Puissant setting-up exercise makes you fast thin come down _

The method that reduce weight is varied, a lot of friends like to undertake reducing weight through athletic means, like ran, play basketball, swim etc is common athletic project, and in recent years, compare popular and puissant setting-up exercise, the friend estimation that practice crosses this kind of setting-up exercise is very much, but what also many friends know to it is very little, it is OK that solution came this falls to plant below fast the setting-up exercise of thin body.

Puissant setting-up exercise

1, main action

The first pace, outside bending a leg, exhibit, can stick both hands on metope to regard as prop up, next station of a leg is straight, another leg is too tall, outward extend, this movement needs every leg to be done each 10 to 15; the 2nd pace, a sudden big stride forward crouchs, body station is straight, next left foot steps one pace next crouching, change right leg to step one pace again next crouching, double leg is exchanged by turns, this movement needs every leg to be done each 10 to 15; the 3rd pace, tall hind carry leg, nutation body, genuflect stands to go up, right leg keeps changeless, left leg backward drive up, double leg makes this motion alternately, also be to do 10 arrive 15 times.

2, successive

When just beginning to learn puissant setting-up exercise, want to learn successive, learn a footstep how to go first, coordinate the action on the hand again, such learning that rise ability is fast. To abecedarian, the frequency of the exercise cannot too tall, a week 3 two about the same, waited to suit later, can add carry momentum appropriately. Female friend is when experienced puissant setting-up exercise, must wear a bra, if be in period, want to reduce carry momentum.

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