What start is good to the body in setting-up exercise of the five elements _

As people actuating pressure slow increase, setting-up exercise also more and more be known by more people, more and more people are willing to devote into this kind to exercise means to go up, setting-up exercise of the five elements is a kind among them. So in the process that doing setting-up exercise of the five elements, what start is more good to human body? We see these simple movements have what kind of effect together today.

Setting-up exercise of the five elements

1, knock at tine

Knocking at tine is gnash one’s teeth of eat dishes without rice or wine actually, if be in everyday in the morning chuck tooth, the tooth that can make us more firm, generally speaking, do 8 everyday 8 pat can. Have a lot of old people, how doesn’t the circumstance that occurrence tooth falls off care, think the person became old meet such, in fact the viewpoint that this is a mistake. Will tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, taste will be the day after tomorrow this, if the tooth can fall off after the person is for instance old, because,be young when did not exercise place to cause well, this also can affect their healthy condition.

2, turn neck

Next, everybody can be arranged everyday hour hand and turn anticlockwisely neck each 8 weeks. Turn neck when speed cannot pass quite fast, extent is not OK also too big, best and slow roll can. Carotid it is the heart leads to the head a of other and main blood-vessel and cerebra main thoroughfare, if be not strengthened,take exercise, senescent moment can cause carotid stricture very easily, cause apoplectic condition thereby. And turn neck not only can the blood-vessel with carotid activity, still can mobile cervical vertebra, also can prevent cervical vertebra disease.

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