What _ should notice when doing setting-up exercise having oxygen to move

Nowadays, friend of a lot of females can pass an exercise to oxygen setting-up exercise achieves the result that reduce weight. But in the process that there is oxygen setting-up exercise in the exercise, still need to note a variety of cases, such ability make everybody gets comparative satisfactory athletic result quite. Need what to case note in the process that are we doing setting-up exercise there is oxygen so? We have a look below.

Make note of setting-up exercise having oxygen

1, successive

For the friends that have oxygen setting-up exercise to just beginning a practice, the method that must use pace to ambulate will undertake taking exercise, such ability can make the body and lower limbs have enough time to suit. Be in most when beginning, motion also cannot enough too long, had better be ten minutes, still need to undertake warm up and right amount extend move first at the same time. Often of period of time after taking exercise, everybody’s OK and proper him addition exercise an amount, but must be in oneself can susceptive limits less than, cannot excessive moves.

2, adorn defend

In the process that has having oxygen setting-up exercise taking exercise in female friend, must want Dai Yi some bear Tuolibi’s better bust bodice, such ability prevent the situation of bosom occurrence prolapse quite. If female friend does not have the habit that does exercise, body of Cao Jian having oxygen has during cannot be pregnant in order to be in. It is those having to exercise female friend of the foundation, also need to ask the doctor’s opinion, will decide whether oneself can undertake taking exercise. Additional, after everybody is taking exercise, must bathe in time and change the dress, prevent catch a cold.

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