The warning of gym: Female mistake exercises 3 malpractice _

Nowadays, be engaged in strong and handsome the female that take exercise is increasing, however expert discovery, unreasonable strong and handsome take exercise can bring a variety of corrupt practice.

   One of warnings: Audition drops

Of high strenth strong and handsome do the music that increases larger volume, the likelihood damages inner ear function of the female, causeSwimmy, Tinnitus, bilge inside ear painful and lose to audition of tall frequency audio wait for evil consequence. According to expert introduction, reduplicative stimulates games to make inner ear a few mediumer once ear stone falls off,the structural pine that is said to make ear stone takes off; leave former position, won’t return afresh, continue to send wrong message brain consequently. Add accompany volume is too large, more facilitated the generation of this one evil consequence.

   Of the warning: The male is changed

Doctor of a few health care discovers, many female athletes tend the male is changed, grow a beard even pectoral wool. Investigate its bedrock depends on excessive undertake the gender practices a project lifting weights taking exercise waiting for force, brought about a large number of female is hormonal forfeiture.

   Of the warning: Gymnastical sequela

Often go to gymnastical house becoming the woman that appliance holds, such as weight lifting load motion, generate enormous pressure to basin bone, can cause perineal ministry fleshDried meat flossRelax and flimsy, serious person causeUterusFlagging or emergence, relieve oneself is incontinent wait, calling gymnastical sequela. Sequela can make a person very senior period of time is sick.

   For this, strong and handsome expert suggests:

Do a balance to hold more

The method is: Side wall stands, double foot and approach, hold out a waist to be carried on the back continuously, two smooth inspect ahead, both hands extension forward, the palm is clingy wall, curve two ancon, do the one before one exercise after all over, do everyday 8, 10.

   Had chosen exercise a project

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