How does practice have handstand what measure _

Believe a lot of friends metropolis handstand this kind of motion has fun at, take exercise because of what pass handstand, not only the arm muscle that can practice human body and abdominal muscle, still can practice the muscle above the waist, and still can make in the process that practices handstand oneself gets promotion. So after all how is handstand experienced? What move is there? We share the method of handstand today.

How handstand is experienced

1, start exercise

Above all, the palm that lets oneself holds the ground, and follow the distance of metope be in 10-20 or so centimeters. Use face of upgrade of emphatic of face of dwelling place of a foot step to push next, and whole body wants fall toward the place of metope, the palm of two feet props up reoccupy the body, such ability can make the body won’t sway and topple. To the friends that practice for the first time, just begin handstand the meeting is a little afflictive, so cannot enough importunate is too long, and those who pass metope prop up, can prevent the situation of occurrence accident.

2, handstand leaving a wall

When after practicing for many times, the person that practice can try to leave wall handstand. In the process of handstand leaving a wall, everybody must him in hand equilibrium point, after mastering a balance to nod only, ability controls handstand quite. And handstand when need use palm undertakes adjustment ceaselessly, your body gets a balance. Generally speaking, the person that should practice only practices a few times more, can very fast control, also can be in handstand when the strength that has controlled oneself.

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