Lumbar setting-up exercise reducing weight burns quickly the waist is adipose _

Believe female friend has such worry, did not move for long, full day is waited for work before computer and game, the length of the fat on abdomen must resemble a natant loop same. So, friend of a lot of females wants those who know lumbar setting-up exercise reducing weight to exercise a method, achieve the goal of thin abdomen thereby. Next we have a look together.

Lumbar setting-up exercise reducing weight

1, the first

Stand firm the body above all smooth had done, curve two oneself knee, the holds him knee in arms joint with two small not use too much force is in. Promote face of oneself dual system upgrade next, the body of this moment needs slowly bend of in the future, must note oneself breathing case, and maintain the balance on the body. Catch a left leg unbend, your foot ministry stretchs tight closely, also can feel lumbar abdomen take up at the same time, rise two legs across to undertake each next 5 arrive 10 times. Can achieve the result of thin waist very well so.

2, the 2nd

Stretch two legs like follow a shoulder wide, two tactics wants and approach is put to the front of the bosom, can make present the position that loosening all over so. Next inspiratory, the body slowly choose toward right, and slowly come to breath expiration, until rotate of the body most on the right side of till, stop 20 seconds. Choose the body toward left then with same method, the left and right sides is alternant, the need side every does 5 groups each. Generally speaking, hold to a week to come down, what female friend can discover him waist is adipose become little.

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