Morning runs optimal time is suits to want to notice what circumstance _

Believe partial person has the habit that morning runs, no matter be middleaged person or youth, run morning the athletic means that should become a kind of fitness. In the process that runs in morning nevertheless, the motion that the time that must notice morning runs and morning run is measured. So after all does morning run is optimal time to be in when? What case does the need in the process that morning runs note?

Morning runs optimal time

1, 6-7 nods the left and right sides

Pass a physiologist confirm, the optimal time that morning runs is to be in what get up in the morning to arrived at 6 o’clock at 7 o’clock, athletic time should make a standard with half hour, if morning runs time is too long also can bring a few bad influences. In fact, when 3-5 is nodded in the morning, force of human body sarcous and endurance and rate are very poor, the function of human body viscera is very low also, so this time paragraph cannot undertake morning runs quite. Wait only physical strength and sensitivity and get used to ability to be achieved highest, ability interest runnings at morning.

2, note

Above all, the motion that morning runs is measured cannot enough too big, it is canter to go with double. Run in morning after the end, need undertakes breathing exercise and extend move. The time control that had better run morning is in 25 minutes of less than. Next, a cup of Wen Shui had better be drunk before morning runs, still can put a bit salt inside, can achieve result of very good preserve one’s health. Additional, the movement must prepare before planning run, undertake the leg is mixed pressing for instance throw arm, such ability prevent the situation of occurrence cramp and sprain quite.

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