Go quickly and canter which effect is good offer the effect to analyse _ for you

For now, the means that reduce weight is varied, canter and going quickly is two kinds of more familiar pattern. Some person happy event go quickly happily reduce weight, some people are fond of canter reduce weight, the result reducing weight of these two kinds of methods is very actually right, go so quickly and canter which effect is good? We come to this problem below concrete analysis below.

Go quickly and canter which effect is good

1, respective advantage

When people is going quickly, be to look up hold out a bosom, the stride is forward, of the arm swing bigger also, in mobile bones and muscles while can achieve swing adipose purpose, walk along a month quickly to be able to see more apparent thin body effect commonly. Canter can exercise tendon, ligament and joint fight scathing ability, make the skin, muscle also become more close solid, more firm. Through cantering, the female can reduce the adipose content of 12%-20% , the male can reduce 6%-13% , reduce weight the effect of thin body is more apparent still.

2, the effect is compared

Sheet looks from the effect that reduce weight, cantering effect will be betterer. Of half hour above canter the glycogen inside OK and extinct body, employ style even inside adipose, basically can decrease quickly heavy. And canter 40 minutes what what use up is adipose, go quickly to need a hour to just can have at least equal the effect, and the heartbeat when going quickly should achieve cantering 85/100 above to just can have the effect. If be to use Weir formula to calculate the word of this both average energy wastage, it is respectively so: Canter for 41.34±7.32, go quickly for 22.18±3.68.

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