Sit-ups can drill an abdominal muscle manna some campaign can be experienced abdominal muscle _


Everybody turns, sit-ups is the way of a kind of movement that everybody knows, in numerous gymnastical method, it also is a kind of particularly classical fitness method. Accordingly, can the friends that a lot of want abdominal muscle ask sit-ups can be experienced after all give abdominal muscle? Besides sit-ups, what method still can drill give abdominal muscle?

Sit-ups can be experienced give abdominal muscle

1, can drill abdominal muscle

In fact, sit-ups is OK practice gives abdominal muscle, it is this kind of method agrees with quite only abecedarian, once the force of canvasser promotes later, change the training with greater strength with respect to need. Because want to exercise an abdominal muscle, won’t rely on behavioral frequency, however behavioral intensity. Although say sit-ups can drill,give abdominal muscle, but its effect is slower. At the same time better to yield the result, in the training course of sit-ups, ten million cannot pass quite fast, had better use slow rhythm, such ability increase abdominal power quite.

2, gymnastical ball coils abdomen

Want lie low to be above gymnastical ball above all, two feet are smooth put to the ground, both hands is put in his head, open the arm. Expiratory when, contract abdominal muscle and raise the upper part of the body come to about 45 degrees, after maintaining two seconds, slowly reductive initial pose. To poise, the distance with apart bipod is OK a few bigger. If want to increase difficulty, can rise double foot do. Method of this kind of motion, what can exercise human body effectively is abdominal, want to insist for a long time to give abdominal muscle with respect to meeting practice only.

3, pedal in sky

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