Pull-up can achieve _ of what fitness effect

In last few years, the university entrance exam and in check one of options order that can regard an exam as pull-up, method of this kind of motion basically is the level that tests power of muscle of canvasser upper limbs. Still have in our common fitness procedure, often also can achieve the exercise of pull-up. So what does pull-up have to exercise the effect? What profit can you bring?

Pull-up gymnastical advantage

1, exercise humerus 2 flesh and back broad flesh

Above all, the muscle back broadness that pull-up can exercise human body mainly and humerus 2 flesh. To bladebone all round flesh of a lot of small arms group with small muscle group also have better training effect. If often practice this kind of motion seriously, can let people have perfect figure of the triangle, what rowing and also behave in the athletic project such as Pan Yan is special give prize. Next, cause still can exercise back up, make the width on the back increases, also can drawing rachis, have stimulative effect to the hyperplasia of rachis bone.

2, different method exercises different position

Still have, different grasp those who be apart from lying pull-up can develop the flesh below roundlet flesh and ridge and inclined square flesh, but side focal point is different. If wide those who grasp pull-up to be able to stimulate the broad flesh to the back is medium upside. Pull-up is grasped to be able to stimulate inclined square flesh in. Narrow the injury Bei that grasps pull-up to be able to stimulate big round muscle and back broad flesh. The pull-up after grasping a neck can stimulate big round muscle and roundlet flesh and lozenge flesh, return the deep-seated muscle that can stimulate back.

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