any issues that oneself do not consider later or person when, must say not, no matter who be, no matter be male,be female be often young, wanted to violate oneself heart only, must say for a short while not, otherwise, you can be upset by unkindness forever only, be bullied forever.

3, distinguish goodness and cowardly

Goodness should distinguish object and thing, if be in,violated your principle, each respect such as the job that meets you and life caused an effect, so be about stop where it should stop, and cowardly, it is in everything what violate you, still can accept however, such behavior is called cowardly. Say so, do not learn to won’t refuse in every time and below pained circumstance, ego comforts a those classify like to be goodness.

Do not know the person that rejects not to like to do how to reject the person that he does not like

How to reject the person that oneself do not like

Refuse directly, honest ground explains, show you do not have a feeling to him, do not like, hope he is not pestered. Can talk about a friend together, but cannot experience etc falls in love. Feeling this thing, messy of avoid by all means. You may be afraid that harm arrives the other side, but do not say to let misunderstanding of the other side jump over defect to be hurt more greatly more greatly also finally! Feeling is in at the beginning when, it is good hold to also be exited. Be afraid that the other side is not accepted also do not refuse amphibolous let holding hope give away in the arms. This kind of circumstance is very much. Love of a lot of moment depends on an individual handling, some people can be handled very well still become a friend, some person processing are bad that fall out becomes enemy even tussle makes reprisals. If the other side, still be brazen-faced is pestering you, show the door, again such, also did not become even the friend! If the other side cares about you really, it is impossible to connect friendship for this to be lost. Want an attitude determined and decisive, do not want hesitation to fumble let misunderstand misunderstanding to see a hope the sort of. When saying to refuse at the same time, also do not want euphemistic reservation as far as possible too person crossing an injury, needing to know to love is the cent that does not have pair of faults just the object is differ. Very ” true friend ” good mood is spoken, but footing manner wants ” bright and determined ” . Between you impossible, how does he try hard again also won’t. Yielding clear love is to plant ” feeling ” , cannot ‘ loath ‘ must come. Beatific the other side, can encounter what suit very much more, time problem, the way is good blessing!

Do not know the person that rejects not to like to do how to reject the person that he does not like

Reject the person that does not like’s euphemistic sentence

1.I am sorry, what I present think is a career, I think you suit one one or two you put first person, bless you sincerely.

2.I had never considered this issue (this is impossible at all! Fasten day dream) .

3.The friend just is long, either (want to become my boy friend, oneself do not look in the mirror) .

4.You let me feel very awkward so (the answer) that I cannot force myself to say I do not want to say.

5.There is a person in my heart (then the individual is my specially nominal is used block like you this is planted the person’s) .

6.I do not think us temporarily or become a friend became good (actually you still have much Yu use value) .

7.I do not want to harm the friendship between us (there also can be friendship) only forever between us.

8.I feel I need a bit morer space (I want to see you not quite! I feel I need a bit morer space (I want to see you not quite!!

9.I think I do not suit you really (I do not like your) at all.

10.If there is such person beside your discovery, ask you to be cherished well.

11.I do not suit to become a lover (gibberish, can suit to become your lover without the person) .

12.You give me time consideration (did not give me time, I how Mo runs so that drop)

13.You are very good, I do not suit you. You can be found better.

14.If have next all one’s life, I marry you certainly!

15.I still do not want to consider individual issue now, want to going all out a few years.

Do not know the person that rejects not to like to do how to reject the person that he does not like

The person that is not liked professions right way

1. should not refuse decisively

Profession to a person that oneself like, it is a course long is cogitative, hearten finally, ability is resolved to oneself beloved person declare professions love, if your truly ponders, decisive rejection, let the other side cannot be accepted for a short while and be faced, can bring the other side painful harm. Because this is not decisive,refuse, had better adopt stalling tactics, tell each other: What love comes is a bit abrupt with the accident, let me consider, give you a specific response again next, such since, it is the consideration that you can use a heart, refuse with what method, 2, the other side did not get you instantly make known one’s position, because this had a few,also can prepare in the heart.

2. written form refuses

If the other side should face you to profession, you cannot refuse face to face, perhaps do not know how the organization gives better language to refuse, ability does not hurt opposite party, so seek a ground at that time, him find an excuse is occupied leave, tell each other, later I can contact you, pass next use small scrip, perhaps send the kind such as small letter, oneself true opinion, music uses up its clever expression to give opposite party.

3. is stirred, touch, clear

With cordial language, euphemistic mood and the other side say: Also admire you exceedingly in my heart actually, if not be the element because of my oneself, likelihood most profession first should be me, very glad that the person of my appreciation also is liking me at the same time, but very regretful really, we cannot be together, if life still has the opportunity that chooses again, my choice is you certainly.

Yi Xie of 4. Yi Zhuang

If the other side is the person with more optimistic style of one individual character, conversation is more humorous also humor, use profession partly truely means, you are OK also of Yi Zhuang Yi Xie say with the other side: Regrettablly what you come is too late, someone already renown flower has advocate.

5. cover declines

Him find an excuse marital important matter wants and parents is consultative, the other in part that perhaps says parental him demand, should be a what kind of condition, anyhow is with the person that professions to you the condition nots agree with.

6. euphemistic reason

Seek a few sufficient ground for oneself, for instance oneself are being taken the advantage of young want to be accomplished somewhat on career or study, take no account of individual problem temporarily, do not want to waste auspicious time on children personal relationship. . . . Etc. Must Xiao Zhi in order to manage, those who move with affection, give the other side a kind of true and authentic honest sense, accomplish the harm that brings the other side as far as possible lowest, be kind to a person that like and is loving you greatly

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