Fitness of fitness of method of man family fitness does strong man _

To friend of a lot of men, because move carelessly usually, often eat and drink too much again, constant regular meeting brings a lot of burdens to the body, return the case of meeting occurrence get fat, the outward appearance that gives oneself thereby brings bad influence. Accordingly, a lot of males hope to make his body more healthy through fitness. So what does method of man family fitness have?

Method of man family fitness

1, press on the palm

Believing to had become the male sister of arms to whats know is press on the palm, must not feel vulgar, press on the palm can a lot of bosom that exercise human body and back and arm. Disciplinarian can be done according to his body circumstance, till the limit that reachs oneself continuously. Next, put the foot to the chair, two hands overwhelm floor, can increase so difficulty is pressed on the palm, challenge the limit of brachial flesh and chest muscle thereby. But, in the process that do, must not too too anxious, must stress athletic quality.

2, inclined abdominal muscle

Lie on the floor above all, use the act that steps on bicycle, ancon of your right hand comes up against the knee of left leg, left hand ancon comes up against the knee of right leg, can add the difficulty in athletic process and variety so. Next, also can go two hands contrary directional unbend, two feet unbend and shut, undertake those who control two side sway next. Move through this, not only the leg ministry that can exercise the male and abdominal sarcous force, what still can use up male abdomen to go up is adipose, make thereby alvine become even.

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