Cantering accurate method is what kind of should notice what _

Cantering is a very simple motion method, also be a kind of motion that most person reduces weight to be able to choose. Although canter,suit all crowds, but not be to run a little while to be able to achieve the goal that reduce weight casually. Want to master cantering accurate method only, talent is enough faster achieve the result that reduce weight, what should notice when canter after all so?

Cantering accurate method

1, warm-up act

Above all, before everybody prepares to canter, must undertake warm-up first, the muscle that can invite human body so becomes particularly soft, the case that presses appears in the process in ran in case. Accordingly, the need when be about to undertake cantering turns for many times artifice and ankle. Next, everybody should note cantering time. Generally speaking, muscle can achieve the level that has oxygen to need 20-30 minute time, if canter time is too long effect reducing weight also is not jumped over good certainly, make very likely muscle is injured.

2, pose speed

Next, when canter, two feet want alternant drive up, your hip joint an activity. In the process of drive up, must make knee as far as possible him bring into contact with epigastrium, before the arm also needs, junior travel swings. Need chela strike with the palm of the hand in the process of ran at the same time first touchdown, later reoccupy is whole sole touchdown. Still have, cantering speed scarcely can pass fast, must want to be in heartbeat control hundred 60-80, such ability won’t appear the circumstance of invalid motion.

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