Gem gal profit reducing weight is much poorer good _ of effect of leg thin waist

Believe everybody knows, practice gem gal for a long time not only have the effect that reduce weight, return the goal that can achieve cultivate one’s morality to raise a gender, this also is gem gal why so old so fervent reason. Friend of a lot of females does not know how to pass gem gal to be able to achieve the goal that reduce weight, compare affliction thereby. What does the method that we see gem gal reduce weight today have.

Gem gal advantage reducing weight

1, leg ministry reduces weight

Need to stand still above all, part two legs 30 centimeters are controlled, extend tiptoe to ahead, before the arm also wants to go to, the face is extended, and follow ground parallel. Be in inspiratory when, need to raise the leg, stand with tiptoe only, expiratory when, want to undertake falling couchant, put hip on calcaneal slowly again, make tiptoe touchdown and back keep erect. Before breathing normally at the same time, need maintains 5 seconds. This method can surprizing femoral leg change, enhance leg ministry power thereby, achieve the effect of thin leg.

2, the waist reduces weight

Keep erect first, stretch two legs, force amasses anal position entirely. Had held high two hands next the top of head, the distance of two palms heart is the width of the head probably. Next slowly turn the waist left, at the same time arm and upper part of the body also should follow roll, this moment back still wants as far as possible unbend. Again slowly toward circumgyrate, when when turning to the front, can put two hands. After resting a little while, make similar action in another side again. This kind of gem gal can make waistline attenuate, and increase the waist withy.

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