Raise sexual function motion what to raise sexual function _

In our life, the stability that husband and wife concerns basically depends on the harmonious sex of the sexual life between husband and wife, between sexual life of husband and wife, sexual function of the male is the quality that deciding it, so male friends take his sexual function seriously very. What can sexual function motion rise to have in the life so? We come to detailed introduction below.

Raise sexual function sport

1, crouch greatly

Crouch greatly or crouching partly can promote function force, when move, solid ham is lapping arterial, can in a steady stream is constant offer blood to the penis, also can pull the flesh that move PC at the same time. This motion does not have what requirement to field, can do at any time in the home, besides can improve sexual function besides, still can exercise heart lungs function. Should notice before crouch first activity knee, when crouching centre of gravity as far as possible backward, had better not exceed tiptoe.

2, on tiptoe

On tiptoe is a very simple motion, but it is so simple motion can improve sexual function however. On tiptoe exercise can be done at any time, sit for instance when the bus commutes, can as let sit to someone else, oneself are pulling rings, two feet stand on tiptoe rises, tired put down rest a little while, it is OK that the attention does not get hurt. After spending period of time can odd on tiptoe, the essentials that whole journey needs to master should stretch tight namely straight body.

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