Office setting-up exercise uses free time thin thin thin _

A lot of friends that take for a long time in the office often can discover now, sit long can appear the circumstance that this is fond of then, during has that everybody wanted to you can going to work, undertake taking exercise simply? And office setting-up exercise is a kind of very simple take exercising method. So how do we need to do ability to undertake taking exercise quite?

Office setting-up exercise

1, hand ministry and humeral ministry move

Make oneself hand enclasp a fist above all, next slowly loosen, and extend finger, and repeat for many times, turn the artifice again later one minute. It is the motion of back and humeral ministry next, stand still first, the back is a few erecter, above the left shoulder that puts oneself right hand oneself, again slowly turn round. Put oneself left hand his right shoulder with same method then, slowly turn round, this movement needs to repeat a minute, can effective relaxation our back and humeral ministry.

2, the head and eye ministry move

Hold photograph of our both hands across first on the afterbrain spoon that is put in oneself, then slowly rock head, first from right toward left, again from left toward right, interval needs 5 seconds in the process of or so changeover, thresh 5 can. Then need does the exercise above eye ministry, everybody can do the health care that make a key point to hold, also can stand in the overlook on window edge a few minutes. Generally speaking, should face computer a hour or half hour when need proper overlook a few minutes, will alleviate the exhaustion of eye ministry.

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