Gem gal can enter exercise thin body what error _

Everybody knows, thin body gem gal can keep clear of the metabolization trash in human body clean, achieve thereby use up adipose action, so that help female friends,reduce weight. But thin body gem gal is not an exercise can, still need to notice a lot of item, in the error that can enter a practice very likely otherwise. So practicing thin body in the process of gem gal, may exist what error?

Gem gal practices thin body error

1, oneself train in the home

Because perhaps do not have economic capacity without time,a lot of like the friends of gem gal, like oneself particularly a person is in the home according to tutorial book or CD has a practice. The expert points out, method of this kind of training cannot be taken, especially more harmful to just learning the friend of gem gal. Because just learned the novices of gem gal to still do not understand his body, also do not know the limit of own body, practice very likely because of blind and appear wounded circumstance.

2, it is good to should perspire only

Generally speaking, course of a gem gal, should meet the good sense of syncretic of occurrence body and mind. If only the certain place of the body feels better, the person that perhaps practice besides all of a sweat and appear excessive excitement and have a headache the circumstance that acid bilges, body of the person that represent an exercise got be harmed certainly. So, the person that practice after every class ends needs to ask his, the body that sees oneself is experienced, whether to have the limit that exceeds the body to go up, plan to just can achieve best result through these coming that constitute a practice.

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