Indoor body building did not give doorknob flesh to swing _

Now everybody more and more pursuit is healthy, body building also became everybody’s first selection, the indoor body building such as traditional of course gem gal has been the requirement that cannot satisfy everybody, must want to find new-style gymnastical method, authority’s specific introduction gives a few kinds of new-style body building below, will help everybody carry a good figure with this.

  Indoor body building

1, dancing gem gal

Alleged dancing gem gal is dancing and the union of gem gal, it is so difficult without gem gal, just chose simpler movement and dancing appearance couple optionally inside gem gal movement. Obstruction rope dancing is a kind very the dancing of joy letting a person, an obstruction rope is being taken in a few hands in using the music with extremely strong sensibility next twist, such oneself upper part of the bodies and below half body is to be able to get take exercise reasonably, the body has a harmonious sex exceedingly.

  2, gem gal ballet

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