Pull-up drills what muscle does pull-up _

Pull-up believes authority is not new, from when going to school there can be this campaign on gym, pull-up probably everybody knows is to basically exercise the muscle power that the upper part of the body, but everybody probably not quite clear which a few muscle that are an exercise after all, we discuss pull-up today problem of experienced what sarcous.

Pull-up is experienced what muscle

1, forehand pull-up

Actually pull-up also is cent to be illogical phyletic, the muscle that does not exercise with phyletic pull-up also is illogical, forehand pull-up uses the means with outward control to do pull-up namely, this also is the most traditional pattern, what this kind of means basically takes exercise is deltoid, if double arm is stretched if angle increases, difficulty also is meeting promotion.

2, backhand pull-up

The word of backhand pull-up is the means with inward control, backhand pull-up photograph wants at forehand pull-up quite opposite a few easier, this kind of means basically is the humerus that be aimed at 2 flesh, if be to want to exercise humerus,bicipital friend can try, still having is two tactics interval closer difficulty is greater.

3, pectoral type pull-up

What we know general pull-up is forehand without giving thought to still is backhand is general it is chin it is OK to exceed horizontal bar, and of pectoral type it is a bit more difficult to want, what when touching horizontal bar, try hard the body is touch to fall backward in clavicle, let breastbone touch touch horizontal bar, what this pose basically takes exercise is flesh back broadness.

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