Do to carry kinetic energy raises sexual function how to promote _


To male friend, pay close attention to oneself sexual life ability particularly, the hope can become inside sexual life more power mix suddenly abiding. So, the method that friend of a lot of men means to pass motion will promote his function force. So what to do to carry kinetic energy improves sexual function after all? We understand below.

What to do to carry kinetic energy improves sexual function

1, exercise lumbar buttock

Above all, go to two arms in front extend, nutation body goes making floor of palmar bring into contact with. Take the side of body in the future of knee above next, till the calcaneal of canvasser of coxal bring into contact with, and genuflect of will double genu is on the ground, hip sticks calcaneal, as far as possible the back that extends oneself and arm and head, extend a movement to need 15 seconds, later again slowly loosen, and undertake repeat. Those who need an attention is, in the process that moves in this kind, must act accordingly, do not want exorbitant to importune.

2, crouch greatly

Next, make clear through the expert, crouch this kind of motion greatly to also can increase the sexual capacity of male friend. Can lap because of solid ham whole artery, and be gone to strongly phallic pump blood, when crouching, still can drag arrives other muscle. If do not want to increase muscle to surround,spend, OK still acute is bare-handed take exercise. Through whole exercise not only can promote function force, return the heart lungs function that can exercise oneself. Those who need an attention is when moving, centre of gravity wants in the future, knee can not exceed tiptoe.

3, lie on one’s back carry leg

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