Belle gem gal instructs you thin body simple a few action are thin ceaseless _

For the female friend of thin to wanting body, might as well choice gem gal, because of gem gal not only the goal that can achieve thin body, return the bodily form that can improve us, make thereby the female’s posture more Rou Meihe is lightsome. So how we should reduce weight through gem gal? Belle gem gal teachs you to want how to practice gem gal thin buttock below.

Belle gem gal

1, accipitral type gem gal

Become hill form above all stand, two legs and approach, two hands are put in the put the palms together before the bosom. Curve left leg next, right leg was gone to once upon a time after bypass left knee, and fold put on the ham of left leg, the foot cancels the crus part in left foot. Then will left elbow folds those who put right hand ancon above, double ancon shows the pattern that overlaps up and down, two arms photograph is circled perpendicular to the ground, finger is extended to the top of head. Suck greatly at a heat hind, in expiratory when press downward, hold 20 seconds, return appearance of hill type station next, change across. This method can leg of effective thin and small and hip.

2, simple and easy bridge-type

First lie low is on the ground. Two legs bend as wide as the shoulder, stick a dwelling place with arch, before tiptoe front. Two arms put the two side of the body, control downward. Inspiratory when, next back and hip want slowly carry from the ground, and curve two arms, hold next back in the palm with the hand. Expiratory when, fall slowly, arch is opposite, double genu is opened toward the side, the hand is put in abdomen above. This method can contract and the upper part of the body coxal, make flesh of coxal go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married disappears, thereby more round become warped.

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