Setting-up exercise abdomen reduces weight have what movement _

Everybody knows setting-up exercise has the effect that reduce weight, and different setting-up exercise can achieve distinct effect reducing weight, because of everybody fat position is different, want to achieve the result that reduce weight quickly, undertake with respect to need special thin body trains. So what does the method that setting-up exercise abdomen reduces weight have? We understand below.

Movement of setting-up exercise abdomen reducing weight

1, Gong Bu presses a leg

Maintain above all stand, open two feet, as wide as hip. Curve knee a little next a few, at the same time elbow needs those who maintain 90 degrees to bend with hip. Next pace of will right arch forth, arm and upper part of the body turn to the body on the right side of, and restore the pose with erect upper part of the body, pace of reoccupy left arch is forward, at the same time or so foot needs to be done 16 times each. Gong Bu presses a leg not only can exercise abdominal muscle and hip, still can exercise triceps and quadriceps, achieve the goal of thin abdomen thereby.

2, cast ball movement

First battle strength is good, open two feet, as wide as hip. Put to the side of ear with bent of right arm ancon next, left arm slowly stretch outside, put the arm the position of shoulder. Give bend pace to march toward right with right leg belt then, and sway toward right the upper part of the body. The pose that final return stands to right leg, the body gets lost left again, the right arm toward diagonal directional him extend, to in cast the ball is same, every direction is done 16 times. This movement also can exercise the abdominal muscle of human body.

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