Period reduces weight gem gal can go reduce weight to also want to pay attention to time _

The female is in menses had better be not to want those who have high strength to take exercise, this meeting makes the body gets very great harm. But some closer year will some of viewpoint thinks to be able to reduce weight in menses, let a lot of girl scramble for sth that want to reduce weight, the intensity of gem gal is lesser, so, does period reduce weight is gem gal OK? We let understand this problem together below.

Period reduces weight can gem gal go

1, unfavorable gem gal reduces weight

Gem gal can make basin bone of the female is opened, and in menstruation, the female’s uterus is in relatively weak condition, if be in this time paragraph if still do gem gal to reduce weight, can make the film inside the uterus suffers very big effect, meet gently cause the condition such as dysmenorrhoea, can guide occurrence problem is borne after paying again, reducing weight so had better be to want escape menses, it is gem gal even not OK, this is nodded or need notices.

2, period notices a thing

In menses, cannot reduce weight with coming through taking exercise not only, it is even reduce weight repeatedly through be on a diet is not possible. Because be in menstruation, a large number of nutrition in female body can adopt system of classics blood eduction outside, this is in namely menstruation is easy the reason of abdomen hunger, this time should complement through food the body inside needs nutrition, in this paragraph of time if be on a diet can bring about hidebound. Mango has hemostatic effect, in menstruation had better be not to eat mango.

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